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Top Gear team is filming in Mumbai

Top Gear team is filming in Mumbai

Top Gear trio Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May where spotted in a new adventure on Indian soil. After they tested the latest cars the “crazy” drivers were seen this week with the filming crew in Mumbai.

As usual Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will challenge with 3 different cars for the delight of the audience. For this time the guys chose a Jaguar a Mini and a Rolls-Royce to be stars of the show. From what was seen on the streets, we can say for sure that the Mini will be “owned” by Hammond. Another sure thing is that the cars will not have a pretty sunny destiny. If we will judge after the previous episodes, the 3 classic cars will arrive at the end of the show in a very bad shape. But who cares? Let the three gladiators fight! We are sure that the show will worth the sacrifice!

In another train of thoughts the 3 Top Gear Stars will also invent some new Olympic sports, which are made for the attention of the International Olympics Committee.
In these new sports we will have the occasion to see the 3 drivers challenging in a race, riding special chariots made by them from 125cc mopeds.

Jeremy Clarkson declared about their new challenge: ‘Since none of us managed to get tickets in the Olympic ballot we thought we’ll do our own running, skipping and throwing event but with cars… and flames… explosions… and motorised chariots and things. How hard can it be? Who knows, Danny Boyle might get some inspiration for his Opening Ceremony.’

Now we are waiting to see how the Indian trip was for the Top Gear team. We hope they enjoyed our roads.

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