Mercedes-Benz India has launched the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Guard in India today. This is the first passenger car which gets highest protection level VR 10. The S600 Guard was also showcased recently at the 2016 Auto Expo and is now priced at INR. 10.5 crores (ex-showroom Delhi).

The armored car segment of the Country does not actually have a lot of competition and is a niche segment. The luxury limousine which was introduced here is certified with the highest ballistic protection level VR10, and thus is one of the safest vehicles on wheel in the World. The Mercedes Benz Guard ranges comprises of the Mercedes-Maybach and S 600 Guard. This car is obviously targeted towards the high profile customers and is definitely far from the reach of ordinary people as yopu already would have understood by now.

Roland Folger, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes Benz India commented, “Mercedes-Benz’s remains the most trusted brand globally in manufacturing ‘Guard’ vehicles since 1928. It is hence not surprising that most of the global heads of states, top diplomats, business tycoons and celebrities prefer a ‘Guard’ vehicle. We are pleased to introduce the world’s first passenger vehicle certified with the highest ballistic protection level of VR10, in India. The Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Guard is launched in India within 15 days of its international debut. With the introduction of the Mercedes-Maybach Guard, we continue to follow our ‘top of pyramid’ approach for the discerning Indian customers.”

Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard


The S600 Guard gets VR10 protection rating which means that the bodywork and the windows is able to withstand hardened steel core bullets fired from an assault rifle. This particular vehicle also has an ERV 2010 rating (Explosive Resistant Vehicles). This credential was given to the car after a fully fledged inspection was done by the Germany’s Federal Office of Criminal Investigation. The S600 Guard not only protects the occupants from n attack but also has the capability of actually to actually remain mobile and extract the passengers out of the attack zone. Thus combine everything and the Mercedes Maybach S600 Guard offers highest level of protection from a non military vehicle.

Inside the same vehicle provides unmatched levels of luxury that you expect from a standard Mercedes-Maybach S600.Whiule under the hood the S600 Guard is powered by a powerful V12 unit which is actually capable of producing about 530 Hp of peak power in between 4900-5300 rpm and 830 Nm of torque in between 1900-4000 rpm. This car has an electronically restricted top speed of 190 km/h while it can also sprint from 0-100km/h mark in 7.9 seconds.

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