A Honda City sedan and a bus met with an accident in a bizarre incident on Sunday Morning at one of Chennai’s most prominent area Anna Salai. Both these vehicles as you can clearly see in this video trapped in a huge crater that had formed in the area. Fortunately, none of the occupants of the Bus or the Sedan was injured in the accident. As you clearly see in the video that the hole formed on the road is so big that it almost swallowed the entire car while the front of the bus too was completely swallowed by the massive crater.

The reports suggest that the incident took place at the Metro railway constructional site. The particular area has been dug up for to set the metro tunnels and the loose soil has caused the upper portion of the land to sink in. However, the Government officials are investigating the matter and surveying the entire area once again. The traffic, however, was once again back on track the very next day. The reports suggested that the sinkhole is 5 metres wide and 10 metres in length and at a depth of 2metres.

After the incident both the vehicles were removed from the sinkhole with the help of a crane.