Why do we actually buy diesel cars? We do because Diesel prices are still comparatively low when compared with petrol fuel prices and moreover the auto manufacturers are really taking the technology to a whole new level where even the diesel cars too started to return a descent amount of fuel efficiency.

The Auto manufacturer Maruti does not really needs any introduction and they have launched their popular hatchback Celerio last year at the 2014 Auto Expo and the special feature of this car apart from its good looks was that it came with an AMT Transmission which eliminated the usage of clutch which actually helped the owners to drive the car without any hustle within the city traffic. However the only disadvantage of this car was that it came only with the petrol engine option and there was no diesel option for this particular hatch.

Recently Maruti was working hard to develop a diesel engine which was used for the first time under the hood of their popular hatch Celerio. The specialty of this diesel unit was that it was developed fully in-house Maruti and this diesel engine also happens to be the Suzuki Motor Corporation’s first diesel engine. This 793 cc unit although does not promise huge amount of power though but it surely excels in the fuel efficiency department.

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2015 Maruti-Suzuki Celerio Diesel


2015 Maruti-Suzuki Celerio Diesel Exterior High Quality
- image 512910
2015 Maruti-Suzuki Celerio Diesel Exterior High Quality
- image 512912
2015 Maruti-Suzuki Celerio Diesel High Quality
- image 512908

1> This new diesel engine was built from scratch and it is not actually a degraded version of any other diesel engine used in other Maruti products.

2> This diesel unit is known as E08A internally and this engine unit also happens to be first two cylinder engine of the country after offcourse! Tata’s Nano and has a displacement of 793 cc.

3> The w cylinder diesel unit churns out a maximum power output of 47 Bhp at 3500 rpm and 125 Nm of torque at 2000 rpm. The engine has been mated to a 5 speed manual transmission.

4> The Celerio diesel returns an ARAI certified fuel efficiency of 27.62 Kmpl which also makes this diesel engine the most fuel efficient diesel engine available in India today. Likewise the Celerio diesel also becomes the most fuel efficient diesel hatchback in India.

5> This DDIS 125 new generation all aluminium diesel engine has been fully localized in India and has a localization rate of 97 percent. The engine is also light and weighs about 97 Kilograms.

6> The DDIS 125 diesel unit comes with a compact turbocharger and intercooler whicvh helps it to perform and retrun an impressive amount of fuel efficeincy at the same time.

Obviously the 2 cylinder diesel engine will vibrate lot more than the 4 cylinder diesel engines that are normally found under the other Maruti Diesel hatchbacks like that of the Swift but do not expect it to perform superbly either but this car would certainly be helpful within city traffic. However it won’t surely disappoint you because the Celerio is a lightweight hatch and the 125 Nm of torque will be more than enough to push you to a descent speed when the green light turns on at traffic signals.


Type DDiS diesel engine
Capacity 793 cc
Engine Type Aluminium
Number of cylinders 2
Number of valves in each cylinder 4
Maximum output (ps/rpm) 47.6 @ 3500
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm) 125 @ 2000
Emission standard type BS4+OBD II
Accelerator pedal type Electric type
Transmission Type 5MT
Kerb weight (min./with full options) (in kg) 880/900
Gross vehicle weight (in kg) 1310


Hyundai Grand i10 Diesel

2013 Hyundai Grand i10 Exterior High Quality
- image 503565

The Grand i10 surely will be choice for many for those who are looking out for a good looking and repsonsive diesel hatch and why not the Grand i10 definitely looks posh and also comes with new and interesting features in the inside. While the diesel variant gets the 1.1-litre, three cylinder 2nd generation U2 VGT diesel motor which produces about 71 ps of peak power which is way more than the Celerio diesel and 162 Nm of torque. The Grand i10 diesel romises to return about 22.65 Kmpl.

Chevrolet Beat Diesel

2014 Chevrolet Beat
- image 508372

Perhaps this is one car that you can actually avoid right now because Chevrole will be launching the new generation Beat soon which will come with plenty new features and offcourse! A completrely new styling. However this old Beat is powered by a 1.0 XSDE 3 cylinder unit which produces about 58.5 Ps of peak power and 150 NM of torque. The diesel engine promises to return a claimed mileage of about 18.6 Km to a litre.


The Celrrio diesel prices are provided below:

- * Maruti Celerio diesel LDi is priced at INR 4.65 lakhs
- * Maruti Celerio diesel VDi is priced at INR 4.95 lakhs
- * Maruti Celerio diesel ZDi is priced at INR 5.25 lakhs (Comes with only a driver side airbag)
- * Maruti Celerio diesel ZDi (O) is priced at INR. 5.71 lakhs (Comes with both driver and front passenger airbags and ABS)


2015 Maruti-Suzuki Celerio Diesel Exterior High Quality
- image 512909

As mentioned above there are no cosmetic changes made to the diesel variant of the car and it looks identical to the petrol variant both inside and outside. The Diesel Celerio is available in 4 trims including LDi, VDi, ZDi and ZDi(O). For those who wants impressive fuel efficiency figures without actually worrying much about the performance part can definitely get their hands on the Celerio diesel. The Celerio diesel is no doubt a good city car and can be used for daily commute but for those who want performance then definitely there is plenty of other options available in the market too.

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