Featured Auto Expo 2016: Two extraordinary cars to watch

Auto Expo 2016: Two extraordinary cars to watch

Auto Expos are something which brings us a chance to watch all our fantasies under one roof. No wonder, every single petrolheads of our country is now keen to watch the cars and motorcycles which will be showcased, launched at the 2016 New Delhi Auto Expo. Almost every automaker that will be present at the Auto Expo will showcase various interesting models, some are facelifts, some completely new generation models, and some will be completely new to Indian market, but the real attraction will surely go to those cool concept cars. In every Auto Expo we get to see some spectacular concept models, which pave the way for the future vehicles. But how about the ones which look like, taken from the video games?

Hyundai will showcase the stunning looking N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo Concept. This vehicle is unlikely to be a reality production model, but the design and technologies used to make this car will surely make their way to the future Hyundai models.

Formula One car is something which every motorsports lover are very interested about. Honda will showcase McLaren Honda MP4-30 Formula One car at the upcoming New Delhi Auto Expo. The McLaren Formula One car gets power from Honda engine.

So, the concept car from Hyundai and the Formula One car at the Honda pavilion at Auto Expo will be two cars which will garner much attraction from the visitors.

Let’s check a bit about these two cars.

February 1er, 2016 07:42
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2016 Mclaren MP4-X Concept

2016 Mclaren MP4-X Concept

McLaren might have had a rough 2015 Formula one season; they might not have won a single race in the championship. But, toward the end of the season they did something stunning. Not on the track, but in their lab. The McLaren team made an all new concept car which is expected to become the future of Formula one racing. The gorgeous car won’t be seen on the racing track anytime soon, but this is certainly the future racing car from the British brand.

The futuristic car looks cool, and it is wrapped with loads of technologies, which keeps this car way ahead from the others. Although McLaren gave us a peek of the car, but there is no information yet about its first public appearance or when it will be seen on track. However, here, we brought a closer look and a detail review of the futuristic Formula one car. Take a look.

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December 7, 2015 09:52
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