You have seen motorcycles jump in the air and even take a summersault; you might also have seen cars jump in the air and performing some insane stunts. But I am sure you haven’t seen a real truck jumping over a speeding F1 Car (except for the Terminator 2 movie but the stunt was performed with cables and wires so that does not really count). Yes! A Formula 1 racing car and a Truck is definitely no match but Lotus and EMC has actually made it possible.

You already have heard and also know about Lotus, they are a British car manufacturer who also has their own F1 Team which competed for the first time under the name back in the year 2012 while EMC on the other hand is a cloud computing and data management company which has collaborated with the Lotus F1 team and helps them with all the Data in their racing seasons. The video and the stunts that you are witnessing here have been performed to promote EMC and the person who is actually behind the wheels of that truck is Mike Ryan. Mike was able to lift the Truck in the air (with the help of a ramp) and then jump the huge truck about 83 feet and 7 inches over the speeding F1 car which was driven by Martin Ivanov.

Now this is really unique and one of a kind stunt which you won’t see everyday and I am sure you will love watching the video.

Source: You Tube

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