BBC Top Gear is certainly one of the most popular automotive shows around the globe. The credit goes to the famous trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. But as they left the show and beginning a new show called The Grand Tour for the Amazon Prime, the million dollar question remains, how successful will be the next season of the BBC Top Gear which is about to begin on 29th May, 2016.

The new season of the BBC Top Gear show will be hosted by Chris Evans, Chris Harris, Matt LeBlanc, Eddie Jordan, Sabine Schmitz, and Rory Reid. With the new set of hosts, the new season is expected to deliver new feel and unique adventures. Although BBC didn’t reveal anything about the show, but reports suggest the hosts already travelled to nine countries in last eight months and together they drove around 12070 kilometers. The adventures include driving an Ariel Nomad through the desert of Morocco, racing a Dodge Viper in the US, driving an Aston Martin Vulcan at Abu Dhabi GPO Circuit. Apart from these cars, the show used Corvette Z06, Ford Mustang, Ferrari 250GT TdF, Audi R8 V10 Plus, Mercedes Benz GLC and Jaguar F-Pace to perform the stunts.

Meanwhile, before the show finally gets on air, BBC released a trailer of the show. Check the video here.