• 2014 Honda Concept S. Next Jazz?


With its elegant and innovative engineering, Honda was a brand which set trends in the automobile world. The manufacturer however in the last few years has struggled both in India and internationally because of the lack of diesel engines and interesting designs and options. Their cars indeed represent class-leading refinement and sophistication but Honda models are no longer the class leaders and have been upstaged by their Japanese rivals and also by Hyundai and the Germans. At the 2012 Beijing Auto Show Honda showcased two concepts and one of them, the concept S, could end up being the production version of the Honda Jazz. Though the styling right now is more on the lines of a MPV or a large hatchback, the concept S could well become the next Jazz and could make it into India by 2014.


Honda has made no bones about the concept S being aimed at the global market even though China is planned to be the launch market for a production S. According to Honda’s official press release S stands for “Stylish,” “Smart” and “Surprise.” The styling of the concept S is bold and looks far more aggressive than previous concepts. The Concept S comes with a completely new grille, slit LED front lights and a swooping hood. At the rear the tail lights merge with the rear window and there is a chrome strip running along the bottom of the boot lid. The thin headlights like on the Civic gives the concept a sleek look. The concept S has distinctive wheels, an intricate design and there are diamond-shaped lights on the front and rear bumper. The design features a one-box layout with a long wheelbase and a short front end.

The car has a spacious cabin with smart packaging which is one of the strengths of Honda. The low beltline enhances passenger visibility and the cabin luminosity.


Although no details on the powertrain have been leaked, Honda says the concept S will offer “the fun of driving” and “environmental performance” which means there will be both petrol and hybrid options. The Concept S is designed to be fun to drive as well environmentally friendly.

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