Apart from the Fiat competizione, the Abarth Punto and the Urban Cross there was one more car which caught lots of attention at Fiat pavilion of the 2016 Auto expo and this was the new Linea 125s. Now the Linea 125s is based on the same Linea sedan which was actually launched way back in the year 2009 in India and honestly this car has started aging now. Perhaps Fiat wants to give this car a new lease of life until they launch a replacement for the Linea sedan.

Coming to the 125s, this variant of the Linea actually does not get a lot of cosmetic upgrades but what it gets instead is this interesting 1.4 litre T-Jet petrol unit under the hood of the sedan. Now you must be wondering what is so special about this new 1.4 litre T-Jet petrol motor, so for your information this is actually the same engine which powers the newly launched more aggressive and sportier Punto Abarth and the 595 Competizione.

We were able to click some images of the car at the 2016 Auto Expo and was also able to upload this article with some new information about this upcoming sedan which will be launched in India this year.

Update 08.07.2016: Fiat has launched the Linea 125S in India and we have updated the review with new information.

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2016 Fiat Linea 125s


2016 Fiat Linea 125s Exterior
- image 519415
2016 Fiat Linea 125s Exterior
- image 519417
2016 Fiat Linea 125s Exterior
- image 519419

Honestly there are not many changes made to the exterior of the car however what really distinguishes this variant from the rest is the fact that the Linea 125s will only be made available in a single Saffire Blue color tone. The other noticeable changes made to the exterior comes in the form of new 16 inch alloy wheels finished in Black and which definitely helps in enhancing the overall appeal of the car. Apart from these two changes the 125s variant does not receive any other cosmetic upgrades.

Towards the front profile the sedan gets this horizontal black stripes finished in glossy Black tone while the air dam towards the lower front bumper also gets the identical finish to it.

You also cannot miss the new T-Jet 125s badge either placed towards the boot of the sedan which will actually also help to distinguish this particular variant from the rest of the Linea variants out there.


2016 Fiat Linea 125s Interior
- image 519411
2016 Fiat Linea 125s Interior
- image 519410
2016 Fiat Linea 125s Interior
- image 519409

The interior is definitely one place where the owner spends most of their time and quite honestly you cannot actually complain about the Linea 125s interior. The new 125s variant gets beautifully crafted interior finished in duel tone scheme which actually enhances the overall appeal. In terms of equipment the Linea 125s gets an additional infotainment system which comes with a 5 inch touchscreen as well.

The rest of the cabin is identical to the standard Linea available in the Indian market and comes with no dramatic changes.


2016 Fiat Linea 125s Exterior
- image 519413

So this is the most interesting part of the all new Linea 125s, the new variant actually uses the more powerful 1.4 Litre T-Jet Petrol unit which is actually the same engine which powers the newly launched Fiat 595 Competizione and the Abarth Punto.

This 1.4 Litre petrol unit has been specially tuned for the 125s and according to the reports the engine is actually capable of producing about 125 Ps of peak power at 5000 rpm and an impressive 210 Nm of torque at 2200 rpm. The engine is paired to a 5 speed manual gearbox. Now the only complaint that we have heard is the notchy gearbox which actually does not do justice to all that amount of torque and power. Hopefully Fiat has taken care of the issue this time.

Moreover with the introduction of this new engine under the hood the Linea 125s actually also becomes the most powerful sedan of its segment.


2016 Fiat Linea 125s Exterior High Quality
- image 519420

The Linea 125s gets ABS and EBD as standard while you can also expect dual front airbags as well for the safety of the passengers inside.


2016 Fiat Linea 125s Exterior
- image 519416

Fiat Linea 125S comes with a price tag of INR. 7.82 lakh (ex showroom, Delhi). It also comes with a class best warranty of 3 years or 1 lakh kilometers.



2014 Honda City
- image 504822

The closest competitor of the Linea 125s is definitely the Honda City. The new generation City although was introduced almost 2 years ago but it still is one of the popular cars of its segment. Available in both diesel and petrol variants the City is definitely a powerful sedan and its petrol variant uses the 1.5 Litre I-VTEC motor which is capable of producing about 119 Ps of peak power at 6600 rpm and 145 Nm of torque at 4600 rpm. The engine is paired to a CVT as well as 5 speed manula transmission as well.


2016 Fiat Linea 125s Exterior
- image 519417

The Linea 125s definitely does not get lot of cosmetic upgrades but the subtle changes have actually made the car look more sophisticated. What will appeal to the customers though is the new powerful 1.4 Litre T-Jet petrol engine and all that power and torque that it actually generates from the engine. Hopefully Fiat has also worked on the gearbox as well just like we mentioned little earlier in this article to actually do some justice to the engine and all that power and torque that it generates.

Stay with us and we will definitely update you with more details as soon as the car is launched in the Indian market.

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