When we buy cars, we make a plan for that particular car. Such as how long we are going to drive the same car, which would be our next drive etc. Some people really keep their car in such pristine condition, that the car shines like a new one even after several years of driving. No, we are not talking about the exterior shell, but the mechanism also. But there is other side of the story too. Some people neglect all the rules to keep a car in well condition, therefore they really don’t get the optimum value for their car, and the car really doesn’t serve the owner long enough.

Now, as buying a car in India needs lots of plan and you need to shell out some hard earned money for that, you would obviously want to get the optimum value for the money you are spending. There are some simple rules; you should follow to get that. It’s not rocket science, therefore you have to be a bit religious and respect your car; eventually you will get back the same respect back from your car too. This way you can get your car running well for a longer period.

Here are some of the few simple and basic rules, which can keep your car running well for long time, if followed properly.


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The first and foremost step is always knowing your car thoroughly. It’s like your partner. You cannot keep it well, until you know it better. Learn the basic things of the mechanism in your car. Getting a car is not all about hitting the roads and speeding by pressing the pedal hard. But it’s about learning the way your car responds to different moves, what is the stamina of your car. You can always learn those bits and bytes by listening, feeling and noticing every little every things of your prized possession.



Know the limit of performance of your car. Don’t push it out of that limit. It will not only damage the seriously, but also reduce the lifespan of the car. You have to understand that, you cannot take a basic hatchback stock car for a bumpy off terrain drive on a rugged mountain trail.



Many Indians don’t check the oil and battery in proper time, therefore risking the damage. It is always advisable, that average timing for engine oil change is after every 5000 kms running of the car. But, as in Indian traffic conditions you cannot actually drive constantly for more than 5-10 minutes without halting in a city traffic, you need to take care of the engine oils more frequently. Not only that, the dusty roads also affect on the engine oils, which requires frequent attention and therefore changing of engine oils. There are several types of oils in market. Using the right type and amount of oil will also improve the performance of the engine, and enhance the lifespan of it as well.

The battery condition is another very important issue, you should not neglect as it powers up several things in your car. The battery should be clean, specially around the terminals. Remove the positive and negative terminal cables carefully, check for any acidic and corrosive build up there and clean them properly before reattaching them. Check the battery cell fluids and top them up if necessary with distilled water.

Now a days, most of the cars come with a permanently sealed battery, which is pretty good actually, as it doesn’t need extra attention. These batteries come with built in hydrometers, which display the condition of the battery cells.



Tyres are the pillars on which your car runs; therefore these are as important parts as the engine is. Check the tyres, how they are wearing. Tyers should always wear evenly. Check if they are wearing unevenly. If they do, then the alignment should be reset. You can consult the service centre.


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A fit and healthy suspension set up of your car not only gives you and your family a comfortable ride, but also keeps the car safe from damages while driving on rough roads. And, there is certainly no doubt, Indian roads are still way to improve when it’s about good and well maintained road conditions. The suspension set up consists of the shock absorbers, coil springs, struts, steering and tyres. Keeping them in good shape means ensuring yourself and your family a good and comfortable ride. Therefore check the suspension set up in regular manner and lubricate the entire set up to avoid frictions between metals, which can damage the internal set up of the car on a serious note.



The cooling system of the car is that particular technology, which pumps coolant between the engine and the radiator to maintain the desired temperature of the engine and therefore prevent the engine from overheating. Check the coolant of the cooling system, whether it needs a replacement or not. If it does, then don’t neglect and waste time to replace it, as overheating of the engine can cause serious damage to the heart of the car.



The exterior is as important as the interior organs are. Aesthetically speaking it is always good and healthy to keep your car clean from dusts. Keeping it clean and waxing at least twice a year is highly advisable. Doing so in a regular basis will prevent the body parts from rusting and it will certainly prevent the exterior colour from fading, which will ensure the car looks good always. It will certainly become an added advantage when you opt for sale the car. But washing the car regularly causes more damage than doing well, unless it is done in proper manner. So, consult the service centre before you are thinking of washing your beloved car every morning.



As it is said, to earn respect, you have to pay respect. The same sentence is very much applicable for the association between a car and the car owner. To keep your car in good shape and to keep it running for long time you need take great care of your car, which can be attained by marinating very basic rules regularly. Despite checking all the complex mechanisms, washing and waxing the body properly in proper time, you need to check the dials, gauges, electrical wires, lights on dashboard, headlamps, tail lights, AC vents and every other components of your car properly and regularly.