Featured India's cheapest CVT automatic transmission cars on sale

India’s cheapest CVT automatic transmission cars on sale

CVT gearboxes are best for urban runs. Smooth shifts plus good low speed response

Though various car manufacturers offer a variety of automatic transmissions in India, CVT or continuously variable transmissions are best for urban runs as well as keeping fuel economy in check. Here are some options under Rs 10 lakh across various body types

September 30, 2021 06:23
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OVERVIEW 2017 Datsun redi-GO 1.0 Litre

2017 Datsun redi-GO 1.0 Litre

Same hatchback with a powerful 1.0 Litre engine and an affordable pricing

Datsun introduced the Redi-GO last year but unfortunately was not able to attract a lot of attention either because of its compact dimensions or lack of features or perhaps an underpowered engine. Although Datsun might not have addressed the first two issues, they took care of the third and probably the most important issue.Datsun Has decided to add a bigger engine under the hood of their entry level offering.

The redi-Go was the first model that was introduced after the Renault-Nissan alliance’s CMF-A flexible platform which is the same platform that also underpins the Renault KWID as well. The hatchback even uses the same 799cc, a three-cylinder engine which also powers the Renault KWID. The slightly more powerful Redi-Go 1.0 Litre unit is also the same engine which has been borrowed from the Renault KWID, while Renault calls it SCe (Smart Control Efficiency), Datsun has decided to go with i-SAT name.

Jerome Saigot, vice president, Datsun India, added, "Datsun is focused on offering accessible and high-value-for-money cars for aspirational "young India." The Datsun redi-GO 1.0L is the latest example of our brand’s core strengths, and we will continue to enhance the Datsun model line-up in line with our customers’ expectations."

Datsun launched the redi-Go 1.0 Litre in India and for those customers who want to get their hands on the more powerful redi-Go variant can go to any Nissan dealerships and can book theirs.

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July 27, 2017 05:11
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Datsun Launching More Powerful Ready Go In July Will You Buy One?

Datsun Launching More Powerful Ready Go In July Will You Buy One?

We answer all your queries and provide you with the right answer

The Redi-Go is the joint venture effort of Renault and Nissan which was not quite successful mainly because of the hatchbacks compact dimension which resulted in an insufficient interior room. The Redi-Go, when launched, was priced at INR. 2.39 Lakhs ex-showroom making it even more affordable than the Alto 800.

Now according to the recent reports, Datsun is all set to launch a slightly more powerful variant of the Redi-Go hatchback. Now just like the smaller 799 cc unit this 1.0 Litre, three-cylinder unit will also be borrowed from Renault. This is the same unit which also powers the KWID hatchback as well. Now the good news is that just like the KWID the Redi-Go will also get the AMT transmission as well which will be sold as an option beside the manual transmission.

Now installing a slightly more powerful engine and an AMT will be enough to make the Datsun Redi-Go hatchback a reliable entry level car? Well, we try to find out answers to all your questions.

June 26, 2017 17:05
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2017 Datsun GO+ Anniversary Edition

2017 Datsun GO+ Anniversary Edition

A special edition GO+ MPV with subtle updates to its exterior and interior

Datsun has now become a household name in the Indian market and is known to provide some of the well-packaged products at a very low price. To celebrate their three years in the Indian market Datsun has introduced a special edition of their existing product the GO+. Datsun GO+ is the only family car priced under 5 Lakh mark which provides 7 seats for its occupants inside. The Go+ is the second product from Datsun to cater the Indian market.

The GO+ was designed to fulfil the needs of people who wanted a slightly bigger car for to accommodate a family of 7 persons. Datsun hasn’t made any massive changes to the exterior or interior of the GO+ MPV. However, the GO+ MPV is slightly wider and higher than the standard GO hatchback and also has a little longer wheelbase as well than the standard GO hatchback. Talking about this special edition GO+ Anniversary Edition Although the car hasn’t received any changes under the hood it undoubtedly has received plenty of cosmetic updates to keep things fresh and new.

