Find our weather this newly launched Tiguan will be able to take on the big names of the game

Volkswagen launched the new Tiguan in India yesterday, and although this is the first Volkswagen SUV in India and the only one, this is not exactly a fully fledged SUV like the bigger Ford Endeavour or Toyota Fortuner. However, the only reason why we are comparing both these SUV’s is that of the fact the Tiguan is launched with a four-wheel drive as standard and also because both these SUV’s are priced in the same price range.

Now compared to the Tiguan the Endeavour is big and also offers a third-row seating option at the rear plus it also has atleast 3 engine options including a petrol compared to the single diesel engine option in the newly launched Tiguan.

Still there are plenty of things where the Tiguan can take on its competition directly. So go through the comparison below and find out where the newly launched Tiguan standard in the race


Volkswagen Tiguan Vs Ford Endeavour Exterior High Quality
- image 516096
Volkswagen Tiguan Vs Ford Endeavour Exterior
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If we position both these SUV’s side by side, then I am sure the Ford Endeavour will catch anyone’s attention first while people will quickly recognise the Tiguan belongs to the Volkswagen family. The Endeavour looks like a proper brawny SUV with its aggressive front end and those big wheels. The Tiguan, on the other hand, gets a simple styling. The crossover does not get too much of a curve anywhere while the headlamp and the imposing front grille looks typically inspired from Volkswagen family. Both the cars get plenty regarding overall equipment list. However, the Tiguan stays ahead in the game slightly because it gets all these features as standard while few of the features in the Endeavour are available only in the high-end variants.

If we also talk about dimensions, then the Tiguan is a smaller than the Endeavour for sure while the Tiguan is also a five-seater the Ford SUV, on the other hand, offers seats for seven occupants inside. Lastly, the Endeavour also has an impressive ground clearance of 225 mm which means you can take this SUV almost anywhere the Tiguan, on the other hand, has a ground clearance of 149 mm which is actually bit disappointing.

Dimensions Volkswagen Tiguan Ford Endeavour
Length 4,486 mm 4,893 mm
Width 1,839 mm 1,862 mm
Height 1,672mm 1,836 mm
Wheelbase 2,677 mm 2,850 mm
Ground Clearance 149 mm 225 mm


Volkswagen Tiguan Vs Ford Endeavour High Quality
- image 516093
Volkswagen Tiguan Vs Ford Endeavour
- image 510059

We already mentioned earlier that the Volkswagen Tiguan had been launched in the Indian market with a single diesel engine option while the Endeavour, on the other hand, gets two diesel engine options. The Tiguan is offered with a 2.0 Litre turbo diesel engine which is capable of producing about 141 Bhp of peak power and 340 NM of torque. The engine is paired only to a seven-speed DSG transmission which sends power to the four wheels as standard. The Ford Endeavour, on the other hand, is available with the 2.2 L Turbo Diesel and 3.2 L Turbo Diesel engines which are paired to 6- speed manual as standard while both of them also gets a 6-speed automatic transmission as well. But, while the smaller 2.2 Litre comes only with forward wheel drive option it is the bigger 3.2 Litre unit which only gets the four-wheel drive as standard. There is no doubt in the fact that the Endeavour apparently stays ahead in the game with more power and torque available with the press on the accelerator, but the Tiguan is comparatively a smaller in size and also is based on a lightweight platform which gives it a lightweight advantage over the big and brawny Ford. However, we do feel that the performance in the real world will be almost equal.

Specifications Volkswagen Tiguan Ford Endeavour
Engine 2.0-litre TDI Diesel 2.2 L Diesel/3.2 L Diesel
Max Power 141 BHP 158 BHP/197 BHP
Peak Torque 340 Nm 385 Nm/470 Nm
Transmission 7-speed DSG Automatic 6 Speed Manual & 6 Speed Automatic/6 Speed Manual & 6 Speed Automatic
Drivetrain AWD FWD/AWD


Comparing fuel efficiency figures of these two SUV’s will be foolish on our part. The Tiguan naturally stays ahead in this game with its smaller 2.0 Litre diesel unit which promises to return an impressive ARAI tested 17.06 km to a litre of fuel while the lower entry level 2.2 Litre Diesel on the Endeavour promises around 13.5 km to a litre. You also have to keep in mind the fact that the Tiguan is comparatively a much lighter vehicle than the Endeavour.


Volkswagen Tiguan Vs Ford Endeavour Exterior High Quality
- image 516109

We are quite surprised to find out that Volkswagen priced this new SUV on the steeper side while the base variant of the Ford Endeavour prices starts from INR. 25.49 onward the base variant prices of the Tiguan starts from INR.27.98 Lakh onward. Now compared to the Endeavour which is a full-fledged SUV the Tiguan, on the other hand, is a mid-size Crossover.

Volkswagen Tiguan Price Rs 27.98 Lakh to Rs 31.38 Lakh (Ex-showroom)
Ford Endeavour Price Rs 25.49 Lakh to Rs 31.5 Lakh (Ex-showroom)


Volkswagen Tiguan Vs Ford Endeavour
- image 510053
Volkswagen Tiguan Vs Ford Endeavour Exterior High Quality
- image 516098

From the very beginning, we admitted that the Endeavour is a proper hardcore SUV from Ford while the Volkswagen Tiguan, on the other hand, is a Crossover. The Endeavour is also bigger in dimension and offers more room inside while it also can carry more occupants inside as well. Both the cars offer almost same kind of equipment inside but the Tiguan gains slightly more advantage over the Endeavour because it offers almost all the equipment as standard even with the base variant. Both the SUV’s also gets four-wheel drive while the Tiguan gains a slightly more advantage here because even the base variant too gets the four-wheel drive as standard but the Endeavour has more diesel engine options under the hood. Both the cars get an automatic transmission, but there is a manual offered as well with the Endeavour. Lastly, the pricing also gives the Endeavour slightly more advantage as well over the Tiguan.

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