A suave 5.1 Audio Dock inspired by F1

iXOOST is an Italian company that believes that the skill and imagination needed to produce objects are adapted to those who use them, and not the other way round. Hustled in Modena, it hoons the same passion for craftsmanship shared by the many auto legends from the town. With greats like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Pagani having their roots running deep through the history of the city, iXOOST is on a musical journey to create a legacy for themselves.

The company takes used exhaust headers from high-performance engines found in Formula 1 cars, Indy cars, prototypes, GT race cars, and road-legal supercars to turn them into artistic tabletop speaker systems.

iXOOST has been the pinnacle of handmade music docking systems since their launch in 2012 and they recently have launched the iXOOST XiLO which is the first wireless audio system that recreates the magical sound of engines. It is created to express a passion for the ‘Made in Italy’ generation where research, design and craftsmanship are all layered into one beautiful unit to bring the sound where you want it and how you want it.


iXOOST XiLO Exterior
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iXOOST XiLO Exterior
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iXOOST XiLO Exterior
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Encompassing the true sound of ‘Made in Modena’, is a single design that has circles, cylinders, tubes and curves which designer Mirco Pecorari of Aircraft Studio Design has made it into his stride to create the perfect fusion of unparalleled design.

XiLO comes from the Greek word - xylon, which means ‘forest’, and true to its name, it’s got a monocoque chassis in wood and aluminium that houses 5 forward-facing speakers plus the coaxial subwoofer with elegant aluminium exhaust pipes that are mounted on a central, solid oak plinth. Visually this arrangement looks stunning from every angle one wants to view it and you can see the craftsmanship that is possessed to create singular objects which excite the eye.

The visual cynosure of the dock is the interweaving of the pipes that are curved and hand welded to give it a raw image to it. These replica exhaust pipes act as a bass reflex conduit for the acoustic that serve to increase the low end of the whole setup.
This very system has an exclusive patent on it.

A speaker takes a position in each of the forward facing outlets and a subwoofer is hidden in the birch wood stand. You can either get it in Oak or Mahogany finish. Besides a power button at the centre of the control panel, there are knobs that rotate to control the volume and source for the input on either side of the button. iXOOST has also fitted the dock with a frequency gain and control for the sub.

There are a couple of limited editions as well. One is the XiLO Scuderia which has limited edition carbon fibre subwoofer cover, red and black anodised colour scheme and chrome stainless steel exhaust. Then there is the XiLO Pearshing with carbon fibre subwoofer cover, black colour scheme and chrome stainless steel exhaust.


iXOOST XiLO Exterior
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iXOOST XiLO Exterior
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iXOOST XiLO Exterior
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Appearance is not everything, above all for a device born for listening. According to iXoost, the XiLO 5.1 “reproduces the technical perfection of the exhaust of a 10-cylinder Formula 1 engine.” The entire manifold has been tuned to sound unlike any other docking station available. The crisp reproduction of engine sounds is the epitome of every XiLO and the pipes recall the symphonies created by musicians the way it was meant to for. Which, of course, is every music lover’s right.

The front façade of the XiLO is equipped with two 4” 40W Mid Bass speakers flanked on either side of the control panel. Above this, there are two 3” 40W Midrange speakers and a 2” 40W Tweeter. Then there is a magnet ferrite 8” 140W Down Firing Subwoofer that has enough oomph to vibrate your world. The frontal arrangement of the speakers matched with the Down Firing coaxial Subwoofer allows the reproduction of a perfectly balanced, natural sound.

Deep, rich and precise bass sounds are due to the coaxial architecture of the 8-inch active Down Firing Subwoofer and with a dedicated 140W amplifier and choice of woods, the incredible amount of faithful rich tones are made accessible to the speaker without a hint of compromise. Frequency ranging from 50 to 20000 Hz can be played and heard without sweat all of which is managed by two 24-bit digital signal processors.


iXOOST XiLO Exterior
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iXOOST XiLO Exterior
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In today’s world anything that has to do with sound would be incomplete without great connectivity with devices. Hence apart from the docking station, XiLO spoils you with integrating Bluetooth technology and the traditional AUX connection allowing you to share music stored on a smartphone, tablet, mp3 or PC in total freedom and choice; and if you’re a nostalgic lover of discs, there is also a CD and DVD tray.

The Bluetooth in the XiLO operates on the 2.4 GHz ISM radio band and uses the technique of frequency hopping to reduce interference and signal degradation to a minimum. The audio formats supported by this device include MP3, MP4, WMA and WAV.


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With the unique combination of design, materials and colour, XiLO is not only an audio system but also the desire to represent Italian design territory through innovative ideas and manual processes for those not satisfied with the everyday.

This F1 inspired speaker system is going to be an obsession of sorts with the use of premium materials and superior performance making these audio masterpieces the mechanics to be seen, heard and touched. This wonder of an object will make you a person with suaveness and flair amongst your circle for the best sound quality for your music listening. It looks psych, is technically impressive and sounds bonkers.

XiLO will be ready to ship it to your address starting from ₹ 4 lakh. The product also comes with an app which can be purchased through the Apple store for fans who love to meet their own tastes and to adjust listening parameters to suit their own music. It is available in four different colours and depending on your taste, you can choose from Oak Striatum, Natural Mahogany, Berlinetta Red and Aluminium Racing.

Enzo Ferrari, the legendary man once said “The sound of a 12 cylinder engine should be listened to as if it were a symphony”. I for one whole heartedly agree and the XiLO is with me on this.


Weight 2775 kg
Speakers 1x8"Subwoofer, 2x4"Mid-Bass, 2x3"Mid-range, 1x2"Tweeter
Dimensions (LxBxH) 600mm x 500 mm x 750 mm
Power supply 100V - 240V 50/60Hz – PCF
Connections Bluetooth, AUX, CD/DVD
Frequency range 50 - 20000 Hz

Source: iXOOST Store

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