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The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the ultimate reward for a lifestyle shaped by mobility, individuality, success and sophistication. You don’t simply decide to buy an S-Class: it comes to you when fate has ordained that your life should take that course. The door closes with a reassuring clunk and you have arrived. This is what makes the car and its predecessors unique among the worlds great sedans. And has done so for more than half a century.

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    Mercedes S-Class
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    130 mph (Est.)
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    INR 35600000 (Est.)
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    luxury cars
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2016 Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Guard

The moving fortress with highest level of ballistic protection

Back in 2014 German luxury automaker Mercedes released the S600 Guard with VR9 protection level, which was highest at that time. Now just before the upcoming Geneva Motor Show Mercedes has taken the game up, and unveiled the new Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard which gets VR10 protection level. The VR10 is the highest ballistic protection level available at present for any civilian passenger vehicle.

Important thing is, this time Mercedes not only gave importance to the protection level, but also secured the highest luxury level as well, which is why the car gets the exclusiveness of Maybach. Yes, the new S600 Guard is dubbed as Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard. So far, it can be called a premium moving fortress. The new car gets a bit longer with an extended wheelbase, which is 20 mm longer than the usual long wheelbase S-Class sedan.

Mercedes-Maybach vehicles already offer the highest level of comfort and luxury to the occupants, now with this car the biggest attraction point is the highest level of ballistic protection which is VR10. This is the top most ballistic and blast safety available for any civilian car in the world. At the recently concluded New Delhi Auto Expo 2016 Mercedes showcased a variant of S600 Guard, and now at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show they will showcase the new car.

Before Mercedes showcase the all new Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Guard, let’s take a look at the car and check what makes the car so special.

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Without a close look it is really hard to tell that this is a S600 Guard. If you overlook the extended lengthof 5453 mm and 3365 mm wheelbase, this car looks like the usual long wheelbase S600. Externally there is no visible change. Mercedes strengthened the base structure of the car. The car gets special integrated steel in between the body structure and outer bodyshell, therefore increasing the strength drastically. Apart from the special integrated steel Mercedes has used special intelligent overlapping system at several critical points to make the car bulletproof. The special steel structure of the car can withstand bullets fired from an assault rifle. It can also withstand grenade attacks. An armoured covering protects the entire underbody from explosions. The windows are made of special glass, coated with polycarbonate to prevent the glass from shattering in case of a blast or bullet hit and injuring the occupants inside.

VR10 Protection features

• Integrated steel between body structure and bodyshell.
• Special intelligent overlapping system at critical points.
• Special steel structure can withstand bullet rounds from an assault rifle, grenade attack.
• Underbody protection from explosion.
• Heavily protected special glass with polycarbonate coating which can withstand bullet rounds and blast.
• Fire extinguishing system.
• Specially built armoured fuel tank.
• Protection from chemical weapon, gas attack.
• Live communication system.


The interior of the new Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard looks a lot similar with the normal S600 as the heavily protected car sports several design and styling features from the normal variant. Mercedes claims the extra length and extra wheelbase will provide extra space to the rear passengers, therefore offering more comfort.

The rear compartment gets two executive seats as standard which are positioned farther back. Although the German automaker didn’t reveal much detail about the interior of the car, but the single image shows each occupants at the rear gets his or her personal space, individual touchscreen. Mercedes really excels in making specially protected vehicles with their 85 years of experience in building special protection cars. This car doesn’t show anything which will give you hint about the highest level of protection it wears. Moreover statesmen and business tycoons will love this car instantly for its sheerest luxury on offer.


Mercedes seems pretty tight lipped about the most protected car from their stable. There’s no specific information available about the drivetrain. But the car might use the same powertrain which is available under the hood of Mercedes-Maybach S600. Therefore the new car might get a 6.0 litre biturbo V12 engine under the hood which will kick out 523 hp peak power and enormous 829.76 Nm peak torque. The normal variant Mercedes-Maybach S600 takes 5 seconds to reach 0-100 kmph, but with all the added weight of armour plates and heavy steel the new Guard variant might take a bit more time, which might be around 7 seconds, which is still way much faster than several cars. The 2015 S600 Guard had a topspeed of 210 kmph. The transmission duty in the new car might be done by the 7 G-Tronic transmission.


Engine 6.0 litre biturbo V12
Transmission 7G-Tronic automatic
Maximum power 523 hp
Maximum torque 829.76 Nm
0-100 kmph 7 seconds
Top speed 210 kmph


The Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard might look like the regular S600, but if you look at the price tag your eyebrows will shot up and you will eventually know, this is not a regular car. The new highly protected car is priced at €470,000 plus VAT, which means in Indian currency it would be priced more than INR. 3.56 crores. That’s some hefty amount. Not only that. Mercedes won’t sell this car publicly, but they will verify the buyers before selling the car. No doubt, Mercedes is taking all these strict procedures to restrict the criminals accessing the care and its technologies.



If we talk about VR10 ballistic protection level, then Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard will be the first undoubtedly. Actually it doesn’t have any competitor, but there is a close one from Audi with VR9 ballistic protection. The Audi A8L Security is the most protected Audi ever built. It is available in two different powertrain options. Audi A8L Security comes with a 4.0 litre biturbo V8 engine mated to an 8 speed Tiptronic transmission which pumps out 435 hp peak power and 600 Nm peak torque. On the other hand there is a more powerful variant with 6.3 litre W12 engine paired with 8 speed Tiptronic transmission which churns out 500 hp peak power and 625 Nm peak torque. In India Audi sells the car with a price tag of INR. 11,295,000 (Ex-showroom Delhi).

Read the Audi A8L Security review here


Mercedes has done a great job maintain the normal variant look yet making the new car VR10 compliant. If we talk about the high pricing, then we should first remember Mercedes didn’t make this car keeping the regular buyers in mind. But this one is for the statesmen, business leaders and other VVIPs. And who can keep a tag on personal safety.

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