Amazing non Aston Martin 007 cars

1. Amazing non Aston Martin 007 cars
He is James Bond. The most suave, attractive, earthy, raw British secret agent of all time from MI6. As we are all gearing up to see him in action once again in Spectre, we are also cherishing the visual experiences of our previous meetings. And when it is Mr. Bond, how can we forget about the delicate and state...

Video: Lotus Jumped A Truck Over A Speeding F1 Car

You have seen motorcycles jump in the air and even take a summersault; you might also have seen cars jump in the air and performing some insane stunts. But I am sure you haven’t seen a real truck jumping over a speeding F1 Car (except for the Terminator 2 movie but the stunt was performed with cables and wires...

Lotus commemorates Senna’s anniversary with special Lotus Esprit

18 years ago Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna tragically died at the San Marino GP. The three time world champion was considered one of the most naturally gifted drivers of all time. German car customizer Cam Shaft, on the anniversary of Senna’s death has decided to honour this tragic anniversary with a special edition Lotus. This isn’t any other...
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