Land Rover Defender. For generations, it’s been a name intriguing adrenaline rush. Since the birth of Land Rover 68 years ago in 1947, when Maurice Wilks first came up with the idea of making an all terrain operational car which will be the competitor against Jeep, the pride of America.

Land Rover Defender is the car which comes heavily inspired by the original Land Rover. Introduced to the automobile world in 1983, this car gained immense popularity within a few years, and recently Land Rover celebrated 2 millionth unit production of Defender. This car has been a favorite for various people. Be it military usage, be it adventure, everywhere this car has been a hot favorite, and that too for being a true blue off roader.

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In 1983 Land Rover brought One Ten, which was the first generation Defender, after that it has crossed 32 years and became a legend. Incidentally, the production of the original Land Rover Series I began at the famous Lode Lane facility in 1947, and later it was launched at the Amsterdam Motor Show on 30 April 1948. Since then two million units of the Series I, Series II, Series III, 90/110 and Defender have been produced. Although Land Rover has produced some of the cult models of all time of the automotive history such as Discovery, Range Rover; but this Defender model has not lost its unique aura. Even now a days, present generation seems astonished by the sheer power comes beneath its hood.

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Recently in their Solihull plant in England, Land Rover came up with an unique idea of making the one of a kind Land Rover Defender 2 millionth unit, and they invited their 33 brand ambassadors and celebrity fans from across the globe to take a part in the manufacturing project. The list included various personalities like famous adventurer and TV personality Bear Grylls, actress and founder of Born Free Foundation Virginia McKenna Obe, ‘Mr Land Rover’ famed Roger Crathorne and many more. The most famous face among these celebrities Bear Grylls said, “The Land Rover Defender has been there for me more times than I can remember. Known and respected by me and many other adventurers for their rugged reliability – it was an honour to take part in the build of this very special car.” He helped the manufacturing team by installing the tyres of this car.

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The 2 millionth car is really distinguishing as it comes with ‘S90 HUE’ registration plates at the front, and a special badge at the rear saying ‘no 2,000,000’ marking the special unit. The seats come with a special graphic design map of Red Wharf Bay, the place where it all began for the Land Rover. When the founder and first chief designer of Rover Company Maurice Wilks drew the design on the sands. The headrests of this particular car also sport the number ‘2,000,000’. The interior of this car comes adorning custom made black interior. The entire body is silver satin colored, while the roof and wheels come as Santorini black. Not only manufacturing a special unit, but there were more. To mark the anniversary of Land Rovers journey, 6 Land Rover models were taken to the Red Wharf Bay of Anglesey of England, where these cars made a huge 1 km long sand art by towing chain harrows representing the iconic silhouette of the Land Rover. This total sand art project took 3 hours effort.

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On this occasion Land Rover invited a team of famous Defender fans, which includes adventurer Bear Grylls, entrepreneur Theo Paphitis, Country file presenter Adam Henson and marine biologist Monty Halls and many more to help build this bespoke ‘Defender 2,000,000’. There were representatives from various other organizations like Red Cross, Born Free Foundation; even higher ranked Land Rover executives too took part in the manufacturing of 2 millionth car. All of these special personalities made the one of a kind special car in May, 2015. This special car was showcased at the Bonhams stand of Goodwood Festival of Speed, from 25th to 28th June, 2015. This car is scheduled to make many more public showcase appearances throughout the year at various places, before being auctioned at the Bonhams auction house in London, England on Wednesday, 16 December, 2015. There will be various other programs to mark the occasion, such as a special series Land Rover and Defender exhibition. The remarkable journey of this remarkable car will be showcased at the event.