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The wait for Suzuki’s much talked about SUV is finally over after they announced the Suzuki iV-4 Concept at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The central development theme followed by the concept is ‘Grab Your Field’, which inclines towards the fact that the SUV will have the ability to be tackle harsh terrain.

The Suzuki iV-4 also follows a new and refreshing idea: a personal compact SUV that suggests that the amount of individualization that customer can go for in this concept.

The name iV-4 is not just a mere name but a name where ‘i’ stands for – ‘individuality’, ‘V’ stands for – ‘vehicle’ and ‘4’ means – ‘4 wheel drive’. The production version of the SUV is expected to arrive late 2014 or early 2015 and it will compete with rivals like the Nissan Juke and the Volkswagen Taigun in the global market. It is also expected to hit the Indian roads in 2015, facing competition from the Ford Ecosport and Renault Duster.

India has witnessed a positive growth in the utility vehicles segment, over the years. Maruti never really gave a solid answer to other brands, after the Grand Vitara failed miserably in the market. It is hoped that with the iV-4 concept, Maruti will storm the SUV market in India. But, for now, here is an exclusive design study of the Suzuki iV-4.

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After launching the LJ series in 1970, Vitara in 1988, the Jimny in 1998 and the Grand Vitara in 2005, Suzuki is at it again with the new iV-4 Concept, that showcases the future of SUVs from Suzuki’s stables. It carries the DNA of Suzuki’s sport utility vehicles and shows off an exterior design which is unique. There is an array of resemblance with theMaruti Suzuki XA-Alpha concept, unveiled at the 2012 Auto Expo in India but in terms of size, the former is quite bigger. The design of the car carries the theme of ‘Grab Your Field’, which itself signifies that this SUV would have a rugged appeal.

Suzuki has not disappointed the auto-enthusiasts at least not in terms of looks. The design of this concept carries a blend of futuristic appeal (like most concepts), with a clamshell bonnet (like that of a Land Rover) and a dominating front grille that is divided into five slots. The design does give the user certain confidence to go off-road. The headlamp clusters are polygonal in shape, the lower bumper looks unique and the fog lamps are rectangular. Moving towards the side of the car, one may notice the distinctive character lines that embody the concept. At the rear, the car is neat without any overdo and thus looks elegant. The tail lamps are, again, unique shaped – more like that of a diamond and the dual exhaust pipes are chrome finished square shaped. The design features of the SUV can also be personalized by the customer with an array of exterior parts, color, texture, to choose from. The color presented in the picture is named Brilliant Turquoise Metallic, which is inspired from the sky reflected from a skyscraper.


Overall Length 4,215mm
Overall Width 1,850mm
Overall Height 1,665mm
Wheelbase 2,500mm
Tyre Size 235/55R20mm

Engine and Features

With an aim to provide an all round off-roader experience, Suzuki is planning to implement their next generation 4WD technology, known as the ALLGRIP, for the production version. With this much information it seems the Suzuki iV-4 will have a strong capability of tackling terrains than most SUVs made for city roads.


After much hype, speculations and imaginary talks, here stands the Suzuki iV-4 Concept. The company plans to start the launch of the production model, based on this iV-4 concept model, at Magyar Suzuki in 2015 and will be releasing it in Europe at first. The company has not yet revealed any information about the interior or the engine so all we can do is wait for its production version to be announced. Will it be arriving India? The answer is still unknown.

Source: Maruti Suzuki iV-4

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Press Release

Suzuki Motor Corporation has unveiled compact SUV concept model iV-4 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is being held from 10 September, 2013*.
The iV-4 is a compact SUV concept model offered by Suzuki, a manufacturer of compact SUVs such as the Jimny and the Grand Vitara, which have been earning high appraisal.

For more information, please refer to the below press release.
“iV-4” – Suzuki’s new compact SUV concept model
- Suzuki reveals the “iV-4”
- Central development theme, “Grab your field”
- A new proposal from the compact SUV pioneer

Suzuki is pleased to announce that the world premiere of its new compact SUV concept model, the iV-4, will take place at the 65th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2013.
Since launching the LJ series in 1970, Suzuki has expanded its SUV line-up with the Vitara in 1988, the Jimny in 1998, and the Grand Vitara in 2005. As a compact SUV pioneer, Suzuki introduces the iV-4, a concept model that embodies a new automotive idea: the personal compact SUV.
Development concept

Under the "Grab your field" concept, iV-4 is heir to Suzuki’s DNA in sports utility vehicles (SUV). It’s set apart by its powerful exterior design, which taps into the tradition of Suzuki’s compact SUVs. And it’s every bit as tough and rugged as an SUV should be, truly empowering its user to "Grab your field". This concept model is designed to be personalised, so that customers can turn it into a car which is just right for them and their lifestyle. “i” stands for “individuality”, “V” for “vehicle”, and “4” for “4 wheel-drive”.
Design features

Faithful to Suzuki’s traditional SUV design – straight, sleek lines, clamshell hood, five-slotted front grille – yet with a futuristic feel imparted by touches such as the distinctive kicked-up character lines on the sides, the fog light with built-in laser sensor on the roof, and the illuminated grille.
Large-diameter tyres and wheel design give a foretaste of the powerful road performance of an SUV.
Can be personalised through customers’ individual choice of exterior parts, colour, texture, etc.
The specially created exterior colour is Brilliant Turquoise Metallic, evocative of the sky reflected in a skyscraper. It makes a striking impression with its intense gleam and brightness.

Dimensions of the iV4
• Overall length 4,215 (mm)
• Overall width 1,850 (mm)
• Overall height 1,665 (mm)
• Wheelbase 2,500 (mm)
• Tyre size 235/55R20
Plans for production model

The production model based on the iV-4 aims to be an SUV for the present day: light in weight and boasting among the lowest CO2 emissions in its class. And besides being eco-friendly, the four-wheel drive model will come equipped with ALLGRIP, the next generation of 4WD technology, in order to deliver the powerful drive the user expect of an SUV. It will thus offer a combination of design and off-road performance that goes beyond a typical city SUV.

Suzuki will start launching the production model, based on this iV-4 concept model, at Magyar Suzuki in 2015 and will be releasing it in Europe.

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