Swiss meets Italian. Brings out a limited edition eight digit priced watch.

What happens when the best of two worlds meet to create something? The Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari surfaces.

As a tribute to the best supercar coming out of the Maranello factory, Ferrari and Hublot, the bests in their field, have come together to create a unique timepiece that is worth being adorned by the elite of the elite. Made up of 637 components, the most in any watch till date, it has a 50-day power reserve - a new world record in horology.

Master craftsmen at the Hublot house have time and again demonstrated their dedication and artistry through their wrist watches that progressively showcases exemplary paragon to anything. Now, they have teamed up with the Italian marquee to bring to the world a timekeeper that takes the step into exquisite movements and tasteful materials. And only 50 of the world’s 7 billion people will get to taste this true beauty.


Hublot MP- 05 La Ferrari
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Designed straight out of a stealth bomber drawing board, this Swiss masterpiece falls right in line with what one would think of an object of lust and desire. This premium work of art by a radical design house is truly out of the ordinary so to speak. This artesian design language stays away from the mundane and combines cut throat engineering and innovation without relying on heritage or nostalgia. What I mean is – it’s bloody brilliant.

With Ferrari’s flagship taking top honours as the finest made automobile, the watch had to be a synonym of the best that the Swiss world could offer. And by the looks of it, Hublot has just done that. Developed in parallel with the car, the watch is finely wrought regarding shape, featuring a complex silhouette that makes an overstatement of sorts.

Hublot MP- 05 La Ferrari
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Hublot MP- 05 La Ferrari
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Hublot MP- 05 La Ferrari
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Housed inside a Microblasted Black PVD Titanium casing, the complexity and the intricate movements will be sure to twist your thoughts and seeing this will make sparks fly everywhere in your brain. The interiors is nothing less than that of a spaceship is said to have been inspired by a Ferrari engine. With 637 components, it makes sure for itself about being the most complex piece of wristwatch in the world currently and moving a mountain would have been easier than making all of them work in harmony.

You get a transparent sapphire crystal casing all around for you to get mesmerised with the build Super Luminova markings for the hours, minutes, seconds, and power reserve indicators. Subtle nods to the Ferrari’s signature red colour are seen on the reinforcing bars on either side of the cylinders. This is all rounded off by a rubber strap with a special folding buckle in black PVD titanium. You, of course, get the watch number (out of the limited 50 made) encrypted to the chassis.


Hublot MP- 05 La Ferrari
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Hublot MP- 05 La Ferrari
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In the late 1700s, famed watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet came to the realisation that gravity had ill effects on the accuracy of his timepieces. This made him create an escapement to avoid this loss and called it the tourbillon (French for “whirlwind”). Little did he know then that this beautiful movement of his will adorn the uppermost echelon of our society. Using the same movement, the MP-05 has a vertically suspended Tourbillon 11 Series-coupled with black-coated barrels that for better appreciation of its truly spectacular inner mechanics.

The tourbillon cage displays the seconds counting down while, to the left and right of the movement, there are two engraved anodised aluminium cylinders displaying the “hours and minutes” on the one side and the movement’s “power reserve “on the other. Just the bare essentials.

As it is a Tourbillon, Hublot has given a miniature power drill does the job of winding the watch up to serve you with 50 days of power reserve, which also has an indicator that tells you how much more is left. The drill also has a couple of other bits with which you can change set your time and the date


Hublot MP- 05 La Ferrari
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With only 499 LaFerraris’ being made, Hublot makes this MP-05 even more special with only 50 limited editions created making it even rarer than the car itself. That said, you cannot expect it to be at a throwaway price because it costs US$345,000 which is a whopping ₹ 2.25 crore. Yes, 2 followed with seven digits’. This is an absolute fortune for most of us, but for someone who has invested $1.3 million for the Ferrari, this is an absolute steal.

When you are handed this watch, pure leather and carbon fibre encloses it and along with it comes the specific tools for winding the watch, and whose design was also inspired by the world of motoring. You have an option of choosing between four case designs - All Black, Titanium, Gold and Sapphire. The Black and Titanium models cost ₹ 2.25 crore while the Gold Edition costs ₹2.7 crore.

Hublot MP- 05 La Ferrari
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Hublot MP- 05 La Ferrari
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Hublot MP- 05 La Ferrari
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Then comes the Sapphire edition which is even more limited in number with only 20 units. Each of them have a polished sapphire crystal case, sapphire crystal see through with anti-reflective treatment and micro-blasted black-plated titanium deployment buckle. This baby itself costs half of what the LaFerrari costs, a handsome $575,000, which is ₹ 3.75 crore!! For this much, you could get 3 Maserati Ghiblis’ or 3 Porche 911s’ or one Aston Martin V12 Vantage as well for the price of one Hublot MP – 05.

This is, officially, one of the most expensive pieces of a machine you wear on your wrist. But what it also is, is a design, an idea that is deceptively simple yet totally bonkers. The closer you look at this raw sophistication, the more titillating and pornographic the machine becomes; it’s going to grow on you.

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