When Ducati unveiled the Diavel for the first time few years back, it instantly fascinated all the motorcycle enthusiasts with its spot-on blend of a naked hooligan streetfighter and a subtle old-school cruiser. Termed as a power-cruiser, the Ducati Diavel, in a very short time, has carved a special place in the markets as well as the hearts of avid bikers.

With the Diavel, Ducati gave a unique contemporary offering in the cruiser segment of motorcycles, which usually have offerings with old school charm and retro essence in them. Years have passed, yet the Diavel has managed to retain its oneness, which has furthermore enhanced with the mild facelift it received a few months ago.

Now, it’s 2016, and at the EICMA 2015, Ducati unveiled something which can be best said as one step ahead of the Diavel – the all new XDiavel. This all new motorcycle shares its soul with the standard Diavel, but has a number of visual as well as technical differences which categorizes it as an altogether different motorcycle.

The XDiavel got more modern features which made it an even more lucrative machine than the standard Diavel. But then, as with other Ducatis, the XDiavel too got a more focused variant with the name XDiavel S, which comes with some additional features and changes over the standard XDiavel. Here’s a detailed overview of the next generation avatar of the Ducati Diavel, the all new XDiavel S.



The new Ducati XDiavel S has taken the game forward from the same point from where its previous generation model, the standard Diavel, left. Ducati has preserved the overall original silhouette of the Diavel in the XDiavel S, but has managed to sprinkle the essence of novelty with a list of noticeable cosmetic updates.

Let’s start with the front first, where the front round LED headlamp of the standard model has been replaced by an edgier and more rakish looking full LED headlamp, unlike the regular halogen headlamp of the standard XDiavel. The sloping headlamp cover too has received slight tweaks, which combined with the new headlamp and daytime running LEDs, gives the XDiavel S a refreshed and even more devilish face.

When viewed from the side, the new XDiavel S may give you a sense of familiarity, but here too, the manufacturer has spruced up the looks marginally with a new curvaceous fuel tank, but imparting the bike a new radiator and new turn indicators. There are no bulky tank extensions here, but the exposed trellis frame is enough to enhance its muscularity. The upswept circular exhaust pipes too look quite distinctive for its segment, and look like a crazy aftermarket job executed. Over the regular XDiavel, Ducati has carried out a number of aesthetic changes, like the exposed mechanical finishings such as the belt covers of the engine, the frame plates and the footpeg plates. Also, unlike the regular black colored multi-spoke alloy wheels of the regular XDiavel, the XDiavel S has got a set of machined alloy wheels, which give it a very premium appeal.

At the rear, the XDiavel S possesses an extroverted stance with an uncoventional positioning of the number plate holder on a suspended framework, which is mounted on the rear hub of the single-sided swingarm. The twin vertical LED tail light assembly though is an all new unit, which is substantially different from that of the standard Ducati Diavel.

The new XDiavel S boasts of the same two-stage layout for the instrument console of the erstwhile Diavel, but has received a couple of additional details. The instrument console includes a digital LCD screen mounted on the handlebar, which provides read-outs for speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, clock, odometer, trip meters and basic tell tale lights, along with a tank mounted unit which displays ride modes, gear indicator total and trip mileage. The bike also gets new bar risers as well as a new single seat. The list of the standard equipment on the XDiavel S also includes a hands free ignition, Bluetooth connectivity and cruise control, which increase its desirability even more.



Ducati says that the new XDiavel S is a completely new devil, but under the skin, this latest iteration is blessed with the same Testastretta 11-degree DS engine as that on the standard Diavel, which churns out 156 bhp of maximum power and 128.9 Nm of maximum torque – in the same state of tune as the standard XDiavel.

The changes which Ducati has introduced in the engine are revised intake and exhaust ports as well as revised positioning of the cam timing, both of which have favored the XDiavel S by increasing the torque in the lower rev range. The mechanical changes to the engine also include the introduction of a new ride-by-wire system, which helps the XDiavel S in delivering a punchier performance in the upper rev range as well. The engine is mated to the same 6-speed gearbox, but with revised gear ratios which are a bit taller than that of the standard Diavel to give it a more cruiser like feel. Though, the power is transmitted to the rear wheel through a belt drive – a first for a Ducati.



The XDiavel S is also bestowed with three different riding modes – sport, touring and urban – which differ on the basis of throttle response and can be controlled via a switch on the left hand side of the switchgear. While the sport mode gives the rider an opportunity to unleash all the mighty of the engine underneath, the touring calms down the bike a bit and ensures a strain free and comfortable ride for long journeys. The urban mode makes the bike a bit more civilian to behave sedately in the daily traffic conditions. The ergonomics of the XDiavel S is something which you haven’t experienced before on a Ducati – forward set foot pegs with a bit high mounted handlebar, which give the motorcycle a typical old school cruiser feel.

Other than the engine, the XDiavel S shares the upside down front 50mm Marzochhi telescopic forks as well as rear adjustable monoshock with a single sided swingarm with the standard XDiavel. Though here on the XDiavel S, the front forks come with DLC (Ducati Launch Control) treatment. The twin disc brakes at front and single disc brake at rear sourced from Brembo bring this behemoth to a halt when required, which are further assisted with Anti-lock Braking System and Traction Control.


The Ducati XDiavel S, like the standard XDiavel, is yet to reach the Indian shores, but given the anticipation of Ducati towards the Indian market, it can be safely said that the motorcycle will arrive in India anytime soon. The Indian prices for the Ducati XDiavel are expected to start at Rs. 23-24 lakh, slightly more premium over the standard XDiavel), which is still a good value when compared to its rivals.

The XDiavel S, for now, is being offered in only one paint scheme – Dark Stealth – which is a shade of glossy black.


Though Ducati claims that the XDiavel S is one of its kind and has no competition, but the motorcycle which will give a tough competition to the XDiavel S both in terms of aesthetics and performance is the Yamaha V-Max. While the VMax looks equally ballistic and macho like the XDiavel S, the former misses out on several equipment like full LED headlights, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity and many more, which are offered in XDiavel S as standard.

Yamaha V-Max


Much like the XDiavel S, the V-Max too is a muscular power cruiser motorcycle, which is powered by Yamaha’s biggest production motorcycle engine. The inline-four motor on the V-Max displaces 1679cc and produces 197.3 bhp of maximum power and 166.8 Nm of maximum torque. The figures are way above those of the Diavel, but both of them are priced close to each other, which in turn boils the competition between them.

Though, the XDiavel S overshadows the V-Max in terms of contemporary appeal as well as equipment and modern gadgetry, the V-Max pips the XDiavel S in terms of outright performance and comfort.



Ever since its first launch, the Diavel has created a special territory for itself, owing to its unique styling and overall appeal. The new XDiavel S, for that matter, has taken the game forward with a much more sporty and edgy appeal. The XDiavel S has got everything spot on – looks to die for, a punchy and tractable engine and modern day electronics unseen on any other cruiser motorcycle. The additional equipment which the XDiavel S possesses over the standard XDiavel, do justify the extra premium which the former commands.

The combination of a cruiser and naked streetfighter has worked wonders in its favour, making it one of the most special motorcycles of all times. Ducatis are known for their exuberant appeal and cruisers are known for their composed nature. The XDiavel S, with its belt drive and forward set foot pegs, makes it a more-of-a-cruiser as compared to the streetfighter-like Diavel, which could tilt the game in its favor for all those who wanted more cruiser like stance than the standard Diavel.