the newest hatchback offering from Datsun underpins CMF-A Platform and also shares drivetrain with Renault KWID

As promised Datsun has unveiled their newest hatchback in India; their newest offering is actually based on the redi-Go concept which they showcased at the 2014, Auto Expo New Delhi. Datsun tried to establish itself as a brand by offering low cost cars in Indian market and although we cannot actually call them successful yet In India but after their resurrection in the year 2013, Datsun really have adopted clever strategies to engineer and sell their cars.

Datsun is currently being owned by Nissan and right now they have a stronghold in the markets of Indonesia, South Africa, Russia and India. Both their products offered in India includes the Go and the Go+ definitely has their own unique appeal and although they are not the best selling vehicles of their segment but actually is able to provide a tough competition to their rivals.

Datsun has shared Nissan’s engine and platform on their products and their upcoming redi-Go hatchback will also not be different either because it will be built on the same CMF-A platform which underpins the Renault KWID (The CMF-A platform has been designed and engineered in India and was developed under Renault and Nissan alliance). We also have to mention the fact that the Datsun’s upcoming hatchback redi-Go will also use the same engine from the KWID but will also rival the car at the same time.

However unlike the Renault KWID the redi-Go will have a completely different character and offcourse a fresh new styling which the Datsun official’s thinks will be appreciated by the Indian buyers.

Although not much information is available at this moment about this upcoming hatchback but we have gathered all the information and tried to provide you our first impression of the Datsun redi-Go hatchback.

Update 14.04.2016:- Datsun has taken the wraps of the redi-GO hatchback today and they have also said that the pre-bookings will commence from 1st May while the deliveries will begin from 1st June onward

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2016 Datsun redi-GO


2016 Datsun redi-GO High Quality
- image 521081
2016 Datsun redi-GO High Quality
- image 521080
2016 Datsun redi-GO High Quality
- image 521082

Before its official unveiling Datsun has released few teaser images of their soon to be launched hatchback but we have seen the cars being tested on the Indian road couple of times. From the teaser image it is quite clear that the Datsun redi-Go stays true to the concept car. The teaser image reveals fewer details about the hatchback’s silhouette however do not expect the concept spec elements like the LED headlamps and those stylish alloy wheels to be continued to the production spec hatchback as well.

Towards the front profile the production spec redi-go gets the same huge ‘D-cut’ grille grille with the Datsun logo on it, while the front bumpers along with the sharp headlamps design too will add a mean look to the overall front face. The redi-Go gets a taller stance towards the side profile as well and thus you can expect an impressive head room inside the hatchback. The side profile also gets pronounced wheel arches and an impressive ground clearance of 185 mm. towards the rear profile things looks equally stylish with the wrap around taillamps and contoured rear bumper. The rear bumper also gets two separate reflectors placed on the rear bumper.


2016 Datsun redi-GO Interior High Quality
- image 521077
2016 Datsun redi-GO Interior High Quality
- image 521078

The Datsun redi-GO hatchback gets a spacious interior but quite honestly the beige seat fabric and the beige dashboard surely makes things bit boring (things would have been a lot better if Datsun have thrown some splash of color inside). The dashboard looks like any other Datsun dashboard, the three spoke steering wheel, the round air con vents taken from Nissan and the oddly placed power window switches infront of the gearlever completes the overall cabin. However the redi-GO does get an audio system inside which is definitely a good thing keeping in mind the overall pricing of this entry level offering from Datsun. The controls are bit driver oriented which is definitely a good thing while the tall seats, perfectly positioned steering wheel and huge front windscreen gives the driver a commanding driving position.

Surely the rear seats are also spacious and will be able to fit two occupants quite easily while a third passenger at the rear might be bit of a squeeze.


2016 Datsun redi-GO High Quality
- image 521083

The Datsun redi-Go borrows the same 0.8-liter SCe engine from the KWID hatchback. The 800 cc unit produces about 54 Ps of peak power and 74 Nm of torque under the hood of the KWID hatchback. Although the power figures of this new drivetrain are not our yet but expect it deliver similar figures while the gear ratios are also shortened for dynamic performance and also fuel efficiency. The 0.8 Litre engine is paired to the same 5 speed manual gearbox also which sends power to the front wheels.

