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Needless to say, if you are out for a liter class motorcycle, the category which can be considered as the most apt one in the Indian conditions is that of the adventure tourers. The reason is simple – not only they have the additional superpower of tackling the rough terrains and poor roads of India, but also have the ability to comfortably munch the miles of supple highways.

This is the reason now why every other bike manufacturer in the upper spectrum of motorcycle segments is now coming up with its best offering in the adventure tourer segment. The latest entrant in the Indian market, Benelli, too understands this, which is why after announcing a set of hooligan naked streetfighters, the company in its second installment of launches, has included the TRE-K 1130 Amazonas.

The TRE-K 1130 Amazonas is based on Benelli’s flagship streetfighter, the TNT 1130R. The motorcycle may get considered as an underdog in the face of accomplished names like Suzuki, Triumph and Kawasaki, but considering its legendary TNT genes, it promises a lot. Will the TRE-K 1130 Amazonas take the game of adventure tourers one step further? Here’s a detailed preview of Benelli’s flagship motorcycle.


As the TRE-K 1130 Amazonas is based on the TNT 1130R, it is natural that the motorcycle has borrowed a lot from the latter, making it an amalgamation of a brute beast and subtle gentleman. The front space-age headlamp unit of the TNT 1130R has found a place in the Amazonas too, but here, it is surrounded by a huge curvaceous fairing atop of it.

The turn indicators too have found a new position - rather than mounted on the side fairing, they are now incorporated in the rear view mirrors. Sadly, there is no carbon fiber front fender like its TNT sibling, and the Amazonas does with a normal plastic front fender. The handlebar crash guards enhance the visual appeal of the bike, when viewed head-on.

Moving sideways, the TNT-ish essence remains with the fuel tank and exposed tubular frame, with almost negligible body panels. However, to enhance its practicality, Benelli has given the bike a new set of split pillion grab rails and a single piece seat, making it suitable for carrying the tourer tag.

However, the old-school underseat exhaust is not something which is usually seen on adventure tourers, but Benelli promises efficient heat insulation to prevent the grilling of pillion’s butt from the heat generated from the underseat exhaust. The TNT 1130R’s menacing rear stance of split LED tail lamps with exhaust outlet stuck in between them has been retained in the TRE-K 1130 Amazonas as well.

To make it more adaptable for traversing on off-road surfaces, Benelli has ditched the alloy wheels and soft compound rubber in the favor of spoke wheels and dual purpose tyres. The bike also comes with a more appropriate full rear fender to prevent the spillage of dirt from the tyres. There is adequate protection for engine in the form of sump guard, but Benelli could have provided the bike with a slightly bigger belly pan.

The instrument console too has been retained from the TNT 1130R, which is informative but out-dated. The console consists of an LCD screen which displays speedometer, odometer, trip meters, clock and fuel gauge and analogue dials for tachometer and engine temperature.


Benelli has heavily tweaked the TNT 1130R’s liquid-cooled, three cylinder, 1131cc engine to make it more versatile on all kinds of speed and terrain conditions. The engine on the TRE-K 1130 Amazonas produces a maximum power of 125 bhp and a maximum torque of 112Nm, and comes coupled to a six-speed gearbox.

The gearing on the bike is taller, which makes the overall riding experience relaxed and touring friendly. However, given the amount of power it packs, the Amazonas is pretty nimble in the in-city traffic conditions as well.


The bike’s suspension too is heavily altered for soaking all kinds of terrain conditions with ease. The 48mm telescopic upside down forks at front and monoshock at rear are completely adjustable, which makes the TRE-K 1130 Amazonas a flexible machine.

The bike comes with a 19-inch front rim and a 17-inch rear rim, wrapped with dual purpose tyres to take on every terrain with an equal effectiveness. The twin disc brakes at front and a single disc brake at rear have enough bite to bring this bike to a halt, but the lack of ABS and other electronics make this motorcycle one tool for only skillful hands.


Once launched in first half of FY 2015-16 in India, the TRE-K 1130 Amazonas will be positioned by Benelli as the range topping model of the company in India. Thanks to its association with DSK Motowheels, it is expected that the Amazonas will be locally assembled through the CKD route at the former’s production capacity in Maharashtra, which will help Benelli to price it aggressively. It can be safely expected that the bike will be priced in the range of Rs. 14-15 lakh, making it a viable competitor to its European and Japanese rivals in the segment.


Though the Indian market is now flooded with dual-purpose adventure motorcycles, the most apt competition for the Benelli TRE-K1130 Amazonas is Suzuki’s V-Strom. The V-Strom, launched in India in 2014, is also one contemporary machine which has already proved its credentials in both on as well as off road conditions.

Suzuki V Storme

While the TRE-K 1130 Amazonas will impress those set of buyers who prefer attention to detail and exotic styling, the V-Strom is inclined more towards those buyers who prefer subtle styling and function over form. Though both the motorcycles are expected to be on par as far as pricing goes, but where the Amazonas has an upper hand in the overall engine feel and power, the V-Strom is a more easier motorcycle to live with due to its better dynamics and availability of electronics such as ABS and traction control on board.


The Benelli TRE-K 1130 Amazonas is one of its kind motorcycle. The reason behind this is that unlike most of the other adventure tourers available in India as well as worldwide, the Amazonas is based on a naked streetfighter. Though this makes it one subjective motorcycle as the overall styling goes, the amount of power and sorted out mechanical hardware it packs in makes the TRE-K 1130 Amazonas one special motorcycle. If you are an ardent fan of naked streetfighters, but can’t avoid the practicality of an adventure tourer, the Amazonas is one motorcycle which is worthy of your hard-earned money.

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