The driver pulls of the first stunt perfectly but watch what happens next

Toyota Innova is a household name and its primary purpose, or it’s popular because it can carry almost 7 to 8 passengers from one place to another. In other words, it’s basically a people mover. The Innova is naturally a people mover, and thus it is a bulky and heavy vehicle. Who would have thought of even performing some stunts like reverse drifting and burnout with this machine? But here in this video, you will actually be surprised when you will watch a Toyota Innova doing all sort of things which anyone of us ever expected from a car of this size.

Here in this video, you can watch some members of the Garage Autowerks performing reverse drift and burn-out on this White Innova. As you can watch the driver manages to perform the reverse drift correctly on the tarmac and then tries to do a burnout. The Innova like you all know by now is a rear wheel drive vehicle and thus he presses firmly onto the front brakes and performs a burnout with the people movers rear wheels.

From the styling it is quite clear that this is the old generation Innova and thus is powered most probably by the 2.5 litre, inline4, turbocharger diesel engine displacing 2494 cc produces about 102 Ps of peak power at 3600 rpm and 200 Nm of torque in between 1400-3400 rpm.

This is an absolute insane video and you will actually have to watch the whole video to believe with your own eyes.

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