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green cars are good for the environment, saving gas, reducing CO2 emissions and use recycling materials

Top 5 Hybrid Cars Available in India

1. Top 5 Hybrid Cars Available in India
The world automotive market is becoming more and more open towards the hybrid and electric cars. But India customers still are not so much open about the hybrid cars or electric ones. We still rely heavily on fossil fuels over environment friendly electric or powertrains. Though in recent past we have seen the Indian customers are gradually opening...

Honda commences sells for Clarity Fuel Cell in Japan

1. Honda commences sells for Clarity Fuel Cell in Japan
commences sells of the sedan in Japan. Honda showcased the Clarity FCV at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The car is based on the 2006 Honda FCX concept. Earlier, in 2008 Honda unveiled the FCX Clarity which was the preview of the Clarity FCV. Honda Clarity FCV sedan comes pretty much stylish. It is available in three different...

Toyota Kirloskar Motor takes part in “FAME India Eco Drive”

1. Toyota Kirloskar Motor takes part in "FAME India Eco Drive"
is known for their effort to make the environment better by manufacturing hybrid cars like , . They are known as the pioneer of hybrid technology. To promote the hybrid and electric vehicles in India they took part in the “FAME India Eco Drive” rally which is an awareness rally to be run in between three cities -...

Mahindra started “Goodness Drive” with Reva E2O cars

1. Mahindra started "Goodness Drive" with Reva E2O cars
comes as the first zero emission completely electric car of India. Now started India’s first all electric car expedition consisting three Mahindra Reva E2O, which is named as the ‘Goodness drive’. The journey started from Srinagar, and it will end in Kanyakumari, therefore the journey will cover the entire length of north to south of the country. In...

2016 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

1. Honda Clarity Fuel Cell
In the context of Global warming and emission test cheating scandal the most discussed topic in the automotive world is the green cars and alternative fuel system. While has been leading the green car maker’s pack, it seems other auto manufactures too is opting for making environment friendly unconventional fuel powered cars, or hybrids. In the ongoing...
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