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2017 Maruti-Suzuki Baleno RS

2017 Maruti-Suzuki Baleno RS

The Baleno RS gets additional power but actually gets a more frugal petrol unit

Maruti showcased the Baleno RS Concept at the 2016 Auto expo and although this looked identical to the standard Baleno hatchback with fewer exceptions but actually features a more powerful engine under the hood. Maruti already launched the Baleno in India and after a year after of the 2016 Auto Expo, in an attempt to impress the Indian customers who love performance-oriented hatchbacks they now launched the Baleno RS hatchback.

Like we already mentioned above the Baleno RS gets a slightly more powerful engine under the hood and is actually a performance oriented hatch and one of its kind from the stable of Maruti Suzuki. The RS variant is positioned above the existing hatchback and is sold through the Nexa showrooms.

The report suggested that the newest performance-oriented hatchback gets a slightly more powerful 1.0-liter Boosterjet unit. The new engine which also makes its Indian debut promises to deliver an impressive amount of power and torque figures along with an exceptional fuel efficiency figures.

Update 06.03.2017:- Maruti launched the Baleno RS hatchback in India and the prices and details are updated in this review.

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March 6, 2017 05:13
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2017 Tata Motors C-Cube Concept

2017 Tata Motors C-Cube Concept

This car could take on the KWID and the Alto in future

Tata Motors is taking some big steps to promote their future products and platform. They have already tied up with Microsoft for their future infotainment system. This tie-up will increase in car infotainment convenience while also making sure that the driver is safe and fully concentrating behind the steering wheel. Now the recent news also suggests that the Indian auto manufacturer has actually also displayed a concept car called the ‘C-Cube’ at the Future Decoded 2017, which was an event organised by Microsoft India.

The C-Cube, showcased as a part of the product transformation theme at the event. With this newly introduced concept, Tata Motors tried to showcase their advanced structural technology which will enable them to develop more of their breakthrough products from TAMO.

TAMO like you all know is a sub-brand which was introduced recently by Tata Motors and its main objective is to redefine mobility solution in India. They also have plan to unveil a new two-seater sports car at the upcoming 87th Geneva Motor show, while there is still some time before the Motor show let us provide you all the information available at this moment about the newly unveiled C-Cube concept.

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February 21, 2017 10:07
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2018 Maruti-Suzuki S-Cross

2018 Maruti-Suzuki S-Cross

The S-Cross facelift looks mean and aggressive

The Indian automotive scenario has been changing drastically in last few years. Indian customers are opening up toward fresh new designs, new niche. The compact SUVs and crossovers have becoming more and more popular day by day in the country like the rest of the world. In 2015 Maruti-Suzuki also tried its luck in the compact crossover segment with the S-Cross.

Now with almost two year after the launch of the model the automaker has developed a facelift version of the S-Cross. Suzuki has showcased the facelifted S-Cross in front of a selected audience in Hungary. As we got a glimpse of the car, it looks absolutely mean compare to the outgoing model. Any SUV lover wants his car to be rugged looking. And the new S-Cross looks exactly so. It can impress with its aggressive styling.

Maruti discontinued the SX4 sedan and launched the S-Cross Crossover in the Indian market. But there is no denying the fact that the S-Cross was not able to leave an impression in the minds of the India Customers. The S-Cross was then completely erased from the mind when Maruti introduced the Vitara Brezza compact SUV which was priced almost in the same range of the Crossover.

Suzuki already introduced the facelift Crossover in some other International markets already and there is a fair chance of Maruti introducing the updated Crosssover soon in India. Although there are no official words from the manufacturer yet but we have decided to provide you some new details of facelift the Crossover.

Update 20.07.2016:- Suzuki Italia recently released a new video of the Suzuki S-Cross and we have added the video with this review do check the new S Cross in action

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February 10, 2017 08:23
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2018 Suzuki Gymny/ Maruti Gypsy

2018 Suzuki Gymny/ Maruti Gypsy

This could be the next generation Maruti Gypsy

Rumours suggest that Maruti might reintroduce the Gypsy in the Indian market in the coming years. According to the latest reports Suzuki might manufacture the next generation Jimny in India. The Jimny was showcased last time at the 2012 Auto Expo and it received quite a positive response from the people. Although there is not much depth in the possibilities right now but the next generation Jimny perhaps might be sold in India as the next generation Gypsy.

For all your information the Gypsy was the long wheelbase version of the Gymny compact SUV. Some of the reports also suggests that the next generation compact SUV will actually be built on the same lightweight platform which also underpins the current Baleno and the Ignis Crossover and hatchback. The next generation SUV will also be exported onto some other International markets from India as well.

