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Just at the time when the whole country is eagerly waiting for the Delhi Auto Expo 2014, the homegrown company, Tata Motors announced that not only they will launch a new car at the auto expo but they might also introduce a completely new petrol engine at the upcoming event.

This very exciting news was announced by the manager of Tata Motors, Mr. Karl Slym. Usually the manufacturer makes a good fortune depending mainly on their Diesel engine powered vehicles. So if this move by the company works well in the Indian market then it is sure to do wonders to its sales figure in the country, this is because both the diesel and petrol prices are almost becoming equal so the buyers will now be keen on purchasing a petrol engine vehicle instead of a diesel one. It is also being speculated that Tata might use this new engine in their Falcon 4 Hatchback and Falcon 5 Sedan which are to be launched in the coming months.

For those who are unaware of the Falcon4 hatch, it will be a replacement for the current Tata Vista model. The new Falcon 4 will be a stylish new vehicle which will be powered by a 1.2 liter turbo petrol engine which is expected to generate an impressive 100 bhp of maximum power. As for now the manufacturer has been completely tight lipped about their new engine and even their new car and thus we will only be able to provide further details when they will be showcased at the Delhi Auto expo next month.

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