Featured The Ioniq 5 EV Displayed At Hyundai's HQ Inauguration In India, But Will It Be Launched Here?

The Ioniq 5 EV Displayed At Hyundai’s HQ Inauguration In India, But Will It Be Launched Here?

Hyundai’s latest EV, the Ioniq 5, lands on the Indian soil; but don’t expect it to arrive at the dealerships anytime soon

Hyundai has built its new India headquarters in Gurugram. Haryana’s CM, Manohar Lal Khattar, inaugurated it in the presence of Hyundai India’s MD and CEO, Seon Seob Kim. While this is big news for Hyundai Corporate, for us enthusiasts, the cars there caught our attention. Hyundai noted that the headquarters will have 14 EV charging points, and at one of them, the new Ioniq 5 EV was on display. Given that the Ioniq 5 made its global debut earlier this year, it is surprising to see it in India. Was it just to give the headquarters a little more glamor, or is it a hint that the Ioniq 5 is going to make its Indian debut?

July 27, 2021 21:00
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Rapid E Will Be The First All Electric Car From Aston Martin

Rapid E Will Be The First All Electric Car From Aston Martin

The car will go into production from 2019 onward

Aston Martin announced that they would be introducing their very first all-electric production car and it will go on sale from the year 2019 onward. The all-electric car will be based on their Rapid model and will be called RapidE. However, Aston Martin also confirmed that the number would be limited to just 155 units. The car is made to take forward the manufacturers low and zero-emission vehicle strategy which is headed by Aston Martin’s President and CEO, Dr Andy Palmer.

The upcoming car will be based on the original Rapid E concept. The all-electric vehicle will be built in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering which is located in Grove, Oxfordshire.

The car will share its underpinnings with the Rapide AMR Concept which will be the most powerful Rapide ever produced. As far as the car’s styling is concerned, it will take its inspiration from the same car while for its drivetrain is it will be replacing the six-litre V12 unit. The all-electric Aston promises to offer a unique driving experience which has never been experienced before.

Although Aston Martin hasn’t released the official spec figures of the upcoming Electric car, it is expected to generate above 549 Bhp of peak power. All that power will be sent to the rear wheels. As far as the driving range is concerned, it is expected to cover 300 km on a single charge.

June 28, 2017 19:29
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Mahindra Racing Secure Their First Ever Win In Formula E in Berlin

Mahindra Racing Secure Their First Ever Win In Formula E in Berlin

It was a pround moment for us when India’s National anthem was played when the winner took the grand stage

10th June was definitely a historic day for Mahindra Racing because on this day Mahindra’s E Racing team successfully secured a maiden victory in the FIA Formula E Championship. If that is not all, they won the weekend’s two Berlin ePrix races by a double podium finish in the contest.

The two drivers who managed to win the race included Swedish star Felix Rosenqvist and German teammate Nick Heidfeld. While the rising Swedish star managed to secure the second position his teammate stayed right on his trail and occupied the third. Both the driver started the race from the 3rd and 4th position after participating in the Super Pole qualifying round. While exiting the first corner both the drivers managed to take the second and third place in the race and holding these positions till the end of the race. Race driver Rosenqvis overtook the competitor for the lead at the halfway point on race on lap 22 and managed to hold the lead despite his opponent di Grassi using his extra 100kJ of energy that was awarded to him by public vote in the series’ unique FanBoost initiative.

This double podium finish helped Mahindra Racing occupy the third place in the teams overall standing with just five more races remaining under the belt.

Dilbagh Gill, Team Principal, Mahindra Racing Formula E Team said, "This is a historic milestone for Indian motorsport on open four wheels. An emotional day and so rewarding for our entire team, partners, fans and colleagues back in India and around the world. We are ready to do it all again tomorrow for the second race in this double-header weekend in Berlin!"

June 12, 2017 06:40
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Jaguar I-PACE Electric Car Concept Take On The Streets Of London

Jaguar I-PACE Electric Car Concept Take On The Streets Of London

This Jaguar combines everything that one looks for in a next generation electric vehicles has to offer

The Jaguar I-Pace Concept attracted a lot of eyeballs at the 2017 Geneva Motor show. This is one car which has redefined our era of automotive engineering; it is the only car which has supercar inspired aesthetics, sports car performance and SUV space, in one electric package.