There is a fair chance that the redi-Go hatchback will get a new and more powerful 1.0 Litre unit which Nissan is actually working on. This unit will also be paired to a 5 speed manual while there is also a chance of an AMT transmission available as well at a later stage.


2016 Datsun redi-GO High Quality
- image 521079

As already mentioned above the redi-Go will be priced quite aggressively and will even will be positioned below the Renault KWID and thus expect the starting price to below 3 lakh rupees.



2015 Renault KWID featured model icon profile Exterior High Quality
- image 512706

There is no doubt in the fact that the biggest rival of the Datsun redi-Go will obviously be the Renault KWID hatchback. The KWID was launched last year and it attracted a huge number of attentions because of its unconventional styling and price point. Powered by the 0.8 Litre engine which is capable of delivering 54 Ps of peak power and 74 Nm of torque, this also happens to be the most powerful unit of its segment.


2016 Datsun redi-GO High Quality
- image 521084

Expect the launch to happen within 2 months of the official unveiling of the car on 14th April. This baby Datsun surely will be able to pull some crowd because of its fresh new styling and aggressive pricing. This new budget car will obviously set new standards because it underpins the same platform and is powered by the same engine of the KWID but will be positioned lower than the former.

We will definitely update you with more details as soon as they are available on 14th April 2016.

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Riju Ganguly

Press Release

Datsun launches redi-GO – India’s first urban-cross

2016 Datsun redi-GO High Quality
- image 521082

- Unique fusion of compact crossover and urban hatchback offers the best of both worlds

  • Fresh, striking, modern styling targets the younger generation
  • New vehicle platform provides superior performance and handling
  • New efficient 0.8 L engine paired with five-speed manual transmission

DELHI, India, 14 April 2016 – Datsun here today unveiled its highly anticipated third model, the trend-setting Datsun redi-GO urban-cross.

Just two years after entering the Indian market, Datsun is expanding its offering by introducing an all-new class of car aimed at the young and aspirational ready to take the next step in their lives. These customers have an achiever mind set, value fun and freedom, and confidently strive for success and opportunity. The Datsun redi-GO symbolizes these key values.

The Datsun redi-GO, the first urban-cross in the Indian market, combines the roominess, best in class ground clearance (185 mm) and sheer fun of a crossover and blends that with zippy driving and fuel efficiency of an affordable compact hatchback. By providing the best features of a crossover and the major attributes of an urban hatchback, the Datsun redi-GO delivers the best of both worlds.

The Datsun redi-GO lives up to its name by being a lively, all-action car that’s ready to go wherever you want to venture.

Marking the launch, Global Head of Datsun Vincent Cobee said: “In a sea of look-a-like hatchbacks, the Datsun redi-GO’s modern and distinctive looks help it stand out from the crowd. Its design reflects the sense of individuality of the people who’ll buy the car: confident go-getters who know where they want to be in life.”

With fresh, eye-catching styling, the Datsun redi-GO boasts striking character lines along the bodywork. The distinctive ‘D-cut’ grille, headlamps and rear lamps are combined to create a sense of dynamism and sophistication. The Japanese design team has given the vehicle a flowing style, creating the impression that it is in motion even when it is standing still.

The tall body structure enabled engineers to deliver a spacious, bright interior and high driving position beyond expectations for a car in this class. Best in class visibility and high eye point help the driver see the situation on the road and feel confident behind the wheel. An expansive and inviting cabin expresses a sense of freedom, at the same time illustrating the car’s practicality and modernity.

The Datsun redi-GO, based on the versatile Common Module Family (CMF-A) platform from the Renault-Nissan Alliance, is powered by an all-new 0.8 L three-cylinder fuel efficient engine paired with a five speed manual transmission. The Datsun redi-GO powertrain delivers lively dynamic performance and high fuel efficiency, while the new suspension system offers an excellent balance between handling, ride comfort and manoeuvrability.

Guillaume Sicard, President, Nissan India Operations, said: “Datsun’s growth strategy in India will continue to reflect our commitment to local engineering, development and manufacturing. The Datsun redi-GO, as a tangible expression of this commitment, offers several best-in-class capabilities. It is created to bring fun, free and confident thinking to the otherwise traditional compact hatchback segment.”

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