Gamers it’s here! The Need For Speed PC version will be launching soon and believe me when I Say this that the game surely looks far better in PC perhaps than any other the gaming platforms. The NFS for PC is available with unlocked frame rate and at a 4K resolution which makes it even interesting. So you can expect crystal clear resolution and highest level of details.

In this video you can watch the trailer of what you could expect out of this game and we know you all will be equally excited as we are. What is even more interesting is also the fact that the new NFS is now available with Manual transmission which actually gives better control of your car. NFS developers are also offering steering wheel support for a number of selective wheels such as Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec.

The PC version for the Need For Speed is releasing on 15th March. The PC gamers will also notice certain developments including both the icons and legends updates from the very first day, while the showcase updates will arrive as soon as the game launches in PC.

So all the NFS lovers of the world this game is really worth playing and before you can experience the game in person feast your eyes on the teaser trailer of the NFS PC version until the game launches finally on 15th March.