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4 Brave Indian Women 24 Countries 1 Epic Journey!

1. 4 Brave Indian Women 24 Countries 1 Epic Journey!
Dr Najma Heptulla, Governor of Manipur, flagged off ‘XPD 24-70' mission to raise funds for the Rotary India Literacy Mission and also to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Indian Independence. The Journey flagged off from Imphal, and four brave women Rotarians have participated in this one epic road trip. The team of four Adventurous women Meenakshi Aravind (from Coimbatore),...

Tata Nano Covers 7000 Km & Reaches Highest Battlefield On Earth

1. Tata Nano Covers 7000 Km & Reaches Highest Battlefield On Earth
Remember the time when came in Indian market with so many hype? There were appreciation about the car, but mostly the feeling was all skepticism and contempt. Almost 90% people doubted about the said ability of this car. Time passed by, and people nodded to Nano with much enthusiasm and expectation. Now even Nano is serving the...

Video: Driving the Jaguar F-Type Through the Romanian Roads

This Saturday we are here with yet another interesting video and this time its fast cars and beautiful roads and I am sure everyone loves that combination. Now before we get straight into the video details let us introduced to the car that EVO is using to travel through the Romanian roads. It’s the new V8 S...

Land Rover Completes Silk Expedition

Land Rover Completes Silk Expedition
It's not everyday that you find a prototype being publicly shown off and documented of its adventures. Most will be hiding under deep cammo wraps and driven in places that don't have people's attention to grab. However, for their new lineup of Hybrid vehicles, Land Rover has decided to take a different route. A long one... To promote the reliability...

Our pick of the best 5 highway stretches in India

So you could argue that we have the cars now but what about the roads. People are buying all sorts of cars today and every car worth its money can claim to accelerate to over 150kmph. Some touching even 300kmph. But do we have the roads? Our roads are either far too congested or just aren’t paved well enough....
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