Now after the unveiling, the British Luxury car maker has added another feather to their crown by driving this concept car on the streets of London. The I-Pace is a very unique car to be put outside in the real world.

The I-Pace concept according to Jaguar represents the next generation of battery electric vehicles. Ian Callum who is the director of the design team, Jaguar and has many accolades to his name said that for him the future of motoring has arrived. If you are amongst those persons who keeps themselves updated with the latest news and information’s of the automotive world will surely know that the Automakers are now shifting towards more environment-friendly cars.

The I-Pace is an electric car which has a range of 500 Kilometres (NEDC cycle) from the 90kWh lithium-ion battery. Charging the car is also quick with 80 percent charge can be completed in just 90 minutes using 50kW DC charging.

The I-Pace is powered by compact electric lightweight motors which together can combine a total power output of 400PS and 700Nm of torque. It has also had the benefits of an all-weather drive with the help of an all-wheel drive system. If we talk about performance, the i-Pace can accelerate from 0-100 km/h mark in just 4 seconds.

Jaguar promises that the I-Pace will be able to deliver the agility, ride comfort and refinement which will set it apart from the other electric cars available in the market right now. It will also be a true blue Jaguar and a real drivers’ car they added.

March 18, 2017 01:30
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OVERVIEW 2016 Mahindra e2o Plus

2016 Mahindra e2o Plus

More spacious and practical electric car is here

Although the Indian all electric car market has not flourished completely yet but still makers like Mahindra is trying their level best to manage, provide and develop an all electric car which definitely could provide a solution and perhaps even can replace the everyday car which runs on fossil fuel.

After lot of developmental work Mahindra launched the updated e2o back in 2013; this two door hatchback replaced the previous model. The two door hatchback which replaced its successor was more practical and also had a longer range. The e20 which is powered by a Lithion-Ion battery takes around 5 hours to fully charge the battery and also has a top speed of 90 km/h. The car is manufactured at Mahindra’s Bangalore factory. There is no doubt in the fact that the e20 is definitely one tech loaded car and perhaps also one of the advanced car of its class as well.

The e20 Plus on the other hand will definitely add more practicality to daily use because believe it or not, the e20 Plus will be Mahindra’s second car after the Verito electric to get 5 doors. So you get the same electric car advantage but with a better space inside.

Mahindra is all set to launch the new car on October 21st in India and below provided are the details of this soon to be launched four door hatchback.

Update21.10.2016:-Mahindra launched the four door all electric hatchback e2o Plus in India today. The prices and the other details has been updated accordingly

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October 21, 2016 10:36
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The Four Door All Electric Car Mahindra e2o Plus Launched

The Four Door All Electric Car Mahindra e2o Plus Launched

Better range and more practical

Mahindra today launched the e2o Plus in India which is basically a four door variant of the e2o two door all electric hatchback which is on sale in India at this moment. The word e2o means electric to oxygen and plus, this all electric hatchback promises zero emission, low running cost and also efficient home charging. This four door variant definitely promises to be more practical because it provides more space inside the cabin and also comes with an increased range.

The new e2o Plus is available in four different variants which includes P2, P4, P6 and the top end P8 variants. This all electric car is priced in between INR. 5.46 Lakhs for the base P4 variant to INR 8.46 Lakhs for the top end P8 variant(ex-showroom Delhi, post state subsidy and FAME incentive).

Although the new four door electric hatchback had not lost its original identity but it still definitely looks a lot different than the two door variant. The e2o plus sports a new grille designs towards the front which also gets vertical slats. The swept back headlamp design looks identical to the two door variant though but gets projector units. The front profile also features a newly designed bumper as well. This hatchback now also features a longer wheelbase. The C pillar has been extended a bit to fit the additional rear door.

October 21, 2016 09:40
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Mahindra Mulling the possibility of First Indian Autonomous Electric Vehicle

Mahindra Mulling the possibility of First Indian Autonomous Electric Vehicle

Mahindra is the first Indian automaker to roll out two India spec fully electric cars

Mahindra is known as the SUV maker of India. No wonder, the Mumbai based auto manufacturer possesses the largest share in the SUV segment of Indian automotive space. But, a very interesting fact is that the carmaker is planning to venture into new segments.

