McLaren might have had a rough 2015 Formula one season; they might not have won a single race in the championship. But, toward the end of the season they did something stunning. Not on the track, but in their lab. The McLaren team made an all new concept car which is expected to become the future of Formula one racing. The gorgeous car won’t be seen on the racing track anytime soon, but this is certainly the future racing car from the British brand.

The futuristic car looks cool, and it is wrapped with loads of technologies, which keeps this car way ahead from the others. Although McLaren gave us a peek of the car, but there is no information yet about its first public appearance or when it will be seen on track. However, here, we brought a closer look and a detail review of the futuristic Formula one car. Take a look.

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2016 Mclaren MP4-X Concept


2016 Mclaren MP4-X Concept Exterior
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2016 Mclaren MP4-X Concept Exterior
- image 517771
2016 Mclaren MP4-X Concept Exterior
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McLaren has truly tried to break the conventional rule. Honestly the MP4-X is a radical looking car. The MP4-X comes blended with the design of a present generation Formula one car and future technologies. It also adorns technological changes and solutions to make it aerodynamically much more improved and safer than the present generation cars. The most interesting thing that grabs the eye is the cycle like fenders covering the wheels completely. There are several other changes to the present Formula one design, which comes in form of a cockpit covering canopy, the engine cover and lowered rear wing. Overall, the car looks sleek and cool, and definitely from the future.

Not only this. The car is not only insanely aerodynamic, but it would come along with advanced adaptive shape memory alloy body frame which will change the shape according to specific loads and condition. Therefore the car will be able to change shape of several parts which will allow minimizing the drag, and eventually enabling a better overtaking on track. It will enhance the fuel economy too. The MP4-X Concept also uses an active aerodynamic feature, named as Active Flow Control. With this the car uses electrodes fitted to the surface of the wings of the car to control the bodywork. It also adjusts the down force. As we have learned, this feature will turn the air around the wings of the car into plasma, which allows the car a faster speed.

The McLaren has an uniquely innovative plan for the MP4-X concept regarding the advertising stickers. According to the British auto maker’s plan, the car will adorn a body frame which will be a digital bill board itself, therefore displaying ads on it. The tyres of this car would get an additional wear sensor which monitors the tyre data live, which will prevent the car from facing dangerous accidents due to blowouts.

All of these really seems futuristic and out of the world. McLaren hasn’t revealed any detail about the car yet. But we hope, they will bring such a car in future, and that will rule the tracks.


2016 Mclaren MP4-X Concept Interior
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2016 Mclaren MP4-X Concept Interior
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2016 Mclaren MP4-X Concept Exterior
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Not only the exterior, inside the cockpit too the McLaren MP4-X looks cool. The first thing it will remind you, is about a fighter jet cockpit, as the cockpit looks completely different than the present generation cars. The MP4-X sports a closed cockpit, which gives this aerodynamic benefit and better safety to the driver. McLaren’s driver Jensen Button once called for closed cockpits after the Indycar driver Justin Wilson’s death. There’s possibility that McLaren MP4-X cockpit was inspired from Button’s comment. The new cockpit would give the driver a Heads-up Display (HUD), just like fighter jet cockpits come equipped with such display units. This cockpit will also provide better visibility to the drivers in intense sunlight or low lights. The canopy of the closed cockpit gives the driver more safety in case of any crash on track. In fact, FIA is also considering such measures to reduce the damage on track during crashes.

Apart from all these, the driver inside the cockpit will get a 360 degree uninterrupted view from the cameras fitted all around the helmet. The MP4-X would also come with an all new driver overall, which will made with smart fabrics. The smart fabrics will be able to display the particular areas of impact or injury in case of any accidents, which will assist the medical teams. Alongside all these McLaren has plans to improve audience experience with a visual system that is synchronized with the systems inside the cockpit.


2016 Mclaren MP4-X Concept Exterior
- image 517772

With an advanced body frame and advanced cockpit McLaren will come equipped with a completely new and advanced powertrain too. The McLaren MP4-X could get power from a hybrid powertrain, which will come with advanced energy recovery and charging. It will get the power from a combined powertrain of battery and solar cells. To store the energy the British company might create ultra thin batteries which will store energy from the hybrid and solar systems. The solar cells will capture the energy to power up the onboard systems of the car or to boost the power output. The company is also thinking about a recharging system on track which is subject of approval from FIA.


2016 Mclaren MP4-X Concept Exterior
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Although, McLaren MP4-X is a revolutionary concept which can become the future of the Formula one. But there are lots of question about the practicality of the car. As most of the technologies described by McLaren which will be seen in this car are yet to be developed. Even if the concept car comes in the production lineup, it will be a huge costly project. Not only that, some critics even believe that this car would literally kill the old charm of the Formula one with its ultra futuristic appearance and technologies.

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  • * Most of the technologies are yet to be developed.
  • * Development is subject to huge cost.
  • * No information about production.


Introducing the McLaren MP4-X

2016 Mclaren MP4-X Concept Exterior
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McLaren’s conceptual vision for the future of motorsport technology.

Modelling the future is something we do every day at McLaren.

Our Formula 1 race strategists think many laps ahead when planning a grand prix pit stop, our automotive engineers build high-performance road cars for the next generation of driver; and our technologists and designers in McLaren Applied Technologies devise ways to improve healthcare, transport and many other areas of our lives.

At McLaren, we always want to take things further.

“With the futuristic McLaren MP4-X concept racecar, we wanted to peer into the future and imagine the art of the possible,” said John Allert, Group Brand Director, McLaren Technology Group.

“We have combined a number of F1’s key ingredients – speed, excitement and performance, with the sport’s emerging narratives - such as enclosed cockpits to enhance driver safety, and hybrid power technologies.”

“Formula 1 is the ultimate gladiatorial sport, and the future we envisage will be a high tech, high performance showcase that excites fans like no other sport.”

It looks visually striking, but it is beneath the skin where the changes are most apparent.

MP4-X is designed to harness alternative power sources; the chassis changes shape to adapt to different aerodynamic demands; and it can communicate in the event of a failure or a problem.

This is therefore McLaren Marketing’s unique conceptual take on motor racing’s future. Discover the MP4-X in all its glory in our interactive carousel, with exclusive insights into the future supplied by the technologists and designers at McLaren Applied Technologies.

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