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April 10, 2017 11:48
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10 Most Fun To Drive Hatchbacks In India

10 Most Fun To Drive Hatchbacks In India

Ten most exciting mass market hatchbacks whih seriously gives you an experience of Go kart

We Indians buy cars for a variety of reasons. Some buy for only ferrying themselves and their family members and friends from point A to point B, some buy for fulfilling their business purposes. However, there is one section of buyers in India, which buys car for the pure driving pleasure and to fulfill their craving and love for automobiles. They drive cars to enjoy every bit of it - the way the engine kicks down, the way the gears shift with precision, the way the steering handles with a certain perfection. There are very few such cars which fulfill these requirements and wishes of driving enthusiasts of India, for the market is more tilted towards making feature rich and fuel efficient cars
However, there exist some budget hatchbacks which do fulfill the aforementioned criteria of giving a thrilling experience every time its driver is behind its steering wheel. Some cars are purposely built to give a focused driver’s appeal, while some of them have unknowingly became the cars which are more targeted towards functionality, general appeal and fuel efficiency. Following is a list of ten such hatchbacks in the Indian mass market for cars, which are made for those driving enthusiasts which do not have pockets deep enough to splurge on a proper sportscar, but then these cars are worthy enough to be fun to drive as well as practical at the same time. Here you go:-

March 13, 2017 03:19
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List of MUVs available in India

List of MUVs available in India

The complete list of all the people movers available in our Country at this moment

India has always been one country, where all the aspects and facts related to unity get affirmed with facts. Be it its cultural and linguistic diversities or the bonds between different generations, everyone has been coexisting with dignified unities. And when it comes to families, the Indians have always shown a warm bonding between all the members, speaking in particular.

Speaking of the automobile industry, given the varying needs of different members of families, the need of a single vehicle complying to all of these needs in a single package has risen in recent times. This is why the segment of multi utility vehicles (MUVs) has seen a positive growth in recent times. This upward growth of MUVs is the reason why all the manufacturers are trying to have a piece of profit in this category, and are not shying off by experimenting too. In the last two years, we have seen everything starting off from a sub four meter compact family wagon to a full fledged luxury seven seater.

In this feature story, we are throwing some light on all the seven seater MUVs which are existing in the Indian market, catering to varying needs of different people, or to be specific, families. Here is a complete list of all the MUVs available in India:-

January 20, 2017 05:27
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2019 Datsun redi-GO Sport

2019 Datsun redi-GO Sport

The standard Redi-GO hatchback with additional features and cosmetic updates

Datsun has introduced a special edition model of the redi-GO hatchback in India, the new special edition model was introduced just before the festive season and is available only with the top-end, ‘S’, grade only.

Datsun introduced the redi-GO hatchback in India recently and it is the entry level offering from the Nissan owned brand. The small car rivals the likes of the Tata Nano hatchback, the Maruti Alto800 and the Renault KWID. Offcourse it does not provide plenty of space inside and neither has rich features like its rivals. But the redi-GO has definitely hit the sweet spot in the Indian market with its pricing.

The special edition Redi-GO Sport on the other hand only gets some cosmetic updates and few other additions inside. Although there are no changes under the hood but this becomes one of the best selling cars from Datsun.

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September 30, 2016 08:50
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Six Entry Level Small Cars Making News In India

Six Entry Level Small Cars Making News In India

Which is your pick

There is no doubt in the fact that small cars is the most competitive car segment of the Indian market and also is one of the toughest. We cannot also deny the fact that this segment is also the driving force behind the car sales in India. Those Auto manufacturers doing business in India knows very well that they have to launch atleast one small car if they want to push sales volume in the country.

Recently we have seen plenty of new offerings in this particular entry level segment while some impressed the crowd others are still trying to make a name. Some of the major auto manufacturers who actually launched their new offerings in this segment include Datsun, Renault and Tata while definitely the most loved autlo brand when it comes to small cars is Maruti. Now that there are plenty of options available in the market we tried to pick out 5 best choices in this segment and arranged it according to their prices to make things easier for you all.

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August 26, 2016 05:54
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Featured Datsun Introduces GO & GO+ Style Edition (TVC, Images & Many More)

Datsun Introduces GO & GO+ Style Edition (TVC, Images & Many More)

The special edition cars will be sold in limited numbers

Datsun has decided to introduce a limited edition Go and GO+ in the India dubbed as the Go and the GO+ ‘Style’ edition. These new edition not only gets new exterior colour option but few extra options on the interior as well. The limited ‘Style’ editions of Datsun GO and GO+ are available only in the ‘T’ grade with all the dealers across the country.