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January 12, 2017 15:03
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2017 Suzuki Wagon-R

2017 Suzuki Wagon-R

The Japanese spec Wagon-R surely looks interesting and gets plenty of interesting updates

Recently the images of the Japanese spec Suzuki Wagon-R leaked online , the images quite clearly reveals the new model and details and also gives all of us an idea about what the new generation Wagon-R will look like. Although this is the Japanese spec model and thus the overall styling looks like some typical Japanese small car. However expect the Indian spec variant to take some serious styling inspiration from the Japanese spec hatchback.

There is no doubt that the Wagon-R is definitely one of the most sold hatchbacks of the Country. The car is popular for its tall boy styling which helps in providing enough room for the passengers inside. Now according to the recent reports Maruti Suzuki also has plans to introduce the next generation Wagon-R in India towards the end of this year or early 2018.

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January 5, 2017 05:15
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OVERVIEW 2017 Maruti-Suzuki Swift

2017 Maruti-Suzuki Swift

It looks aggressive, sporty and stylish

Maruti-Suzuki Swift is a very popular compact hatchback in India, since its launch in the country. This is also one of the most sold cars from Maruti-Suzuki’s stable. With the growing competition in the compact hatchback segment from Hyundai, Fiat Maruti-Suzuki is now eyeing a makeover for the Swift. Recently spyshots of the 2017 Maruti-Suzuki Swift from a dealer’s conference has surfaced in web world. Although the images we have seen are of Swift Sport, but it surely gives us the preview of the new generation Swift.

The Swift looks absolutely gorgeous in its new avatar. Unlike the outgoing model the new 2017 model looks aggressive, stylish and sporty despite containing the same DNA from the outgoing model. No wonder, this can be the next star in the Indian compact hatchback segment. The new Swift comes with several changes at the exterior and interior as well.

Update 27.12.2016:- Suzuki unveiled the Japanese spec hatchback infront of the global media. We have updated the review with the available information about the new generation Swift here.

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December 27, 2016 09:24
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2018 Hyundai Santro

2018 Hyundai Santro

What do we know so far

There is no denying the fact that the Santro hatchback is that one car which has helped Hyundai to establish them as a brand in India. The car became so popular that it even challenged the likes of the Maruti Suzuki Alto. The small hatchback was introduced in 1998 and was actually phased out in 2014. Although Hyundai tried to replace it with a better and much more premium looking hatchback i10 but it definitely did not achieved what the Santro has achieved in its 16 year career.

Now according to current reports Hyundai has decided to relaunch the new generation Santro which will actually be positioned above the Eon and will replace the i10 available in the Indian market. Now although the car was not yet spotted being tested on road but expect it to be bigger, more premium and obviously will get a more powerful and improved engine which will also be fuel efficient at the same time. Some reports on the internet also suggest that Hyundai has already started on their upcoming hatchback.

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November 30, 2016 10:35
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OVERVIEW 2016 Hyundai Tucson

2016 Hyundai Tucson

This new Crossover is here to lock horns with the bigger and baddrr SUV’s like the Endeavor and Fortuner

It is not too long not to remember all the hypes around the Hyundai Creta. The stylish compact SUV launched in India last year made quite an impression in the Indian automobile industry. Just before the launch Hyundai received more than 20000 bookings for Creta. Compact SUVs are the new found love of this country’s automobile buyers. More and more automakers are bringing their compact SUVs in Indian market, and the competition is rising to present us none but some stunning looking upmarket higher standard cars.

Next to Creta two gorgeous SUVs set to enter the Indian market and impress us are Hyundai Santa Fe facelift and the Hyundai Tucson. The Tucson is an absolutely stunning vehicle with lots of similar moulds like the Creta, steeply upmarket than the Creta albeit. Tucson was first introduced to the world in 2004. In the meantime Hyundai has revamped the car several times, and the India bound Tucson will be the third generation model. This car is all set to be launched in India in a few months and placed in between the Santa Fe Facelift and Creta. Before the launch of this car, the South Korean automaker will showcase the car at the upcoming 2016 Indian Auto Expo at New Delhi in coming February. In 2005 Hyundai briefly sold this car in India at a price of INR. 14-15 lakhs.

As I have seen the car, it really impressed me. It adorns stylish international standard design, classy feature packed interior and of course a powerful powertrain to give you a ride to the places you want to go. How would you like to rate it? Take a look at the car and read our detail review before you make up your mind.