One of them is certainly the EV segment. To phase out the fossil fuel and minimize the air pollution Indian government has taken an ambitious plan in which India will have all its car fleet electric power driven in two decades. We have already seen the Mahindra launched E2O, which is a compact hatchback fully electric powered. Recently, the automaker launched its second fully electric vehicle e-Verito electric sedan.

Now the next thing Mahindra is planning to explore is the highly talked autonomous electric vehicle segment. Tesla and Volvo are exploring the new dimensions in autonomous mobility technology. In India Mahindra seems to be pioneering in the autonomous EV segment. The company has a total of six different automotive brands under one umbrella. Once the autonomous EV technology is developed, Mahindra is going to be the first to roll out the first such vehicle. Meanwhile, we will take a look, how Mahindra & Mahindra is expanding its EV fleet and what could be the automaker’s first autonomous EV venture.

July 7, 2016 10:30
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BMW i3 Analyzed: Video

BMW i3 Analyzed: Video

BMW i3 is the German automaker’s fully electric car

BMW i is a part of the German automaker BMW, which is responsible for developing and making electric cars. The German automaker launched the i3 compact hatchback in 2013, which stirred quite a sensation around the world. This is the first fully electric car from the German automaker; there it is a zero emission car. The BMW i sells i8 plug in hybrid electric supercar, but that is not fully electric powered.

The power source for the BMW i3 is a 125 kW electric motor which generates 168 bhp of peak power combined with a 22 kWh lithium ion battery. The compact urban five door car can run 130 kilometers with a fully charged battery. The transmission duty is done by a single speed automatic gearbox. The car comes in rear wheel drive configuration. The electric motor is positioned at the behind of the car and the battery stack is placed below the floor. Apart from using an environment friendly powertrain the car has been built using several elements which are eco friendly. Here is a video, which shows the mechanism and all the details about the BMW i3. Take a look.

June 16, 2016 11:30
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Mahindra e-Verito launched at INR. 9.50 lakh

Mahindra e-Verito launched at INR. 9.50 lakh

e-Verito is the second fully electric car from Mahindra & Mahindra

Mahindra & Mahindra has launched it’s much anticipated electric sedan e-Verito. The e-Verito is the second fully electric passenger car from the Indian auto manufacturer. The electric sedan has been launched in three different variants, which are – D2, D4 and D6. The pricing ranges between INR. 9.50 lakh to INR. 10 lakh (ex showroom, New Delhi, after FAME incentive and Delhi government subsidy).

Mahindra e-Verito was first showcased at the 2014 New Delhi Auto Expo. Later the car was showcased at the 2016 New Delhi Auto Expo as well. Mahindra e-Verito comes with a three phase motor and a 72V lithium-ion battery pack as power source. The engine is mated to a fully automatic transmission and churns out 41 hp of peak power and 91 Nm of peak torque. With a fully charged battery the Mahindra e-Verito can run up to 110 kilometers. This cruising range can be extended a bit with the regenerative braking technology. The top speed for the car is 86 kmph.

In the D2 and D4 variants of the electric sedan the battery can be charged to the fullest in 8 hours 45 minutes, while in the D6 variant there is a fast charge mode, which enables the battery pack to be fully charged within 1 hours 45 minutes. The fast charging is only possible at the Mahindra Electric Fast Charging Stations across the country.

Talking about the features, the Mahindra e-Verito D2 include, remote diagnostics, intelligent energy management system, revive, boost mode and hill hold. The revive feature can extract 8 km of extra cruising range in low energy level. The D4 variant comes equipped with all the D2 features and additionally it gets electric ORVMs, keyless entry, alloy wheels, follow me headlamps. The top end trim is the D6 which is equipped with all these features and additionally it comes with fast charging facility.

June 2, 2016 13:30
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Five Cars Creating Headlines This June

Five Cars Creating Headlines This June

From luxury SUV to electric sedan, June is the month of some spectacular car launch

The year 2016 has been seeing a surge in the car launch in Indian market. Several automakers have been launching or unveiling their upcoming new models or the facelift versions of the existing models. The month of June is no different as well. Automakers like Mercedes Benz, Mahindra & Mahindra and Datsun is launching their new products in Indian market, while the Volkswagen has chosen the month to reveal the pricing detail of its upcoming compact sedan Volkswagen Ameo. On the other hand, the Porsche is also beginning the booking process for its upcoming Macan 2.0L, which is about to hit the market later this year.

