OVERVIEW 2017 Datsun redi-GO 1.0 Litre

2017 Datsun redi-GO 1.0 Litre

Same hatchback with a powerful 1.0 Litre engine and an affordable pricing

Datsun introduced the Redi-GO last year but unfortunately was not able to attract a lot of attention either because of its compact dimensions or lack of features or perhaps an underpowered engine. Although Datsun might not have addressed the first two issues, they took care of the third and probably the most important issue.Datsun Has decided to add a bigger engine under the hood of their entry level offering.

The redi-Go was the first model that was introduced after the Renault-Nissan alliance’s CMF-A flexible platform which is the same platform that also underpins the Renault KWID as well. The hatchback even uses the same 799cc, a three-cylinder engine which also powers the Renault KWID. The slightly more powerful Redi-Go 1.0 Litre unit is also the same engine which has been borrowed from the Renault KWID, while Renault calls it SCe (Smart Control Efficiency), Datsun has decided to go with i-SAT name.

Jerome Saigot, vice president, Datsun India, added, "Datsun is focused on offering accessible and high-value-for-money cars for aspirational "young India." The Datsun redi-GO 1.0L is the latest example of our brand’s core strengths, and we will continue to enhance the Datsun model line-up in line with our customers’ expectations."

Datsun launched the redi-Go 1.0 Litre in India and for those customers who want to get their hands on the more powerful redi-Go variant can go to any Nissan dealerships and can book theirs.

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July 27, 2017 05:11
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5 Budget Cars That Received Massive Price Cut Post-GST

5 Budget Cars That Received Massive Price Cut Post-GST

If you are planning to buy your first car this is the best time to get your hands on one

In our previous article about GST, we have explained to you all the details of the SUVs which have received the biggest price cut post-GST. In this section, we will inform you about five budget cars which have relieved most significant price cut post-GST in the Indian market. As a result of that owning a budget, car has now become even more affordable.

For all your kind information all the sub-4 meter cars which have an engine capacity below 1.2 Litre petrol and 1.5 Litre diesel will now attract 28 percent tax rate along with 1 percent cess for petrol engines and 3 percent cess for diesel engines.

Below provided are the list of 5 budget cars which has received the maximum price cut post-GST

July 7, 2017 10:00
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Datsun Launching More Powerful Ready Go In July Will You Buy One?

Datsun Launching More Powerful Ready Go In July Will You Buy One?

We answer all your queries and provide you with the right answer

The Redi-Go is the joint venture effort of Renault and Nissan which was not quite successful mainly because of the hatchbacks compact dimension which resulted in an insufficient interior room. The Redi-Go, when launched, was priced at INR. 2.39 Lakhs ex-showroom making it even more affordable than the Alto 800.

Now according to the recent reports, Datsun is all set to launch a slightly more powerful variant of the Redi-Go hatchback. Now just like the smaller 799 cc unit this 1.0 Litre, three-cylinder unit will also be borrowed from Renault. This is the same unit which also powers the KWID hatchback as well. Now the good news is that just like the KWID the Redi-Go will also get the AMT transmission as well which will be sold as an option beside the manual transmission.

Now installing a slightly more powerful engine and an AMT will be enough to make the Datsun Redi-Go hatchback a reliable entry level car? Well, we try to find out answers to all your questions.

June 26, 2017 17:05
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5 Best Value For Money Cars Under INR 10 Lakhs

5 Best Value For Money Cars Under INR 10 Lakhs

All the cars listed here posses all the qualities that an average Indian car buyers looks for

If you are an average Indian car buyer and have around 10 Lakh to spend for your family car then what are the few things that you keep in mind?

‘Fuel efficiency’, this particular word has become part and parcel of an Indian Auto industry now people tends to get their hands on the most fuel efficient cars that they could buy in India. The second thing that most of the Indian buyers are concentrating on these days is the safety that the cars provide, so if you are spending your hard earned 10 Lakh rupees behind a car, you should make sure that it is safe for you and your family. Beside all these, there are few other factors that you also have to keep in mind which include weather you like to choose between a diesel or petrol cars and whether the vehicle has some modern features in it or not.