Update 14/11/2016: Hyundai has introduced the all Tucson in Indian market. The prices and other details has been updated in this article

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November 14, 2016 08:37
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OVERVIEW 2017 Honda WR-V

2017 Honda WR-V

Honda WR-V is a crossover based on the Jazz premium hatchback

If we see the popular recent trend in the global automotive market, the Crossover and compact SUV segment is surely running sky high. Almost in every corner of the world the demand of r a rugged looking spacious compact SUV or a rugged tough looking crossover is rising. Therefore to meet the demand the automakers have been coming up with innovative ideas.

Honda recently introduced the BR-V, which is a compact crossover. The car appears a blend between a compact SUV and a MPV. Now the automaker is developing an all new car in form of WR-V; which will arrive in Indian market sometime around 2017. The car is a compact crossover based on the premium hatchback Honda Jazz. Globally Honda has a premium crossover based on the Jazz, which is dubbed as the HR-V. Considering the price sensitiveness of the Indian customers, the Japanese automaker decided not to launch the pricey HR-V in India. Rather the company opted to develop and launch an all new vehicle in form of Honda WR-V, which will be positioned below the premium HR-V and above the recently launched Honda BR-V.

Brazilian automotive publication “Car and Driver” has published a spyshot based rendering image of the upcoming Honda WR-V, which looks stylish and upmarket. Let’s take a look at the upcoming stylish crossover.

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November 11, 2016 10:50
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OVERVIEW 2016 Honda Accord Hybrid

2016 Honda Accord Hybrid

The newest Hybrid sedan with a powerful heart and a stiff pricing

The Honda Accord is a four door sedan from the Japanese manufacturer. Worldwide, the nameplate has been applied to coupe, wagon, hatchback and crossover cars as well. When it was on sale in India, it was available only in the sedan form. The car also had quite a considerable success in the United States. It was also one of the best-selling Japanese car in the U.S. for 15 years from 1982 to 1997.

In the early 1970s, Honda was in a crisis and were about to pull out of the automobile market. However, when they launched the Civic, it went on to become a success. They then decided to build a larger version of the car and it was called the Accord. Accord stands for “Honda’s desire for accord and harmony between the people, the society and the automobile”.The first accord was launched on May 7th 1976 as a 3-door hatchback and as a 4-door sedan the following year. The Honda Accord that is currently on sale is in its ninth generation now.

In India, the Accord was launched in 2001 but even though it was a good car, the sales never took off, especially for the V6 model. 13 years later, in early 2014, Honda pulled the plug on the Accord due to dwindling sales.

The Japanese manufacturer has launched the 2016 Honda Accord in Mountain View, California. This is the first time that Honda has launched a car in the Silicon Valley, the U.S. tech hub. The car will go on sale globally in August and it is also expected to be put on sale in India next year. The car comes with a host of new equipments and safety features.

Honda has decided to reintroduce the Accord in the Indian market again in the year 2016 and they though to go full hybrid this time. The is the ninth generation facelift model which not only gets sharper exterior and interior features but also gets a 2.0L Atkinson VTEC engine and also two electric motors.There are even three different drive modes as well which makes driving even more fun.

Update 25.10.2016:- Honda launched the new Accord Hybrid in India today.The prices and the other details has been updated in this article

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October 25, 2016 08:46
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OVERVIEW 2016 Jaguar F-Pace

2016 Jaguar F-Pace

A Crossover with a heart of a sportscar

Premium Auto manufactures like Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW has already entered the Crossover and premium SUV segment and made a lot of name, so in order to stay in the competition the iconic British auto manufacturer Jaguar who has been in the business of building cars for more than 80 years now too showed their interest in entering the competitive premium SUV and Crossover segment. So the first step they took was when they showcased the CX-17 Concept SUV at the Frankfurt Auto show back in the year 2013.

Jaguar has stunned the World towards the beginning of 2016 by revealing fewer details of their all new performance oriented Crossover called F-Pace, the F-Pace also happens to be the production version of the same CX-17 Concept about which we mentioned above.

The F-Pace carries some design DNA from Jaguar’s popular sportscar in the recent times the F-Type so you all could imagine that this Crossover is a lot sportier than you actually could think. To add to the sporty character the new F-Pace is also built on lightweight aluminum architecture. This performance Crossover promises to offer dynamic performance, agility and responsiveness. The F-Pace also promises to offer everyday usability at the same time combine class leading interior space along with an exceptional on road presence and dynamics.