Talking about features both the vehicles gets a new Blue exterior colour besides the already available White and Ruby colours. The exterior gets a new roof rails, an additional rear spoiler and also body graphics especially for this limited edition ‘Style’ Logo. Apart from the exterior the interior also gets a dual tone Black and Beige tone. Apart from that the interior also gets a piano black instrument console with a dash of silver finish accents on them.

Besides these special features which are available with the special edition cars, the other standard features includes follow me headlamps, speed sensitive electric power steering, power windows, mobile phone holder, auxiliary in and USB charger. Both the GO and GO+ also benefit from a powerful Air conditioning and also gets central locking as well.

Both the Datsun GO and Datsun GO+ is powered by a single 1.2 litre, 3cyliner petrol unit which is capable of producing about 68 Bhp of peak power and 108 Nm of torque. The engine is paired to a 5 speed manual gearbox which sends all that power to the front wheels. Both the Datsun GO and Datsun GO+ promises to deliver an impressive fuel efficiency figures of 20.6 kmpl.

The Datsun Go hatchback ‘Style’ Edition is priced is priced at INR 4,06,974 whereas the GO+ is priced at INR 4,77,552 (ex-showroom, Delhi) respectively. Both these cars will be sold in limited numbers in between the month of August to October 2016.

August 8, 2016 01:15
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Watch Sona Mahapatra and Ram Sampat recording the Datsun Redi Go song: Video

Watch Sona Mahapatra and Ram Sampat recording the Datsun Redi Go song: Video

Redi Go is the latest hatchback from Datsun

Sona Mahapatra and Ram Sampat, both of them are well known personalities in the Indian music arena. Recently they recorded the new song for the TVC of the Datsun Redi Go. The song is peppy and portrays the character of the Datsun Redi Go.

The Datsun Redi Go is the latest hatchback on offer from the Japanese automaker. It comes with a tall boy stance featuring sharp headlamps, hexagonal chrome garnished front grille, muscular cuts and creases at exterior. The interior of the car comes with a minimalist appearance featuring just the necessary things. It is spacious and comfortable.

The power source for the car is the 0.8 litre TCe petrol engine which also does duty under the hood of the Renault Kwid. The engine is paired with a 5 speed manual gearbox and churns out 54 hp of peak power at 5678 rpm and 72 Nm of peak torque at 4386 rpm. The car can accelerate 0 – 100 kmph in just 15.98 seconds. It also delivers 25.17 kmpl of ARAI certified fuel economy. The car is powered at INR. 2.39 lakh (ex showroom, Delhi).

July 9, 2016 15:00
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What's making the Datsun Redi Go Hot

What’s making the Datsun Redi Go Hot

Datsun redi Go has sold more than 3000 units in just 23 days since launch

Datsun Redi Go is the latest compact hatchback from the Japanese automaker. It’s been less than one month, and the car has sold more than 3000 units in India. Since it was first spotted the car made headlines in the Indian automotive space. Due to the success of Redi Go the Datsun has become the fastest growing brand in June in the country. No wonder, the Redi Go is one of the hot cars of India at present. We wonder what makes the car so hot, that people desire it so much. Here are some of the reasons, which might make sense.

July 7, 2016 14:00
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The best cars to drive in India's city traffic

The best cars to drive in India’s city traffic

With these cars you can commute in the city without any hassle

Indian roads are notoriously congested, and at times the driving or riding in the Indian cities becomes nightmares for the vehicle owners. And now with every single day passing the volume of traffic on the Indian roads are increasing rapidly, which is leading to more traffic jams, late entry to office and many other troubles as well. People who dreams of large luxurious cars, finally end up getting nightmares as commuting in city with larger cars are pretty much taxing.

Now to get rid of that problem you can opt for either public transport system, which is economic but very tiring on other hand, or you can avail a small car which can take you to your destination without much hassle. Here come the 7 ideal cars for better city commuting in India.

June 23, 2016 08:35
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