We all said goodbye to our favorite auto show of all time Top Gear which was actually hosted by our three popular hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James may. However there are several clips on you tube from the auto show which actually brings joy everytime we watch them. I managed to tumble across one of such video which was on you tube and as you can notice its actually a race between the Bentley Continental V8 and the Ferrari FF.

As you also can see the race is actually taking place on ice which makes the situation far worse. Jeremy is seen sitting behind the wheels of the Bentley Continental V8 which is the heavier car amongst the duo obviously both the cars have activated their traction controls in order to get a grip on the slippery ice. Surprisingly the Bentley takes a lead in the beginning of the race but the Ferrari catches up soon and easily beats the heavier car here. But in the second part of the video we can see both the cars race each other on a circuit. Yes! TopGear folks have created a replica of a circuit in the middle of nowhere and things turns really interesting when both this cars race against each other on this circuit.

Obviously this is a TopGear clip which you don’t want to give a miss.. Watch and enjoy more of Jeremy Clarksons madness as he drives this four wheel drive Bentley on snow..