So far, several automakers have created headlines with their products in Indian automotive space in June 2016. Here let’s take a look at the cars creating headlines in June.

June 2, 2016 11:30
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OVERVIEW 2016 Mahindra e-Verito

2016 Mahindra e-Verito

Mahindra e-Verito is a pure electric sedan powered by a three stage 72V / 200 Ah powertrain

Mahindra might be known as the SUV maker of India, but the Mumbai based auto manufacturer has already earned reputation of venturing in various other mobility sectors in India. Mahindra & Mahindra is the first Indian automaker, which has manufactured an entirely electric powered passenger car for Indian market. Dubbed as Mahindra Reva E2O the small hatchback comes backed with innovative technologies. On the other hand the Mahindra has another all electric car in its stable; a sedan this time.

On 2nd June, 2016 Mahindra is launching an electric powered compact sedan christened as e-Verito. First unveiled at the 2014 New Delhi Auto Expo the car was showcased as a production spec model at the 2016 edition of New Delhi Auto Expo.

The Mahindra e-Verito is powered by a three phase electric motor. Being the second fully electric car from Mahindra & Mahindra the e-Verito sports several unique and attractive technologies and features to grab customer’s attention. Priced between the INR. 9.50 – 10 lakh range this electric sedan is surely going to get people’s attention in future.

Update 02.06.2016: Mahindra has launched the Mahindra e-Verito electric sedan today at a pricing range of INR. 9.50 lakh to INR. 10 lakh. We have updated the review with new informations and image.

Click past jump to read more about Mahindra e-Verito.

June 2, 2016 09:27
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This matte black Tesla Model 3 looks gorgeous

This matte black Tesla Model 3 looks gorgeous

Tesla Model 3 received more than 325000 bookings within a week after unveiling

Tesla recently unveiled their youngest offering in form of Model 3. At the unveiling event the automaker showcased a matte black stealth like model. Now several days after the unveiling of the model the same matte black coloured Tesla Model 3 has been popped up in Declan O’Mahony’s Instagram account.

Tesla has been receiving booking for the Model 3 at a price of $1000, which is equivalent to INR. 66345. The American electric automaker also confirmed that they will bring the car to India. It will be priced at around INR. 23 lakh in the country, when it gets launched here in 2018. It is still unknown, whether Tesla will offer the matte black model to the customers, as the automaker didn’t reveal anything about the colour options to be offered. But, no matter what, the matte black Model 3 looks absolutely gorgeous. The Tesla Model 3 is going through some changes both at exterior and inside the cabin. The company is trying to make this car more practical and stylish.

The Tesla Model 3 will be offered in two different powertrain options. Powered by electric batteries only this car will be available in a single battery RWD and dual battery AWD configuration. The base variant will be powered by a 40/60 kWh single battery which will produce 300 hp peak power and cruise around 346 kilometers with fully charged battery. It will also be able to reach 0 – 100 kmph in 6 seconds with a top speed of 209 kmph. The top variant of Model 3 on the other hand will be available with a 70 kWh battery which will generate 370 hp peak power and will cruise around 450 kilometers with capability to reach 0 – 100 kmph in 4 seconds. The top speed for this car will be around 241 kmph.

April 16, 2016 16:00
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India bound Tesla Model 3 spotted on roads: Spy video

India bound Tesla Model 3 spotted on roads: Spy video

Tesla hired Félix Godard, supposed to design the interior of Model 3

Tesla has created a strong ripple in the Indian market with their latest offering Model 3. The most affordable Tesla model has been unveiled few days ago, and it has garnered pretty much appreciation and attention across the world. It has already garnered more than 3.25 lakh bookings within a week of unveiling. Expected to roll out in 2018 the Tesla Model 3 will hit the Indian shores as well, as the American automaker has already confirmed. Recently, the Tesla Model 3 has been spotted in a video shoot in California alongside a Tesla Model S, which indicates the automaker is making a commercial for the car.

