• 2014 Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept


The automobile sector around the globe is going through constant changes. New technologies, and new designs, new ideas are making their own space into the industry. Land Rover Discovery has been one of the most iconic and popular models of all time from Solihull. Land Rover has always been the pioneers in implementing new technologies and ideas to the automotive sector since they started their operation. As so many global operators are bringing luxury SUVs to the automotive arena, Land Rover’s once unmatched reign has come in front of question. Now that the brand is trying to improve their upcoming vehicles, the next generation cars will come equipped with new design philosophy, new technologies and new ideas of course.

Land Rover has already showcased the new concept of future Discovery vehicles in form of Discovery Vision concept. Before the New York Auto Show last year, they uncovered the concept car, which brings an idea to the roadmap of their future vehicles too. Although present generations of Land Rover vehicles come with various unique technologies and equipments to make the car sheer attractive, but Land Rover claims, their upcoming generation cars will be much more advanced than the present generation.

Here, today we brought you a detailed review of the Land Rover Discovery Vision concept car.


Although this is an entirely new concept and philosophy for Land Rover’s upcoming vehicles, but it still brings the contours of outgoing Land Rovers. To be precise the overall design seems not much different than the present generation, but with a thorough look, you can distinct it from the lot.

The front facade comes very much aggressive, as the front bumper section comes totally different. There are no grilles there; rather we can see neatly cut sharp vents instead. The front grille section comes hexagonal shaped and sharp. Two laser headlamps come sharp and sleek. With the LEDs placed in sharp straight lines. The side profile also looks very stylish and muscular. The huge wheel arches simply delivers the bold and muscular appearance which is the trademark of any Land Rover vehicles. The thick and sharp character line running the cars length increases the style of the car. The front pillars and the middle pillars are all blackened, which delivers a stylish floating roofline feel. But the most attractive feature of this car is the side doors. The doors open like a scissor, which is very attractive and it made ample space for the passengers and drivers to come out of the car and to go indie the cabin. At the rear the LED tail lamps, offset license plate simply add on the styling.


Length 4950 mm
Width 2006 mm
Height 1858 mm
Wheelbase 2922 mm


The interior of the car comes stunningly unique and packed with various features to the fullest. The dual tone colour combination comes quite attractive. There are lots of smart glass inserts inside the cabin, which are all practically acting computer screens, even the panoramic sunroof too. The seats are positioned in such a way, in which it can be moved through sleek channels. The front instrument panel comes with digital gauges and dials along with the analog ones. The car comes equipped with lots of sensors both at the front and rear, as well as at both sides too. The car comes with a technology, which enables the driver to see the road ahead through the bonnet in a transparent manner. It comes possible due to the sensors and cameras fitted at the front bonnet. All of these create a life like image.


Land Rover didn’t reveal anything about the powertrain of their next generation Discovery, but it can be easily assumable that there will be something changed, as because they won’t just invest so much money and time just to change the design and interior of the car.


Discovery has been the pampered model of Land Rover for more than 25 years. This iconic model has received 4 updates till date, and now with all these innovative technologies and ideas in front of it, next generation Land Rover Discovery is surely come out as completely different.

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