Renault has launched the Pulse hatch couple of years ago in India and to our surprise it didn’t performed as we all would have expected although that hatchback had pretty much everything to it to make it work.

Now the French auto giant quickly needed something to pull the crowd and reach to a wider audience. After a lot of research they actually did showcase a concept at the 2014 Auto Expo and it was called the KWID concept. The KWID concept looked like a compact Crossover and we were actually delighted when we found out that the production variant turned out to be an entry level hatchback.

Say hello to the KWID hatchback which will take on its competitors like Hyundai Eon and Maruti Alto K10. You definitely would have already guessed by now how this hatchback will look like in flesh didn’t you when I mentioned its competitor’s name? But if you already created an image in your mind that it will definitely look boring then you are wrong.

What differentiates Renault’s entry level hatchback from the rest is its looks and features. Who would have ever imagined that a budget hatchback offering can actually look like a Crossover? Or it may even get a touchscreen infotainment system inside and full digital instrument cluster?

The KWID is also based on a completely new CMF-A (Common Module Family – Affordable) platform. This platform beside being affordable can also support various body styles as well including a sedan, MPV and even SUV’s. The KWID also happens to be the first Renault-Nissan alliance product to actually use the new CMF-A platform. Apart from the new platform the KWID is also actually powered by a completely new 800 cc, three cylinder petrol engine which promises an impressive amount of power and also fuel efficiency at the same time.

The KWID is a Global product which is actually being manufactured at the Oragadam (Tamil Nadu) plant; it has high localization level (98 %) which has helped price it really aggressively.

Update 24.09.15 Renault launched the KWIDE in India today and we have updated the review with some new images and plenty of information.

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2015 Renault KWID


2015 Renault KWID Exterior High Quality
- image 512700
2015 Renault KWID Exterior High Quality
- image 512701
2015 Renault KWID Exterior High Quality
- image 512702

The KWID definitely has to be wild one in its group and perhaps after Eon this happens to be the second product which actually breaks the barrier that the entry level hatches cannot be good looking. The KWID hatchback’s overall design looks more like SUV.

Towards the front it has contoured bumpers with integrated air dams in the middle and also huge round shaped fog lamps surrounded in black cluster. What will also definitely catch your attention is the large 3D honeycomb mesh grille grille with twin slats which looks like that they have been designed to look like shackles, while the headlamp unit along with the side turn indicator really makes it look like a single unit which also helps it to give the front a sharp profile. The headlamps on either side has a C shaped chrome detailing inside which is actually highlighted with the blacked out inside.

The side profile looks interesting as well specially because of the high ground clearance and those side claddings. The KWID also gets some claddings on the lower half of the side doors. The glass house looks well proportioned compared to the overall size of the vehicle, while the rear window also gets some nice stylized finish touch to it. The B-Pillars has been blacked out to get the premium look. The side indicators of the KWID are positioned on the wheel arches which looks rather unique.

What can set your mood off are the sizes of wheels compared to the huge squarish wheel arches the wheels looks rather puny, what is even more dissppointing is also the fact that it is wrapped around skinny rubbers. The steel wheels also gets only 3 bolts which is definitely a part of cost cutting method adapted by Renault.

Towards the rear the KWID gets a roof spoiler and small tail lamps. The lower bumper on the other hand is a part of the claddings which actually surround the side profile of the car.

Compared to its rivals the KWID is surely an attractive looking car and perhaps the SUV inspired design has worked in favour this hatch. Compared to its overall size the SUV design inspiration actually makes this hatch appear bigger.


Length 3679 mm
Width 1579 mm
Height 1478 mm
Wheel base 2422 mm
Ground Clearance 180 mm


2015 Renault KWID Interior
- image 512693
2015 Renault KWID Interior
- image 512699
2015 Renault KWID Interior
- image 516398

The interior looks really modern and all that was made possible because of the fully digitalized instrument cluster and that 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system which sits in the middle of the dashboard. This is the same infotainment system which is also found inside the Duster and the Lodgy MPV.