The Tesla Model 3 appears like a shrunken version of its bigger sibling Model S, as both the cars share similar design. The Model 3 gets some distinguishing feature although. It has no front grille. The headlamps come sporting complete LED. The nose tip sports the Tesla badge, and the car boasts dual sleek LED daytime running lights at both sides of the front bumper. The lower front fascia sports a sleek air intake albeit. The side profile gets a coupe roofline, sharp creases making the car aerodynamically efficient. The rear fascia gets C shaped LED taillamps.

The interior comes with a minimalist effect, as there is no control buttons or knobs visible at the centre console. The centre console gets one single tab like touchscreen display, from where every activity can be operated and detected as well. Meanwhile Tesla has hired Félix Godard, who designed the Porsche Mission E’s interior. It is expected that he will be assigned to design the final interior of the production spec Model 3.

April 12, 2016 07:30
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OVERVIEW 2017 Tesla Model 3

2017 Tesla Model 3

It might bring a dynamic change in Indian electric automobile sector

Founded in 2003 California based electric automaker Tesla has made quite an impact on the world of electric vehicles. No wonder, being one of the pioneers in the segment the automaker is constantly trying to step on new soils. In India electric cars are not popular due to lack of awareness, affordability. But Tesla sees huge potential in the Indian market, which is why they are have confirmed the launch of their new five seater electric sedan Model 3 in Indian market.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already confirmed that they will launch the newly unveiled Model 3 sedan in India, and the delivery for the Tesla Model 3 will begin by the end of 2017. Customers around the globe can book the car for an amount of $1000, which is equivalent to INR. 66435. Not only that, customers can cancel the booking at any time, and in that case they will receive the full refund of the amount.

For the Indian market the base variant of Model 3 would be priced at around INR. 23 lakh and the American automaker will set nationwide supercharger network for the customers. Now, before the automaker finally launches the car in India, let’s take a close look at it.

Click past jump to read more about Tesla Model 3.

April 4, 2016 10:00
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Mahindra started "Goodness Drive" with Reva E2O cars

Mahindra started "Goodness Drive" with Reva E2O cars

Mahindra Reva E2O comes as the first zero emission completely electric car of India. Now Mahindra started India’s first all electric car expedition consisting three Mahindra Reva E2O, which is named as the ‘Goodness drive’. The journey started from Srinagar, and it will end in Kanyakumari, therefore the journey will cover the entire length of north to south of the country.

In this expedition the Mahindra Reva E2Os will cover more than 5000 kms, 52 locations including 12 cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kanyakumari; and that too without any fuel and emission, making the cleanest eco drive ever. The main objective behind this expedition is increasing awareness among people. Present at the occasion of the inauguration of the expedition was Mr. Aravind De Silva, former Sri Lankan international cricketer. The Mahindra Reva E2O comes powered by a single electric induction motor which is connected with the rear wheel of the car. It comes powered by a 48V Lithium ion battery placed below the front seat. The electronics equipments are placed inside the vehicle, which are resistant to rain and water. It comes with instant power, available with the pressure on the accelerator. The body panels are also lightweight.

November 16, 2015 07:20
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800 hp Electric Rapide Coming

800 hp Electric Rapide Coming

Rumours of Aston Martin producing an all-electric Rapide emerged a few months back. Now, at the recently held Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the British manufacturer’s CEO Andy Palmer revealed that the car was indeed under development.

Aston Martin wants the power output to be very high and they are prioritizing performance. So the car will have 800 hp but still have a range of 200 miles (322 kilometres). The manufacturer wants the car to be capable of being driven a few laps around a race track or even a lap around the legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife. The car will rival the Tesla Model S.

The electric sedan will be sold along with the V12 powered Rapide. The company says that to continue selling the V12 cars, they will have to sell electric cars as well. This is because a manufacturer should maintain average fuel efficiency across the range of vehicles it sells. And that average efficiency is going up due to rising environment concerns.

The current Rapide S luxury sedan is powered by a 6.0 litre AM29 V12 producing 552 bhp and 630 Nm of torque. It is mated to a Touchtronic III 8-speed automatic gearbox. The car accelerates from a standstill to a 100 kmph in 4.4 seconds and it goes on to a top speed of 327 kmph.

The electric Aston Martin Rapide will be launched in 2017. The DBX crossover concept that was shown at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show is also being developed in EV, plug-in hybrid and internal combustion versions.

August 19, 2015 08:34
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