So to put an end to your confusion we have picked out five cars which are all rounder in almost all the sense and qualities and also priced within the 10 Lakh price bracket.

June 9, 2017 09:05
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2017 Nissan Micra

2017 Nissan Micra

The updated Micra for the year 2017 will come with Connected features

When we all were eagerly waiting for the new generation, Nissan Micra which was unveiled last year and already launched in some other parts of the World already Nissan decided not to launch it in the Indian market yet. Instead what you do get is the updated Micra facelift which is already on sale in our Indian markets.

The Japanese manufacturer is all set to introduce the updated 2017 Nissan Micra on June 2nd in India. Nissan has given the Micra few updates on the exterior as well as interior and although we are still in doubt but there could be a possibility of Nissan reducing the prices of this updated model and make it more accessible. Besides all these the main highlight of the updated car will definitely be its connected features which Nissan will install. So to know more about the updated car and its connected features go through the overview of the car and the current updates we have about the upcoming hatchback.

02.06.2017 :- Nissan India has launched the updated Micra hatchback for the year 2017. It comes with few cosmetic and feature updates. We have updated the review with all the information

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June 2, 2017 07:23
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Hyundai Updates Eon Hatchback With A New Touchscreen Infotainment System

Hyundai Updates Eon Hatchback With A New Touchscreen Infotainment System

The Eon will be the second entry level hatchback after Renault KWID which offers a touchscreen now

Hyundai has silently introduced a sports edition of their entry level Eon hatchback. The Eon Sports edition gets some styling updates on its exterior while the big surprise comes in the form of a new touchscreen infotainment system inside the cabin. The prices for the Hyundai Eon Sports edition start at INR. 3.88 Lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) for the Era plus trim while the Eon Magna Plus trim priced at INR. 4.14 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

The changes to the exterior look minimal; this special edition model get a side body moulding which will help protect the side profile from any scratches; the other change comes in the form of new roof rails. On the inside, this trim now gets an entirely new touchscreen infotainment system. The 6.2-inch touchscreen system AV system gets phone link which means the occupants inside can connect their Smartphone and access the navigation system and also play music directly.

The touchscreen system definitely will enhance the convenience and style quotient of the hatchback. The hatchback introduced back in 2011, and this is the first time that Hyundai has included a touchscreen infotainment system. The Eon is the second entry level hatch now after the Renault KWID which offers a touchscreen infotainment system now.

There are no mechanical changes made to this edition, and thus the Eon continues to be powered by the same 0.8-litre iRDE three-cylinder petrol engine that produces 56 PS at 5,500 rpm and 74.53 Nm of torque. The engine paired to a 5-speed manual transmission. The more powerful 1.0 Liter unit surprisingly does not get this option. The hatchback offered in base D-Lite, D-Lite+, Era+, Magna+, Sportz+ and Magna+ (O) (O) trim levels. However, the Sports trim is provided with Era+ and Magna+ trim levels only.

The White Polar is the only colour option available with the Hyundai Eon Sports edition.

April 11, 2017 11:31
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5 Of The Most Powerful Budget Hatchbacks You Can Buy Under 10 Lakh

5 Of The Most Powerful Budget Hatchbacks You Can Buy Under 10 Lakh

Check our the list of powerful hatchback well within your budget which can give you the thrill of driving

Hatchbacks were never meant to be powerful they were made to carry a 4 or 5 person from one place to another without much of hustle in bumper to bumper City traffic where space is limited. They are also meant to be fuel efficient and economical at the same time. However, in recent years the idea of hatchback seems to be changing people have now moved on from their humble Maruti 800 and budget hatchback concept and eager to embrace something new. As a result of all that we have seen plenty of new small cars with powerful engines under the hood recently.

Below provided is the list of 5 of the most powerful budget hatchbacks available in the Indian market.

