Suzuki has had quite a successful streak in the upper segments of the motorcycles, by maintaining the hegemony with its expansive lineup of superbikes. Selling a variety of superbikes including supersports, sport tourers, adventure tourers and cruisers, last year only, Suzuki ventured into the segment of liter class naked streetfighters by launching the GSX S1000.

Alongside the GSX S1000, Suzuki pulled off another surprise by launching its fully faired version, the GSX S1000F. Sharing its mechanicals under the skin with its naked counterpart, the GSX S1000F boasts of a very distinctive styling which differentiates it from the normal crowd of fully faired sport tourers. With the GSX S1000F, Suzuki has tried to give an everyday superbike to the liter class segment, which doesn’t falls short on practicality.

But it appears that the Suzuki hasn’t stopped there. The parent company has recently launched an all new limited edition model of the same – the all new Suzuki GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition. This new version of the GSX S1000F fits in the middle ground between the more mature semi-faired Bandit 1250SA and the more focused supersport GSX R1000 as a more practical sport tourer. Based on the standard GSX S1000F, the GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition boasts of some cosmetic changes and few additional equipment. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the all new Suzuki GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition.



To start with, the overall design of the Suzuki GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition is striking – but in a good way or bad, that depends on your perception. This controversial design of the motorcycle is completely the same as that of the standard GSX S1000F, though there are a couple of minor changes and some additions to the motorcycle over the standard GSX S1000F.

The major credit for the distinctive design of the GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition goes to its front stance, which retains the whole front fairing with busy lines and curves as well as the dual sector-shaped headlamps assisted with pilot lamps and short transparent windscreen from the standard GSX S1000F. The headlamps are positioned much lower, which gives the motorcycle a face of a maxi-scooter. The windscreen above the headlamps is adjustable and purposeful, and proves to be very useful while riding at higher speeds, giving maximum possible wind protection from the front.

Beyond this front full fairing, the GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition shares all the body panels and components with its naked counterpart, the GSX S1000. This means that the large fuel tank, well chiseled side body panels and trapezoidal LED tail lamp have been borrowed from the naked streetfighter. However, all these panels, along with the frontal fairing come painted in a special matte grey livery with red graphics kit. Even the clear lens turn indicators have been lifted off from the GSX S1000, which look dated and a bit out of the place. The other special features which make it stand apart from the standard GSX S1000F are larger heel plates, Yoshimura 11 silencer, Yoshimura hard anodized parts from the engine, wheel trim graphics and a top yoke nut. Also, the bar end weights come embossed with the logo of Yoshimura on both the sides.

Another major component which has been borrowed from the GSX S1000 on the GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition is the fully digital instrument console, which packs in a lot of information to keep you updated of all the crucial data. The full LCD panel has digital displays for speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip meters, gear indicator, clock, coolant and ambient temperatures, driving range, average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption and traction control mode.

Like on the GSX S1000, the handlebar on the GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition is almost flat and is ergonomically well positioned too. Instead of being mounted on the fairing, the rear view mirrors have mountings on the handlebar. As expected, the build quality of the motorcycle is impeccable and faultless.

That being said, the visual appeal of the Suzuki GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition may not be universally acceptable, due to its unconventional and ‘out of the box’ styling. But that may be its plus point as well, as the motorcycle looks like nothing in the category of sport tourers.



Alongside the name as well as body panels, the Suzuki GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition also shares its core heart with the standard GSX S1000F. This means that the motorcycle sources its thrust from the four stroke, four cylinder, fuel injected, liquid cooled, 999cc engine, which has a peak power rating of 144 bhp and a torque output of 100 Nm.

Though the maximum power output of the GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition is same as that of the naked GSX S1000 with which it shares its soul, both the bikes are slightly different in character, and for that, the better aerodynamics of the former play a substantial role. The front fairing as well as transparent windscreen on the GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition does help a lot in deflecting wind blasts at towering speeds, thus giving the bike additional stability under those conditions. Paired to a 6-speed gearbox, the engine is ultra refined in a typical Suzuki manner, and has a linear power delivery to keep up with its touring credentials.



Other than the 999cc engine, the GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition retains other mechanical hardware such as frame, suspension and brakes from the standard GSX S1000F. The bike is equipped with a set of inverted hydraulic telescopic forks at the front and link type hydraulic monoshock at the rear. The 6-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels come shod with chunky tubeless tyres at both the ends.

Braking duties are taken care by dual discs at the front and a single disc at the rear, along with the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). The front windscreen as well as three mode traction control on the GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition further enhances its usability in varying conditions, thus making it an easier bike to tame for the amateur riders as well – a big plus in its favor.


The standard GSX S1000F was launched in the Indian market by Suzuki alongside the GSX S1000 at Rs. 12.75 lakh (Ex-showroom, Delhi). However, Suzuki has no intentions of bringing in this limited edition GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition to India, though it has been launched in UK at £10,699.

The GSX S1000FA Tour Edition is offered in only one paint shade of matt grey with red graphics.


By launching the GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition, Suzuki has now a worthy option as a good sport tourer which offers the best of all the worlds, making it a practical big bike. The segment of tractable sport tourers, into which the Suzuki GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition has made its foray, is currently under the reign of the highly acclaimed Kawasaki Ninja 1000. Much like the Suzuki tourer, the Ninja 1000 too shares much from both its naked counterpart, the Z1000, as well as its supersport sibling, the Ninja ZX-10R. Out of the two motorcycles, the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 definitely looks more tempting, muscular and likeable.

Kawasaki Ninja 1000


The Ninja 1000 is powered by a liquid cooled, inline four 998cc engine, which squeezes out 140 bhp of power, which is roughly the same as the power output of the GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition. Both the motorcycles feel equally excellent, when it comes to usable power and refinement – having a great chunk of torque in the midrange. The Kawasaki Ninja 1000 trumps the Suzuki GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition in the aspect of standard electronic aids, with the former getting a couple of electronics more over the latter.



With the GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition, Suzuki has given the motorcycling enthusiasts a more practical and usable motorcycle, who felt the Bandit 1250 SA pale and less desirable, the GSX R1000 a bit more hardcore and the Hayabusa a bit too extreme and out of reach. The ‘love me or hate me’ kind of design language of the GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition is one radical approach in terms of styling among the sport tourers. Though, the additional equipment like Yoshimura exhaust and anodized engine parts over the standard GSX S1000F adds more value and usability to the already practical motorcycle.

Sharing the DNA from the GSX R1000, the 999cc engine of the GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition is surely detuned in comparison from the latter, but certainly packs in enough punch within it to bill itself as a superbike’s engine, which thanks to the Yoshimura exhaust, sounds incredibly brilliant. With a strong low end and mid range as well as comfortable ergonomics, the GSX S1000FA Yoshimura Special Edition is definitely one of the most practical superbikes, especially on the daily basis – something which very few liter class bikes tend to do.