This right here is the cream of the crop of Harley Davidson motorcycles. The most expensive one of the lot having the entire range of Project Rushmore enhancements and the brand new Twin-Cooled 1868cc Milwaukee-Eight engine, the largest displacement motor from the American touring king touted as the next great engine revolution.

The Harley-Davidson’s Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) Limited is heading to raise the bar for comfort, convenience, power, style, infotainment, craftsmanship and most important of all – confidence. With the very best of Harley-Davidson, the CVO Limited is taking the battle of the best V-twin and ultra-luxury of two-wheelers to the next level and shoving it in the face of every other vying for this spot.



Bright, brash and power are what is oozing out when you have a look at this CVO Limited. Being the best money can buy is not easy but this pulled it off with all bells and whistles. There is no higher level of luxury available on two wheels and being a CVO makes it ultra-limited, almost like a land yacht.

The first thing your eyes are shined to is that huge Milwaukee engine even from 25 feet. Almost like making an ironclad statement about moving a jewel on the tarmac. The headlight cluster with LED lights and bullet turn signals is a style grab when the bike is leant or on the move. On the move is possible with the chrome slicer custom wheels that perfectly match the chrome or blacked out engine housing. Definitely, dials up the tough visual theme. Chrome dual exhaust with 4-inch touring mufflers, chrome end caps and chrome exhaust shield completes the chrome package making the bike effervescently bright. Hand laid graphics and signature metal tank badge adds to the bike’s appeal.

The shiny bright paint schemes look very Harley Davidson unique and are fancy to be the least. The presence of an integrated top box (aka trunk) would not tickle everybody’s liking and so is the overall look. It is a more of a lazy rotund older chap rather than the sort that a boy grows up wanting to emulate. Not an issue at all if luxury travel is your thing.

It’s huge and there is no running away from it. Measuring 2600mm and weighing 427 kg, it is quite intimidating given the fact that it is a motorcycle. At the end of the day, it is a luxury tourer designed to carry you and your loved one with having to reap every creature comfort offered to you. A complaint is not even in the dictionary for this bike. That is also because of the one touch design philosophy followed by the touring line which allows the rider to operate everything including the Tour-Pak luggage carrier, covers and lids with a single touch. It has all the toys one would ask for in a two wheeler.You want more, more is what you get.

Dominating the rider’s vision is the front dash which is similar to an Airbus A380’s cockpit. I am not even kidding. It features a wealth of buttons and analogue dials for the fuel gauge, speedometer, tachometer, and voltmeter, 6.5-inch touchscreen display that offers a wealth of info, from tire pressure to satellite navigation. And that 75 watts per channel speakers and BOOM box 6.5gtaudio SiriusXM satellite radio. Damn!

Overall Dimension

Overall length2600 mm
Wheelbase1625 mm
Seat height760 mm
Wet weight427 kg
Luggage Capacity132 litres



The sound of every Harley-Davidson’s V-twin engine rings throughout the history of the brand and is a reverberation that carried the trademark Harley moxie makes every heart get in sync with it. All 2017 CVOs use a version of the Milwaukee-Eight with slightly more bore and stroke to displace 1868cc, up 18 cubes from the mainline bikes. It is a twin-cooled, 4-valve per head, the asphalt-eating beast that kicks out 165 Nm of torque at 3250 rpm. Estimated power could be 90 – 92 bhp.

This brand new engine is much smoother at idle, has better throttle response, a much lighter clutch, and kicks off noticeably less heat. The counter-balancing system, rubber mounts, lower idle speed and dual knock sensors for more precise timing control makes this engine vibrate far lesser. Gearbox on this CVO is a typical 6 speed Cruise Drive???which has larger gears but shorter shifter throw; finding neutral was a challenge though.

As for every owner of Harley-Davidson, performance is a big deal and the CVO Limited doesn’t disappoint. But according to some enthusiasts, the newfound sophistication may mask the rawness that comes through the previous Twin Cam 110. That could be because of the mechanical quiet that allows Harley to uncock the intake and exhaust a bit. The Screamin’ Eagle air cleaner will emit a modest exhaust burble that could conquest new customers but not the faithful Harley-Davidson purists.


Capacity cc|1868
Bore/stroke mm|102/114.3
Output|92bhp (Est.)
Type|45¬¬0V twin
Valves per cylinder|4
Clutch type|Wet –multi-plate, self-torque, hydraulic actuated
Transmission|6-speed Cruise DriveniS



One chooses a Harley for unparalleled riding position and comfort. Be it the seats, suspension, wind turbulence and everything else. This CVO has it all and has the capacity to offer you the best of every world.

First thing’s first, the seats. One that could either make or break your day or your back. Whichever comes first. The CVO has got it covered and when I say covered, I mean ‘custom suspended dual control heated seat with passenger and rider backrest’ covered. This is enough convincing to make one understand the ultimate luxury and comfort concept. It is low and is trimmed at the thigh area to give the rider comfortable long haul journeys without breaking a sweat or a bone. Plush and cosy, it also has in-seat heating feature. Take that!

When it comes to ergonomics, we feel Harley could have done a tad bit better. In general, all Harleys have the riders closer to the handlebar and if you are not used to this, you will feel cramped. The floorboard isn’t particularly spacious and the brake pedals are of the size you find in cars.

When running across countries, one thing riders face is the wind buffeting. This is being taken care by the batwing fairing that has seen a lot of wind tunnel testing days resulting in smoother air flow and drastically reducing wind buffeting.

Although you are not on a sports bike, cornering is pretty effortless given the hefty weight. Of course one cannot dive into corners but if you are riding this the way you are meant to, then you have nothing to be disconcerted about. Thanks to the new 49 mm dual bending valve fork technology and balanced weight of the bike.
Harley has abandoned air shocks in favour of emulsion shocks with hand adjustable pre-load. With improved damping performance and travel one can be sure of a smoother ride and confident braking and handling. Reflex linked Bembo brakes with ABS lets you haul the beast to a stop in an impressive fashion.



For this top of the line Rushmore Project CVO, you will have to shell out a staggering 49.5 lakhs. Rest assured you cannot get anything else better money could buy with all the creature comforts, gizmos and gadgets.

Will be available in colour pallets of Palladium Silver and Phantom Blue, Black Garnet and Electrical Red, Carbon Dust and Stardust Silver and Spiked Olive and Serpentine Green.


Quite honestly nothing comes close to this CVO Limited from Harley Davidson, given the price and features it offers. But the next big thing in India could be the Indian RoadMaster.

Indian RoadMaster


The Roadmaster is a faired cruiser and comes with modern comforts like tyre pressure monitors, LED lights, electronically adjustable visor and adjustable floorboards. It’s luxury on two wheels as there are 10 individual settings for the rider as well as the pillion for the heated leather seats. The Roadmaster is powered by the same 111 cubic inch or 1811cc ‘Thunder-Stroke’ V-twin engine producing 100 bhp@3000 rpm and 139 Nm.



You could list better ways to spend your money or make a bucket list until all the Earth’s air was gone, but your mind would never be changed because any other thing is not THE thing you want.

Money aside, although one needs it, this bike boasts of everything from power, custom features, premium audio, comfort, satisfaction… you know where I am getting at. It is like putting all ideas anyone had put together on two wheels. Knowing that there isn’t any better Harley’s around, and if that is your thing, this CVO could be your coveted prize.