The F-pace is a high performance Crossover with the capability of carrying 5 occupants inside and it underpins Jaguar’s innovative aluminium-intensive architecture like we already mentioned which is also shared with their new XE compact sedan. Besides being lightweight the F-Pace is also fitted with an advanced suspension setup. It also gets an all-wheel drive and Jaguar’s revolutionary All-Surface Progress Control technology.

So you can imagine that this is definitely a worthy Jaguar Crossover which not only gets some really advanced technologies onboard but definitely is also one worthy competitor to the other Crossovers like the Porsche Macan or the BMW X4.

Update 21.10.2016:- Jaguar has launched the F-Pace in India and it is available with two engine options and four trim levels. We have updated the pricing and other details below-

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October 21, 2016 07:49
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OVERVIEW 2016 Honda Brio

2016 Honda Brio

The facelift Honda Brio sports an aggressive fascia

In India Japanese automakers share a large volume of the market pie. The Honda is certainly one of the most popular Japanese automaker in the country, which boasts several popular and successful models in its stable.

The compact hatchback segment being the most popular segment in the country, all the automakers try to capture a fare share of the segment. Honda being one of the major players in India’s automobile market couldn’t ignore the segment. The company launched the Brio compact hatchback few years ago, which became immensely popular due to its stylish compact design, practicality and peppy performance.

Now the Japanese automaker is working on an all new Brio, which would be launched sometime in 2018. The new Brio will surely come featuring an updated design at the exterior and inside the cabin as well. As the Honda Amaze and the Brio shares the same platform, it can be said, that the new Brio would come featuring the similar fascia, which the newly launched facelift Amaze sports.

The Japanese automaker is working on the new Brio, which is codenamed as 2UA. This car will be manufactured in the automaker’s Indian plant, and it will be exported to Japan as well. Therefore the 2018 Honda Brio will become the second made in India car to be exported after the Maruti-Suzuki Baleno. Moreover, Honda hasn’t exported any car to Japan yet.

Update 04.10.2016:- Honda launched the facelift Brio in the Indian market today. The prices of the new Brio has been updated in this article

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October 4, 2016 10:27
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OVERVIEW 2016 Volkswagen Ameo

2016 Volkswagen Ameo

Volkswagen Ameo is the first India specific compact sedan from the German auto manufacturer

It has been the talk of the town for quite some time that, Volkswagen is all set to launch their first compact sedan in Indian market. As the compact sedan is one of the most happening segments of Indian automobile market, the most popular German brand in India cannot afford to keep itself away from the race. Therefore Volkswagen is bringing their compact sedan in the fray, which will be christened as the Volkswagen Ameo, as the German automaker has confirmed.

The name “Ameo” is derived from the Latin word “Amo”, which means “I love”. Volkswagen claims, it will be a game changer in the Indian market and this car will come with a package of best in class safety features great build quality and of course a great driving experience. The sub four metre sedan is manufactured on the VW Polo platform. The German automaker has been testing the car at the Chakan plant since long time. Now they have also confirmed that the Volkswagen Ameo will be showcased at the upcoming 2016 New Delhi Auto Expo, the production will be started around middle of the 2016 although. Interestingly, despite having a long Indian model line up, Volkswagen is planning big with the compact sedan in the country. They have earlier announced about investing a total of INR. 1500 crores in the market, while a total of INR. 720 crores were allotted for the compact sedan.

Now before the car gets unveiled at the Auto Expo we took the opportunity to bring you a brief review of the car. Take a look.

Update 30.09.2016:- Volkswagen has introduced the Diesel variant of the Ameo in India today. The article has been updated with all the information

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September 30, 2016 10:09
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OVERVIEW 2016 Jaguar XF

2016 Jaguar XF

The lightweight new generation Jaguar sedan is here

The XF was first introduced in the Jaguar lineup in the year 2007 and as a replacement for the S-Type, it served well for Jaguar and also collected some impressive sales numbers, but as the competition in the premium executive mid-size luxury sedan market increased Jaguar needed to put their hands inside their magic bag and pull out a new surprise and that is what exactly they did. Jaguar introduced the new generation XF at the 2015 New York Auto Show before the live audience.

The second generation XF is much more technologically advanced than its predecessor and is also 80 Kilograms lighter than its competition. You must be wondering how this is even possible well! Jaguar has used their all new aluminium-intensive architecture which by the way is also used by XF’s sister XE sedan

The new and updated Jaguar XF surely looks gorgeous and because it uses almost 75 percent aluminium construction, the new platform and architecture has helped the structure to become more rigid and also lighter, like we already mentioned, the new XF is almost 190 KG lighter than its predecessor.

