Nissan Car Foam Wash Saves & Reduces Water Consumption By 45 Percent

1. Nissan Car Foam Wash Saves & Reduces Water Consumption By 45 Percent
Although the World Environment Day was last week, we have some good news for you guys. has conserved 6.1 million litres of water over the period of past three years by using an innovative car wash technique. Nissan was able to innovate and use this advanced foam wash technique to clean those cars which come for services at...

2017 Nissan Micra

1. Nissan Micra (Facelift
When we all were eagerly waiting for the new generation, Micra which was unveiled last year and already launched in some other parts of the World already Nissan decided not to launch it in the Indian market yet. Instead what you do get is the updated Micra facelift which is already on sale in our Indian markets. The Japanese...

5 Cars Which Indian Customers Do Not Buy Anymore

1. 5 Cars Which People Do Not Buy Anymore
There are popular cars which help keep the sales graph positioned towards North for the auto manufacturers then there are some unpopular cars which people either forgot or does not show any interest in buying. Today we bring you 5 of the most unpopular cars which are on sale in the Indian market, but people don't actually buy them...

5 Insanely Powerful Cars That You Can Buy In India But Cannot Use It Daily

1. Lamborghini Launched The Aventador S In India Priced At INR. 5.01 Crore
When money isn’t a matter of concern for someone then they surely can take extraordinary steps which other only dreams of. Indian car market has evolved a lot since past and now we have almost all the renowned car brands doing business in India. When we normally do think about cars we think of either a budget hatchbacks or...

Nissan GT-R Scares This Lady Trying To Cross The Street: Video

How can we recognise a supercar fly past us on the streets? Off course by their loud exhaust note. Here in this video, you can actually watch a Nissan GT-R scares a lady while she was trying to cross the road. This scene is from Monaco where some supercar is seen doing some test runs. The GT-R that...
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