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Tata Nano, the cheapest car in the world was launched in 2009. The rear engine, rear wheel drive hatch was Ratan Tata’s dream who at the time of the launch of the Nano was the Director of the Tata group. The hatch uses a 800cc petrol engine and in 2012 the manufacturer will be launching a diesel version of the Nano as well.

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    Tata Nano
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    63 mph (Est.)
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    economy cars
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2015 Tata GenX Nano

Tata Motors Nano started its career as one of the cheapest car available in the Indian market but it was not well received amongst the Indian owners because of many reasons. Somehow Tata decided to give it a premium touch and launched the next generation Nano which although is based on the same platform but it surely did receive some premium features not only on its exterior but interior as well which actually made this small hatchback more practical and upmarket and now is a much more able city car.

Tata introduced the new Nano with an AMT gearbox and it was christened as GenX Nano Easy Shift (AMT) that’s a really long name considering the actual size of the car but jokes apart the new and improved Nano although uses the same twin cylinder 624 cc unit but the AMT 5 speed unit surely made some difference to it which is clearly visible. The AMT Kit that the Nano has used in this new hatch is also imported from Italy’s Magneti Marelli who also supplies the Kit to Maruti in India.

Although the bookings has already started for this new GenX Nano it will be launched soon in India so if you are thinking of getting your hands on a car which comes with an AMT transmission and do not actually have a huge budget then you should definitely go through this speculative review of the hatch provided below.

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Surely things has changed in this new Nano but it won’t be too hard to recognize the car instantly. Towards the front the new GenX Nano gets a smoked headlamp cluster which actually looks far better than the bald headlamps that were found in the earlier Nano hatch. The front bumper of the new car also has been restyled completely and it gets a new air dam which actually gives this small car a smiling face but more importantly the new air dams also helps to keep the engine cool which is placed towards the rear of the car. While you also notice round foglamps towards the lower front bumpers just on the front hood you will also notice a a piano-black hood garnish which adds a premium feel to the front.

There are not any noticeable changes made to the side profile of the hatch but you do get new wheel covers which add sporty appeal to the side profile. Walk towards the rear and you will be greeted with a surprise you will notice external release towards the rear boot area of the hat6ch which means that this new Nano now has a ususbale boot which can be opened only from outside though (No! You wont get any internal release switch or button), GenX Nano offers 94 Litres of claimed boot space inside which is good enough for a small suitcase or two or three laptop backpacks (depending on their size). The rear windshield also been redesigned because it now has an boot lid which could be opened.


Overall Length 3164 mm
Overall Width 1750 mm (Without ORVM)
Overall Height 1652 mm
Wheelbase 2230 mm
Ground clearance 180 mm
Minimum Turning Circle Radius 4 m
Seating Capacity 4 persons
Fuel Tank Capacity 24 Litres
Luggage Space
XE, XM & XT, XMA, XTA (Easy Shift)
110 Litres 94 Litres


Step inside this cute little car and the first thing that you will notice is a completely new steering wheel which looks like that it has been borrowed from the more premium cars like Zest or Bolt. The interior looks like has also improved and brings a fresh appeal to the overall cabin. The seats towards both the hatches front and rear remains unchanged though which do indicate that this Nano provides the same amount of comfort and Ergonomics like the previous car but you do get new upholstery inside which matches well with the overall changed exterior.

There is not much of change made to the dashboard but you do get the new sleek and sporty looking AMT gearbox which can surely change your mood. Take a closer look and you will notice that the instrument cluster also looks new and you do get an additional gear position indicator which will come in handy especially for those who will be using the AMT gearbox for the very first time. The boot surely make the Nano feel like a more proper car.


This may be a little disappointing for those who got interested while reading the above section, the GenX Nano still uses the same 624 Cc twin cylinder petrol unit which is capable of producing about 38 ps of peak power at 5000 rpm and 51 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. While Tata offers a new AMT gearbox but you can also get your hands on the 4 speed manual gearbox variant which was already available with the car. The fun fact is that the 5 speed AMT transmission is actually built on the new 4 speed manual gearbox by Italy’s Magneti Marelli.

I cannot assure you that adding this AMT has taken a toll on the performance part of this hatch because this car only has 38 Ps of poeak power on tap and adding the extra transmission unit has also added more weight to this car and now its almost 30 Kilograms heavier so it you do not need a genius here to understand that the car surely has lost some of its sportiness.


Engine Type 624 cc, 2 cylinders Gasoline, MPFI
Maximum Power 38 PS @ 5500 +/- 250 RPM
Maximum Torque 51 Nm @ 4000 +/- 500 RPM
Top Speed 105 kmph
Transmission XE, XM & XT
XMA, XTA (Easy Shift)
Easy Shift (Automated Manual Transmission)
with Sports Mode & Creep feature
XMA, XTA (Easy Shift)
Four forward + one reverse speed
Five forward + one reverse speed


According to Tata the new GenX Nano now comes with an advanced structural stability of this small hatch and that is also because of the fact that it now comes with an usuable boot lid. The New GenX Nano also gets an impressive 180 mm ground clearnce. While it also gets Impact Cushioning Crumple Zone.


Below we have provided the new price details of the new Tata GenxNano:

- Tata GenX Nano XE with MT has been priced at INR 1.99 lakhs
- Tata GenX Nano XM with MT has been priced at INR 2.29 lakhs
- Tata GenX Nano XT with MT has been priced at INR 2.49 lakhs
- Tata GenX Nano XMA with AMT has been priced at INR 2.69 lakhs
- Tata GenX Nano XTA with AMT has been priced at INR 2.89 lakhs


Maruti Alto800

The Alto800 is definitely the first car that comes to our mind when we start looking for a competitor for the Nano and why not this also happens to be second cheapest car which is avialble in the Indian market right now. The Alto 800 although uses a more powerful engine than the Nano which also returns more power and torque output and also stays on top of the list when you actually compare the comfort factor. You can go through our full review to get all the details of the Alto800 hatchback.


Tata has tried every single thing to revive the brand Nano but somehow they failed now they are desperately trying to shed the ‘Cheapest car’ tag from the hatch and trying to make it more upmarket and bring it in the same league as the other entry level offerings from auto manufacturers like Maruti and Hyundai. Hopefully with the AMT gearbox they will be able catch more attention of the young buyers towards this car and also because of the fact that this will also be the cheapest way to get hands on an AMT transmission equipped hatchback.

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