• Audi Confirms Q4 SUV Launch in 2019


The newst SUV will be positioned in between the Q3 and Q5 and will take styling inspiration from the TT Offroad concept

We all expected Audi to launch the Q4 SUV by the year 2017, but the launch delayed due to the now infamous Diesel Gate emission scandal. However, Audi is all set to bounce back and has plans not only to rejuvenate their current product lineup but also introduce three battery-electric models by the year 2020 and to electrify new model series after that. To make their plans, successful Audi has already trained 6000 of their employees to work on these electric drivetrains for over the last three years.

Apart from introducing electric vehicles, Audi will also be introducing self-driving cars as well on the road which will be taken care by their newly founded subsidiary, Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH in Munich.

The new models which are lined up and almost ready to launch are their most prestigious flagship A8 sedan alongside the new generation Q5 and A5. In the year 2018, Audi also has plans to launch the second generation A7 as well alongside the Q8 SUV.

However, one particular SUV which will also grace Audi’s new lineup is the Q4 Sporty Compact Utility vehicle.


The all new Q4 positioned in between their already existing Q3 and Q5 SUV’s and as we mentioned above will be introduced in the year 2019. Now according to the recent reports and rumours, the Q4 SUV will share the same underpinning with the Q3 SUV and will take on the like of the new BMW X2.

The upcoming Q4 SUV which underpins Volkswagen’s MQB platform will be a five seater. As far as the styling is concerned the Q5 SUV is expected to get its styling inspiration from the 2014 TT Offroad concept. The upcoming SUV will get a heavily curved roofline just the ones you have seen on the new Q3 and its rivals BMW X series. The SUV will supposedly also get a host of new equipment inside the cabin as well; some of the high-end features that one will notice inside the upcoming SUV will include a bigger full HD digital instrument cluster and a larger touchscreen infotainment system.

Under the hood, the Q4 will most probably get the new generation diesel and petrol engines. Audi is concentrating a lot on the electric powertrains as well for their future products juts like we mentioned above so don’t get too surprised if Audi also decides to introduce a plug-in petrol-Electric powertrain under the Q4 as well.

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