2014 Peugeot 301 Gallery

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The Peugeot 301 which is expected to be manufactured at Peugeot’s plant in Gujarat by 2014 would be the second car from the manufacturer in India but in essence the 301 would be the first Peugeot with which the manufacturer can hope and aim to crack the Indian market with. The 501 is primarily aimed at bring brand awareness and establishing Peugeot as a premium manufacturer. The new 301 is set to debut at the Paris Motor Show in September 2012 and is positioned in the automaker’s developing market lineup which includes India. The 301 is also the first model to use the new naming strategy which would have all Peugeot models ending in a one or an eight. The first number marks out the size of the vehicle, the middle number would always be zero or double zero and the third number will always be a one or an eight. Cars that end in a one – like the 301 – will represent Peugeot’s value-for-money range. The 301 was developed as a world car and the new car "illustrates the internationalisation of the brand", Peugeot said. When launched prices for the 301 would start from around 7 lakhs.