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You’ll Drool Over This Tastefully Rendered Harrier Pickup

With the pickup wars set to commence with the arrival of the Hilux, should Tata bring a follow-up to its Xenon in the form of a Harrier pickup?

The Tata Harrier is currently one of the most sorted and promising premium SUVs that we have in the Indian market. Given its popularity, the SUV is quite common. It is also the perfect vehicle for enthusiasts to think of rendered modifications like the one seen here.

There are various digitally rendered mods on the internet, some very impressive and some so unique that not everyone might like them. This tastefully done up render certainly caught our attention.

You'll Drool Over This Tastefully Rendered Harrier Pickup
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This Tata Harrier pick up truck render not only looks great but it seems like it also boasts strong capabilities and a strong character

The design is courtesy of abin_designs_511 on Instagram and focuses on a Tata Harrier which looks like it is all set to dominate off-road in the harshest of conditions. On the front, the pickup is fitted with a heavy-duty bumper along with two tow hooks.

For conquering terrains in the dark, the SUV gets roof-mounted LED lightbars. On the sides, the Harrier pickup wears massive black colour flared wheel arches which give it an edgy look and contribute to an even more rugged side profile. The large off-road tires make it look ready for any expedition you can think of, and pass any terrain, with ease.

You'll Drool Over This Tastefully Rendered Harrier Pickup
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The rear of the car retails a similar styling but it is the pick-up body type and will definitely grab your attention

The most noticeable change with this Harrier’s proportions is its new cargo bed at the rear. The rear section has been neatly cut off to derive a cargo bed which looks like nothing else but a pickup truck.

While at the rear there aren’t any major changes to the taillights, we do see two tow hooks at the back. All in all, from front to the tail, this rendered Tata Harrier design boasts its off-road prowess along with an appealing design and will not fail to impress the enthusiasts.

You'll Drool Over This Tastefully Rendered Harrier Pickup
- image 539950
Large tyres and a high-ground clearance dominate the side profile

The Harrier is a popular offering by Tata which not only boasts impressive driving dynamics and power but also continues to be one of the safest cars right now in the Indian market. The SUV is based on the Land Rover’s D8 architecture derived Omega Arc Platform. Even though this platform can be equipped with an AWD system, Tata is currently only offering a FWD system with the SUV.

The Harrier employs a 2.0L 4-cylinder diesel engine under its hood. This engine puts out a maximum power output of 170ps and 350Nm of net torque. This engine comes mated to a 6-speed MT gearbox while the buyers can also opt for the optional 6-speed AT.

So what do you think of this rendering? Should Tata consider making a pickup version of the Harrier? Just think about it, the Harrier pickup could undercut the Isuzu DMAX and the upcoming Hilux. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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