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5 Powerful Yet Fuel Efficient Hatchbacks Worth Buying

5 Powerful Yet Fuel Efficient Hatchbacks Worth Buying

top 5 hatchbacks which are powerful but wont burn a hole in your pocket

Indian market is definitely one of the leading markets of the world when it comes to small cars and every other carmaker who has been doing business in this country knows that they atleast have to launch one small car if they want volume and profit. Until now Maruti Suzuki ruled the market with some of their small cars like the 800 and the Alto for quite some time which was just basic four door hatchbacks which came with puny engine and limited features inside. However now the Indian automobile market is changing and for good people is looking for new and better options and the competition is also getting intense.

Now we have plenty of new options in our hands which are worth exploring and giving a shot. Now we also have a new segment in the Indian market called the compact sedan which is basically the same hatchback with an extended boot. What is even more surprising is also the fact that people are actually showing more interest in getting their hands on the hatchback alternative.

So today we have decided to guide you readers and provide you a list of some of the most exciting yet fuel efficient hatchbacks and compact sedans available in the Indian market within your budget. Hopefully this article will help you if you are planning to get your hands on a hatchback or a compact sedan which is not only powerful but doesn’t burn a big hole in your pocket as well.

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