Does owning a sportscar like Ferrari can really get you women? This is a decade old question which has been running across the mind of all men and today this guy in this video who goes by the name Doug DeMuro really answers all your questions.

As you can see towards the beginning of the video he parks his own Ferrari 360 at a spot where lot of women comes for jogging. So does he really get any attention? Well why don’t you find our yourself? In the next part of the video he actually parks his Ferrari at another spot where you can see lots of women actually jogging or passing by near the car but does this Ferrari or the person sitting inside who looks quite handsome is actually getting any attention?

The next he does is that he parks his car in the city where there are plenty of women and he is sitting inside the car and trying to find out whether any women actually gets attracted towards his car. So the result and the respond he got actually disappointed him. So the next thing he does is he actually takes his car and drives it within the city now watch the video yourself to find our that does this trick of his actually works this time?

This is really an interesting and funny video at the same time which I am sure will make your day.