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Watch the SUV Pulls 58 Times More than Its weight

This is an absolutely remarkable video that we found on the internet this week and decided to share it with all of you. We know Land Rovers are exceptional vehicles when it comes to offroad but have you ever given it a thought that they are incredibly powerful as well at the same time. In this video you can watch a Land Rover Discovery sport pulls three railway carriages at the same time which actually weighs almost 100 Tonnes.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport which pulled the train along with it was fitted with guidance wheels just to keep it on track and apart from that everything else remains stock. The Discovery Sport is powered by a 2.0 Liter Ingenium diesel engine which produces about 178 Bhp of peak power and an impressive 430 Nm of torque which actually gives this baby SUV all that pulling power. In general the Discovery Sport can tow upto 2,500kg (2.5 tonnes) but in this video it is actually towing almost 58 times of its own weight which is absolutely amazing.

In the beginning we can watch it drive to the railway station where it actually gets hooked to that 3 carriages which together weighs 100 tonnes. The SUV without any strain was actually pull the carriages instantly and what further aided the Discovery Sport in pulling all that weight was the All Terrain Progress Control. This progress control managed the engine output and braking at the same time which actually helped to increase traction.

Back in the year 1989 a Discovery I was actually modified to tow to pull a series of carriages just to demonstrate the SUV’s towing capacity and once again after so many years Land Rover once againa proved that their new and developed SUV’s still has got the old DNA in them.

Watch and enjoy the video and do tell us what you actually think of this amazing one of a kind video..

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