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2016 MINI Cooper S Convertible

1. Mini Convertible 2016 Launched in India at 34.9 lakhs
We are very much conscious about ; those little bugs like vehicles have an irreplaceable and undeniable charm indeed. Although the German iconic car has a permanent place in every automobile enthusiast’s heart, but it is not sure why the cars, which are substantially close to the Beetle’s, could not gain the permanent place in the petrol head’s...

Jaguar Land Rovers Head Designers Meet For The First Time & Sparks Fly: Video

This is one unique meeting between two of the greatest living legends of the automotive industry. Both of them work for two of the most prestigious British Auto manufacturers of all time and they don’t need any introduction really. As you all already would have noticed that the two people I am talking about here are Ian Callum who...

Tata Motors Adopts A New Design Language For Their Passenger Vehicles

1. Tata Motors Adopts A New Design Language For Their Passenger Vehicles
Recently we have seen changed their whole design language and we are really happy that we have received some new cars from this particular brand including the new Bolt hatchback and Zest saloon. Now their upcoming car Zica adopted a new design language which is called ‘Immediate IMPACT at first sight. Lasting IMPACT over time.’ Their upcoming product...

2016 Volvo S90

1. All things you need to know about Volvo S90
S90 was first introduced in the Swedish auto maker’s lineup in 1996, as a renamed version of 960 mid size sedan for certain markets. Later, when the Swedish luxury auto maker decided to discontinue the 900 Series, the present day replaced the S90, which has always been one of the top range luxury sedans from the Scandinavian...

2017 Chevrolet Niva

1. Chevrolet Niva
It’s been nearly 17 years Niva was launched for the first time. A result of Chevrolet and AutoVAZ joint venture. The Niva is based on the Russian Lada Niva. Although the look is way behind from satisfactory level compare to the present generation SUVs, but Chevrolet Niva is one such car which can give several modern s real...
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