April 5, 2017 10:31
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5 Budget Hatchbacks With Best On Board Safety Features

5 Budget Hatchbacks With Best On Board Safety Features

Planning to get your hands on a safe car for you & your family? Check out our list

Safety has always been one of the top priorities of Indian customers recently keeping in mind the fact that Indian roads are perhaps the most treacherous roads of the world. Now, this is not exactly a new topic because many of the Indian automotive websites already has covered the subject in the past including us (Read our top 5 budget safe cars in India here). But time has changed, and now Indian automakers along with the Indian Government are trying hard to make the Indian roads as well as the cars safe.

Now almost all the Indian Auto manufacturers provide airbags for the safety of the front passengers while some other high-tech safety equipment like ABS, EBD, and ESC are now gradually being included in some of the budget cars of India as well. So below provided are the list of 5 budget cars which gets almost all the safety features on board which makes them some of the safest cars available in the Indian market today.

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April 3, 2017 13:00
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Best of 5 Series: 5 Budget Cars Equipped With Touchscreen Infotainment System (Part II)

Best of 5 Series: 5 Budget Cars Equipped With Touchscreen Infotainment System (Part II)

Modern technology for seamless entertainment and driving pleasure

Yesterday, we started our best of 5 series article list, and we also have informed that we will try to bring you five different interesting topics related to car’s each day for the next five days. (You can read our first topic of the best of 5 series by clicking the link here) Today we have decided to inform you about five budget cars which feature a touchscreen infotainment system.

The ‘Touchscreen infotainment system’ is the latest luxury gadget that the auto manufacturers fit in their cars. Although, there are not plenty of cars which get this feature but still Auto manufacturers know that people love operating touchscreen provided infotainment system in their cars.

The modern touchscreen infotainment system which replaces the standard car stereos mostly combines music players, reverse cameras, car data and navigation. Now the touchscreen featured in some budget cars might not have highly responsive touch sensitive screens like the ones fitted in some premium cars and thus takes some time and patience to operate. As a result of that, the driver might even have to take their eyes off the road to operate these systems and put their fingers in the right place on the screen to work it. Although it may not be safe still people loves this new feature because it adds the premium feel inside the cabin.

So, now that we explained all the positive and negative bits of a touchscreen infotainment system let us now get straight to the point.

March 29, 2017 11:36
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Tata Motors Announces New Sub-Brand TAMO

Tata Motors Announces New Sub-Brand TAMO

The first product developed by TAMO will premiere at the upcoming 87th Geneva International Motor Show on March 7, 2017

Tata Motors today announced their new sub brand- TAMO which is actually a part of their new Passenger Vehicle strategy. This will act as an incubating centre of innovation towards the making of new technologies, business models and partnerships to define future mobility solutions.

This new sub brand will first concentrate on low volume, low investment, model to actually provide fast tracked technologies and concepts. Tata Motors plans to devlop two new platform besides their existing variants under this sub brand. They also plans to develop atleast 7 to 8 passenger vehicles variants from these two platforms. This architecture will also reduce complexity and enable future technologies.

Dr Tim Leverton, President and Head Advanced and Project engineering, Tata Motors said on the occasion that the Auto manufacturer is starting a new era. They are actually planning to find new ways of innovating and experimenting, for that they are scouting for new spaces, technologies and explore new hubs from across the globe. They have even plans to work with start ups in new places.

Speaking on the announcement, Guenter Butschek, MD & CEO, Tata Motors, said, “The success of our transformation journey ‘FutuReady’ is measured by our vision and depends on our ability to deliver on our comprehensive strategies for our business units. Our game plan addresses six themes – topline improvement, cost management, structural improvements, customer centricity, new mobility solutions and organizational effectiveness."

February 2, 2017 08:55
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5 New Hatchbacks That Will Launch In India In 2017

5 New Hatchbacks That Will Launch In India In 2017

The list of most loved cars for the Indian market

Hatchbacks have always been a crowd favourite for obvious reasons. There is not a single manufacturer who builds budget cars for the Indian market does not have a single hatchback in their lineup. The year 2016 has been an average year for the auto manufacturers however one particular manufacturer won plenty of Indian hearts by launching one of the most anticipated hatchbacks of the year 2016 Baleno.

