Car magazine test drives the two fierce-full competitors from the renowned owners BMW and Alpha Romeo. The two cars that you will see in this video does not exactly match with each other when it comes to body styling because the two cars that Car Magazine testing in this wonderful location are the BMW M3 sports saloon and the 2 seater Alpha Romeo 4C sportscar.

The BMW M3 is a much heavier compared to the lightweight 4C because you can actually carry your whole family in that saloon while the 4C is only a two seater sportscar but what makes this M3 apart is the amount of torque that it delivers because believe it or not the M3 can reach the 0-100km/h mark in just 4.25 seconds. In this video Car Magazine are actually not trying to find out which actually generates how much power and who beats each other in a race but instead how well they actually drives. That said, the M3 featured in the video actually got Carbon Fiber roof and prop Shaft now compared to the M3 the Alpha Romeo 4C looks tiny it is powered by a 4 cylinder naturally aspirated engine, this car is extremely lightweight and also has a carbon fiber tub to it to reduce even further weight. The 4C takes 4.83 seconds to reach the 0-100 km which is a tad bit higher than the M3 actually despite of its lightweight.

Now, the M3 generates 370 KW of peak power and 550 NM of torque while the 4C produce only about 178 KW of peak power and 349 NM of torque. Find out whether the huge family sports saloon is able to keep with this light and agile sportscar in this video.

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