Honda has confirmed the launch of the naked CB300R in India and bookings are already open. The only other 300cc naked motorcycle comes from BMW which went on sale a few months back. Makes for every reason for us to come up with this article on Honda CB300R vs BMW G310R right?

Honda CB300R vs BMW G310R price

Honda has confirmed the CB300R will be price under Rs 2.5 lakh (ex-showroom) which means it will undercut the BMW G310R by half a lakh and that’s a minimum. The baby BMW sells for Rs 2.99 lakh and if Honda can price the CB300R at around Rs 2.4 lakh mark, customers will stand to save about 20%. Moreover, the G310R is expensive to service, as we have seen in some of the updates done by customers in various forums. Do note that the CB300R sells for over Rs 3.1 lakh internationally and it will be imported into India via CKD or completely knocked down kits.

Honda CB300R vs BMW G310R engine specs & performance

Both the bikes come with a single cylinder engine but the BMW offering has an advantage here. It has a 9% larger motor with 8% more power. However, it also weighs 12% more than the CB300R. This means in real world riding, both the bikes will offer similar levels of performance with a true top speed of 150 or about 160 on the speedometer. Where the Honda could have an edge will be in terms of refinement levels.

Honda CB300R vs BMW G310R size

While the CB300R is longer, the G310R is wider and taller. It also has better ground clearance and the muscular design looks nice. You also cannot ignore the BMW logo on this bike. The CB300R isnt a bad looking bike per se and holds its own in front of the Beemer, specially with its LED headlight, petal disc brake and all black treatment for the frame and engine parts.

Honda CB300R vs BMW G310R summary

Given the recent exposure of high servicing cost of the BMW G310R by customers, the Honda CB300R will win hearts initially. Honda bikes are generally more frugal, reliable with better post purchase experience. The big price difference is another factor and this does not come at the cost of low performance. Honda it seems is playing the right card at the right time.