2016 Lexus LX 570

1. Lexus LX 570
Even though has not official entered India, we see a lot of Lexus SUVs plying on Indian roads. And the most common vehicle is the LX SUV. So it is ideal for Lexus to enter the Indian market with the LX. The full-size SUV has been on sale since 1996 and is in its third generation now. All three...

Yeah! The Lexus Hoverboard Really Works: Video

1. Yeah! The Lexus Hoverboard Really Works: Video
Remember the Hoverboard from the movie back to the future? Yes! We all fell in love with the futuristic Hoverboard that actually floated in air, but that was a movie right, where everything could be achieved through the use of special effects. Now that Hoverboard surely attracted everyone’s attention back in the 80’s era, but we never actually thought...

A Peek Inside Mr. Amitabh Bachhan’s Garage

1. Car collection: Amitabh Bachhan
In the recently released movie Piku, he had a serious problem with her daughter in the driving seat of Toyota Innova, but in real life Amitabh Bachhan seems to have sheer passion to drive instead of sitting at the rear seats, and that passion comes with another interest, which is getting the luxury cars at his garage. The success Amitabh...

2012 Lexus IS

Ambiguous. That been Lexus’s style of operation in Europe until recently and whether the Japanese manufacturer is planning to enter the Indian market remains unclear too. Various auto publications have reported on the possibility of Lexus entering India but nothing is certain so far. Lexus is not a completely unknown commodity for us Indians and the manufacturer processes reasonable...

Lexus to make its Indian launch in 2013

Toyota is going to challenge the German trinity at their own game by launching their luxury Lexus brand in India by 2013. Lexus was created by Toyota in 1989 and so far the presence of the brand has been significant only in the US and Europe. Toyota in fact didn't launch Lexus in Japan till about two years ago...
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