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German Big 3 Buy Nokia's Mapping Service

German Big 3 Buy Nokia’s Mapping Service

The German big 3 luxury auto makers, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have agreed with Nokia to buy its mapping and location services HERE. All three manufacturers will have an equal share in the acquisition. None of them seek a majority stake. The company will continue to remain independent with their product being offered across other industries and to other auto makers as well. It will be open to all customers. HERE currently offers its mapping and location services in nearly 200 countries in over 50 different languages.

The main advantage for the automotive industry would be a development towards autonomous driving and new assistance systems. High definition cameras and sensors on cars can update the data on the mapping system with real-time vehicle data. This will be available to all automobile manufacturers and they can offer their customers brand-specific services.

Future development could help recognise dangerous road conditions and road contours which can warn drivers and activate assistance systems and reduces the risk of accidents. In a green zone, the car can automatically shift to an efficient driving style. Current systems are able to recognise road signs like speed limits and warn drivers and offer assistance during critical situations.

The high amount of data collected can be tailored to the driver’s individual requirements. The next level autonomous systems would require high precision maps with updated date on the vehicle surroundings exact to the nearest centimetre. This is required in order to react in real time. HERE already produces extremely precise static maps.

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MapmyIndia, VE Commercial Vehicles tie up for better safety for School Buses

MapmyIndia, VE Commercial Vehicles tie up for better safety for School Buses

To ensure better security and safety on roads for the school childrens MapmyIndia and VE Commercial vehicles has came up with an innovative plan which led to a tie up between them. The technology developed by MapmyIndia will provide better safety and security for the school going childrens right from the spot they get onto the vehicle to the spot they get down.

This technology includes vehicle tracker, RFID tags for the childrens, on board cameras, both in front and at the back of the buses which will come with the system integrated and DVR along with GPRS connectivity to ensure a two way communication process. This technology in a whole will report about every children’s movement, and their parents will be sent important alerts accordingly, and in case of any emergency, immediate alerts will be sounded. In the buses which will come integrated with this unique technology, there will be an emergency button by pressing that the driver will be able to call for immediate response from the concerned authority in case of any emergency situation. Not only that, this system also ensures technology to disable the bus remotely to prevent any unwanted situation, as well as there will be speeding alerts too. The parents of the childrens will be informed with a feature called ‘Reports scheduling on email’, which will send immediate email when their children get on board the bus as well as when they get down, therefore the system ensures people to avoid any inconvenience and any confusion.

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