The AC vents on the dashboard also has some chrome touches to them, the three spoke steering wheel on the other hand with the Renault logo in the middle looks chunky. The interior definitely has some nice overall touches to it and it also gets plenty of cubby holes as well.

The seats too look supportive and covered in interesting as well impressive upholstery. Hoiwever some cost cutting measures can be noticed inside, for exaple the front and the rear seats gets integrated headrests According to the reports Renault will also provide almost six customization packs for the customers. The KWID also offers an impressive 300 mm boot space towards the rear as well. Even the rear seats can also be folded to extract more room.


2015 Renault KWID Exterior
- image 512691
2015 Renault KWID Exterior
- image 512690
2015 Renault KWID
- image 512695

The KWID hatchback is powered by a newly developed BR-8, DOHC petrol engine; This 799 cc unit is capable of producing an impressive 54 Ps of peak power at 5678 rpm and 72 Nm of torque at 4, 386 rpm. These figures may sound less but this is definitely the most powerful vehicle of its segment. This new engine is paired to a 5 speed manual transmission which sends power to the front wheels.

This engine is extremely fuel efficient at the same time and promises to return about 25.17 kmpl which actually also makes it the most fuel efficient petrol car in India. The KWID is a small three cylinder car and thus expect it to have higher NVH levels but Renault has provided enough insulation which definitely means that the noise won’t be filtered inside the cabin.


2015 Renault KWID Exterior
- image 512708

This is one department which will raise many questions in your mind. The KWID has been fitted with Mac Pherson strut with lower transverse link towards the front and Twist beam with coil spring setup towards the rear now although the suspension setup can soak up some bumps but what we are really worried about here is the high ground clearance. Now surely the high ground clearance of 180 mm will help the KWID to easily overcome some bad Indian roads but it wont definitely be a stable car towards the corner.

Especially with its skinny tyres this is definitely not the car you want to push hard in the corners. The KWID gets disc brakes towards the front and drum brakes towards the rear.


2015 Renault KWID
- image 516396

This is another department of the KWID which will actually upset many owners. The KWID gets only a driver side airbag that also as an option of the top ends variant of the hatchback. Apart from the only driver side airbag it does not even get an option for the side passenger airbag. There is even no ABS available with the KWID.


2015 Renault KWID High Quality
- image 512705

The prices of the Renault KWID has been provided below

- * Renault Kwid Std is priced at INR 2,56,968
- * Renault Kwid RxE is priced at INR 2,88,960
- * Renault Kwid RxE (O) is priced at INR 2,94,960
- * Renault Kwid RxL is priced at INR 3,11,664
- * Renault Kwid RxT is priced at INR 3,44,131
- * Renault Kwid RxT (O) is priced at INR 3,53,131

Note: All the above prices are based on ex-Showroom, New Delhi


Maruti Alto800

2012 Maruti-Suzuki Alto 800
- image 491659

The Alto800 is the entry level ofering from Maruti Suzuki which surely is one of the crowd favourite because of many reason. Powered by a 3 cylinder, 0.8 liter petrol mill, 796 cc engine this car surely will provide the toughest competition top this new hatch from Renault.


2015 Renault KWID
- image 512692

Surely the introductory prices of the KWID looks amazing which actually also makes it one of the most interesting affordable car available in India today. Renault also said that the KWID is also a cheap car to maintain.

The KWID surely packs plenty of features and even comes with an affordable pricing, powered by a small 800 cc petrol unit which is powerful than some of its biggest rivals while also being extremely fuel efficient at the same time which even earned it the crown of the most fuel efficient car in India. The only drawback of the car that we noticed are its skinny tyres and the lack of safety features, however we have to keep in mind that that this is only an entry level car.

The KWID surely is the next big thing from the house of the French Auto manufacturer after the Duster.

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  • * Skinny Tyres
  • * Not enough safety features
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