UPDATE 21.09.2016:-Jaguar has launched the new generation XF sedan in India. The prices and other details has been updated in this article

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September 21, 2016 10:16
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OVERVIEW 2016 Skoda Kodiak

2016 Skoda Kodiak

The newst flagship SUV offering from Skoda

Skoda definitely upped their games when they showcased the new Octavia and now they dropped another bomb on September 1st 2016 when they took the covers off their much awaited flasghsip SUV Kodiaq. The 7 seater SUV will also go on sale towards the first half of 2017 while it will make its grand entry into the Indian market towards the second half of 2017. The Kodiaq is actually based on the Vision-S SUV concept which made its debut at the Geneva Motor show. The SUV when launched will be positioned above the Yeti Crossover and will take on some of the big names of this game like the Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavour.

The best thing about this SUV which will catch your attention is that it is actually much bigger than their existing Yeti SUV and will get a completely new and much more attractive design with sharp contoured lines. The Czech automaker has already released few teaser images of this upcoming SUV and before finally unveiling the real thing.

The Kodiaq shares the same Volkswagen’s MQB platform which actually also underpins the second generation Tiguan as well. Now that the covers are off we have tried to provide you all the details about this new SUV which will also be launched here next year.

Update01.09.2016:- Skoda has taken the wraps of their new flagship offering Kodiaq. We have updated this article with images and information about this new SUV

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September 2, 2016 07:15
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2017 Tata Tiago Plus (Sport)

2017 Tata Tiago Plus (Sport)

The hot hatchback will get a more powerful Turbocharged petrol engine

There is no doubt in the fact that the Tiago is a leap ahead of every other Tata Motors cars we have witnessed so far. Be it quality, features or the styling this little hatchback surely won hearts. At the recent auto show 2016, Tata Motors showcased the Bolt Sport which was actually a more powerful Bolt variant which not only received a new engine but also some exclusive cosmetic upgrades too on its exterior to differentiate it from the regular variant. We all expected that Tata Motors will actually go ahead with the new project to take on some other entry level hot hatchbacks.

However according to the recent reports the Indian auto manufacturer has shelved all their plans of launching the Bolt Sport variant because of its unimpressive sales figures. Tata Motors officials also said that they are not quite happy with the way the Bolt is getting a response in the Indian market but their new product Tiago hatchback comparatively has done pretty good business until now. Since its launch the Tiago hatchback has received more than 40, 000 bookings, there is even a waiting period for this hatchback as well.

So this is actually a good time to cash in the success of the Tiago and introduce a more powerful variant of the hatchback instead. If everything goes according to plan then we can actually watch this car in flesh during this year’s festive season.

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August 24, 2016 05:44
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2017 Mahindra MPV

2017 Mahindra MPV

What do we know so far

We were actually quite surprised when we saw the first spyshots of the upcoming Mahindra MPV on the internet courtesy Motor Vikatan. This will be the new MPV which will take on the likes of the Innova Crysta and the Maruti Ertiga. The report also states that this is the first passenger vehicle which actually came out of Mahindra’s North American Technical Centre (MNATC) located in Troy, Michigan. The technical centre was established almost two years ago and will develop Mahindra’s vehicles which will be launched both in the national and International markets as well.

Although not much details are available at this moment about this upcoming vehicle but it will be Mahindra’s big step outside the Sports utility vehicle segment. The MPV will most probably be offered with either a 7 or 8 passenger seating configuration. This could even attract the customers of the commercial taxi segment as well.

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August 2, 2016 10:00
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2018 Audi A8

2018 Audi A8

It seems Audi A8 is heavily inspired by Prologue concept and new Q7

Audi A8 is the flagship luxury sedan of the German auto manufacturer. Audi already confirmed a new A8 is under work. The flagship sedan of the German luxury automotive brand will surely come with a fresh appearance incorporated with some sleek design changes. Expect the interior of the car to come more luxurious and bear some more features. Apart from that, the powertrain is also expected to come more powerful and efficient compare to the outgoing model.

Recently test mule of the upcoming A8 was spotted at the Nurburgring. We also have a spyshot based rendering image, which gives us a clear idea about the upcoming luxury sedan. Visibly the car sports a new grille, more aggressive appearance.

