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Tata Motors Special Armoured Bulletproof Vehicle: Video

Tata Motors Special Armoured Bulletproof Vehicle: Video

On this Republic day and after almost 66 years we have achieved a lot be it any field but still we have a long way to go and we are pretty sure our Government is actually working on different strategies. Today we thought perhaps this is definitely an important day where we could focus on our Indian Defense and some of their special vehicles.

In this video you can watch the special Armored Personnel carrier from Tata which is actually also an anti mine protector insurgence life saver which is also a life saver. This vehicle also actually offers all round protection. The truck also has 10 firing ports covered inside bulletproof glass. There is even a degree rotating turret on roof on which the defense personnel could fit a Light Machine gun or even a heavy machine gun as well. Inside the cabin the armored vehicle is actually capable of seating 12 troopers including the driver and the co driver.

The next in line from Tata is the Tata Sumo Armored vehicle which actually is based on the Sumo passenger vehicle. This vehicle has six firing ports and also a hatch on top for firing. This vehicle is actually a highly maneuverable vehicle in hilly areas and has ergonomically built seats.

Watch the video and find out more about these armored vehicles.

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Mahindra Marksman is one rugged vehicle from Indian Armed Force's stable: Video

Mahindra Marksman is one rugged vehicle from Indian Armed Force’s stable: Video

Mahindra has always been one of the few defence vehicle suppliers to Indian armed forces. The Marksman from the Indian origin automaker is a rugged looking defence vehicle with strong armour to withstand attack from various arms. This car has been in service for Indian armed forces since 2009. Indian paramilitary forces use this car during various operations and so are the police forces from various states.

This rugged looking car comes with armors at every side, on roof and at the floor as well. It also gets equipped with a cupola with a machine gun, seven crew firing ports, top mounted search lights, rear view camera inside the cabin, TV screen for driver etc.

Mahindra Marksman gets power from a 2.5 litre CRDE engine paired with a 5 speed manual gearbox, which produces 105 bhp peak power at 3800 rpm and 228 Nm peak torque in between 1800-2200 rpm. This car can carry a total of 3200 kg load. It also gets an independent suspension at the front and rigid leaf spring along with shock absorber at rear, which helps the vehicle to stay stable on any kind of surface. The Marksman can reach a top speed of 120 kmph.

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