The Baleno hatchback was positioned above the Swift hatchback and was launched to compete with the popular Hyundai Elite i20 and the Fiat Punto Evo. The year 2017 will also bring plenty of new hatchbacks for the Indian market starting from entry level offerings to some hot hatchbacks and we can’t actually wait till the next year to provide you all the information about these exciting hatchbacks.

So below provided are the list of upcoming hatchbacks which will be launched here in 2017. This particular list includes some exciting new hatchbacks from Chevrolet, Maruti Suzuki and many more.

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November 30, 2016 01:42
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OVERVIEW 2017 Toyota Etios Platinum

2017 Toyota Etios Platinum

An updated Etios sedan with an improved appearance and features

Quite honestly Toyota has not been able to make an impact in the Indian market especially in the compact car segment. Both their offerings includes the Etios compact sedan and the Etios Liva hatchback are not as successful as their rivals. The compact car segment has plenty of competition right now and their rivals are much more feature packed, stylish and economical offerings.The Etios sedan and the Liva hatchback have been here in the Indian market for a long time now and Toyota seriously needs to refresh these products in order to get a stronghold in the B-segment car market. Recently an updated Etios was caught while it was being tested and now its finally launched in our Indian market.

Before the Indian launch took place Toyota also unveiled the updated 2016 Etios sedan the Etios Liva hatchback in Brazil. The new car has also been dubbed as Etios Platinum.The newly launched Etios twins brought along with it plenty of updates on both their exterior as well as interior. Thanks to the new updates the new cars looks more aggressive now and also packs plenty of new updates as well.

UPDATE13.09.2016:- Toyota launched the new Etios Platinum sedan in India. The prices and other details has been updated below

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September 13, 2016 10:34
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Six Entry Level Small Cars Making News In India

Six Entry Level Small Cars Making News In India

Which is your pick

There is no doubt in the fact that small cars is the most competitive car segment of the Indian market and also is one of the toughest. We cannot also deny the fact that this segment is also the driving force behind the car sales in India. Those Auto manufacturers doing business in India knows very well that they have to launch atleast one small car if they want to push sales volume in the country.

Recently we have seen plenty of new offerings in this particular entry level segment while some impressed the crowd others are still trying to make a name. Some of the major auto manufacturers who actually launched their new offerings in this segment include Datsun, Renault and Tata while definitely the most loved autlo brand when it comes to small cars is Maruti. Now that there are plenty of options available in the market we tried to pick out 5 best choices in this segment and arranged it according to their prices to make things easier for you all.

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August 26, 2016 05:54
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OVERVIEW 2016 Renault KWID 1.0 Litre

2016 Renault KWID 1.0 Litre

The same KWID hatchback with a more powerful 1.0 Litre heart

There were rumours that Renault is all set to add another new variant to their popular entry level hatchback KWID. Now this has been done to get a fair share of this popular entry level hatchback segment which does not have a lot of competition. Renault launched the KWID recently and it quickly became popular in this segment because of its one of a kind features and offcourse out of the box Crossover type styling never seen before in a hatchback. The KWID competes directly with the Alto800, Hyundai Eon and the recently launched Datsun RediGo and we have to agree that it is actually giving some tough time to its rivals.

Now all the above mentioned cars uses a 800 cc displacement motors including the KWID but in order to get the attention of other auto makers Renault needed a bigger engines and that is why they have decided to introduce one more powerful variant to their existing KWID hatchback. Maruti who has completely changed the game with their product Alto has a 1.0 Litre engine placed under the hood of the K10, while the Korean auto maker Hyundai too has a powerful 1.0 Litre variant of the Eon as well.

So in order to cope with its competition Renault decided to introduce a new variants of the KWID at the 2016 Auto show powered by a completely new 1.0 Litre engine. The best thing about the new engine is that it not only gets a manual transmission but an optional AMT transmission as well with the 1.0 Litre variant. We successfully managed to click some images of the car from the Auto show floor and also were able to collect some new information as well which we updated in this article.

Update 22.08.2016:- Renault launches the KWID 1.0 Litre in India today. The prices and the details are provided below

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August 22, 2016 10:30
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