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July 8, 2016 09:00
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2016 Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 (103EX)

2016 Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 (103EX)

Celebrating BMW’s 100 years the Rolls-Royce 103EX previews the future Rolls-Royce designs

Rolls Royce is known for making extra ordinarily luxurious and elegant cars. The BMW subsidiary has unveiled a new concept which gives us the preview of the future Rolls Royce designs. Christened as the Rolls Royce 103EX the concept is being called as the Vision Next 100 as well. Not only that, the car is arguably the wildest design ever made by the British luxury auto manufacturer. Interestingly, this concept also suggests that the British auto manufacturer will bring the automated driving technology infused in it, while the car will also be electrically powered, therefore making it completely emission free.

The Vision Next 100 concept comes with the subtle design cues which clearly identifies the Rolls Royce DNA in the concept, while the concept also depicts a futuristic approach through the exotic styling. Here we will take a close look and the bits and facts about the Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 or the Rolls Royce 103EX.

June 21, 2016 11:00
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OVERVIEW 2017 Toyota Corolla

2017 Toyota Corolla

India bound new Toyota Corolla made its global debut in Russia

Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan is the largest automaker of the world today, and behind its success there is a great contribution of a legendary sedan; Toyota Corolla. Introduced for the first time in 1966 the Toyota Corolla became the bestselling car of the world by 1974. It even surpassed the Volkswagen Beetle, which has been world’s first iconic model and also the longest serving model.

Toyota Corolla has gone through several updates and facelifts, and now the Japanese automaker has unveiled an all new facelifted version of the midsize sedan in Russia, which is expected to hit the Indian shores sometime in 2017. The midsize stylish looking upmarket sedan is quite popular in India as well, and the car sells in the country with the badge ‘Toyota Corolla Altis’. The new facelifted Toyota Corolla, as unveiled in Russia looks bolder and more stylish compare to the outgoing model. The updates have been incorporated at exterior and inside the cabin as well. Once launched in India, the car will directly compete with the Honda Civic, Chevrolet Cruze and Hyundai Elantra, and very interestingly, all these cars are about to hit the Indian market in recent future. Here we will take a look at the 2017 Toyota Corolla Facelift.

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June 21, 2016 09:00
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OVERVIEW 2016 Tata Tiago Aktiv

2016 Tata Tiago Aktiv

Tata Tiago Aktiv is a accessorized Tiago which has garnered more interest than the regular model

When Tata Motors showcased the Tata Tiago at the 2016 New Delhi Auto Expo, the small sporty looking hatchback garnered pretty much interest among the visitors. Meanwhile, there was a blue heavily accessorized version of the Tiago, which garnered more appreciation and interest than the regular model. Christened as the Tata Tiago Aktiv the accessorized Tiago is available from the Tata Motors personalization studio until now, but the Indian auto manufacturer is planning to introduce a complete production model of the Tata Tiago Aktiv to the Indian market, which is expected to hit the market sometime around October this year during the festive season.

Although with the accessories, Tata Tiago Aktiv looks a bit like a hatchback crossover on the design front, but performance wise this car is expected to be the same like its regular sibling. Here we will take a look and speculate what we can expect from the Tata Tiago Aktiv.

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June 20, 2016 09:00
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2017 Renault Kwid Compact Sedan (Renault LBC)

2017 Renault Kwid Compact Sedan (Renault LBC)

Renault Kwid based compact sedan will be based on the Renault-Nissan developed CMF-A platform

Renault Kwid is one revolutionary compact sedan in Indian market which has created a whole new segment in the Indian market. The hatchback with SUV stance was unthinkable before the Kwid, but when the French automaker introduced the car, customers not only loved it, but the auto industry followed the trend. Which is why, we have seen the introduction of the Mahindra KUV100 later.

Now overwhelmed with the success of the Renault Kwid the French auto manufacturer is planning to introduce a few more models in different segments which will be based on the Kwid hatchback. In that case the new Kwid based models will be benefitted from Kwid’s look and name as well, just like what Ford did earlier with the Figo Aspire. Incidentally, Ford launched the Aspire sedan initially with the Figo nameplate, and later planned to drop the Figo name from the sedan’s badge. Meanwhile Renault Kwid based car’s lineup will consist of a compact sedan and a compact SUV as well, both the segments are very popular in India.

The Renault Kwid based compact sedan is under development and it is codenamed as the LBC. Once launched as a production model, the car will directly compete with the likes of Maruti-Suzuki Swift Dzire, Volkswagen Ameo, Honda Amaze, Ford Figo Aspire, Hyundai Xcent and Tata Zest.

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June 17, 2016 10:00
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