2018 Fiat Argo

1. Fiat Argo
has unveiled the new Argo which is their latest hatchback and is expected to replace the ageing Punto both in the International as well as Indian market. The Fiat Punto arrived on the market back in 2005, and it's already been 12 years since it has been on sale and there was no better time that Fiat could...

5 Of The Most Powerful Budget Hatchbacks You Can Buy Under 10 Lakh

1. Fiat Abarth Punto Evo
Hatchbacks were never meant to be powerful they were made to carry a 4 or 5 person from one place to another without much of hustle in bumper to bumper City traffic where space is limited. They are also meant to be fuel efficient and economical at the same time. However, in recent years the idea of hatchback seems...

Best Of 5 Series: 5 Budget Cars Worth Giving A Second Look (Part I)

Budget cars always fascinated Indian customers and although we have plenty of new manufacturers stepping into India's competitive car market, they have atleast one product well within the budget of ordinary people. Now as times have changed Indian customers have become more conscious about their cars and how they look. Most of the budget car conscious customers want a...

10 Most Fun To Drive Hatchbacks In India

1. Fiat Punto Evo
We Indians buy cars for a variety of reasons. Some buy for only ferrying themselves and their family members and friends from point A to point B, some buy for fulfilling their business purposes. However, there is one section of buyers in India, which buys car for the pure driving pleasure and to fulfill their craving and love for...

The List Of Ten Exciting Budget Cars Which No One Actually Buys Anymore

1. After Duster Renault To Offer Easy-R AMT With Lodgy MPV
Every car manufacturer has the core aim of only one thing – to sell as much cars as possible and position itself as a strong player. With this aim, they seldom produce cars which although being groundbreaking on most of the aspects, fail to click in the minds of the customers. This happens with almost every manufacturer at one...
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